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cleanse me from secret faults, and keep but it is usual that these exercises are long me back from presumptuous sins. Cre- and great before they come into any ate in me a clean heart, and renew in settled peace; first, they must be taught me a right spirit. Hast thou not said, that nothing can be done in this temple that he who confesseth his sins, and for- of any good, but the Holy Ghost must saketh them shall find mercy? O, Lord, be the doer of it, in a much higher sense thou knowest that I hate them, and than Joseph in Pharaoh's prison; but it would fly from them as from a deadly is no uncommon thing with those who enemy; my iniquity is gone over my are exercised as before described, to head as a heavy burden, yea, they are think they can do something to the proto heavy for me. All this is nothing motion, perfecting, or extending the less than the Holy Ghost making room limits of Zion. Of this cast are those for himself in the heart of those whom who think that by christening their chilhe will inhabit for ever; and the cries dren they are initiated into Christ's vihere set forth are nothing less than sible church, or by their charitable acts the breathing of the Holy Ghost in this and strict attention, think to merit sometemple before the person knows either thing, or that the comforts of the Holy what it is, or from whence it comes. He Ghost are conditional. Thus, many even is so confused, and in this state he will of God's children begin to build upon be crying out, 'Come, Lord Jesus, come the sandy foundation of their own deeds, quickly; or I shall surely be lost for and to daube with untempered mortar ever.' Sometimes it pleaseth the Lord until the Lord returns and upsets all to answer those whom he is preparing their earthly schemes and frustrates the for himself by terrible things in right- tokens of our false and deceitful hearts ; eousness, and in the secret places of thus when Jesus, the glorious Lord, thunder by the sudden appearance comes to rectify the judgments of his of his person, but in such a different people, he finds in his temple those that way to what they expected. They sell oxen, sheep, and doves, and the expected him in a way of prosperity, changers of money, and when he hath peace, and ease; but he came not to send made a scourge of small cords, he drives prosperity, but a fire; not peace but a them all out of his temple, and oversword; not ease and union, but separa- throws the tables, and says, 'take these tion. Thus, the Lord, whom they seek, things hence ; make not my father's comes suddenly to his temple, but who house a house of merchandize.' How shall abide the day of his coming, and many of the Lord's temples have been who shall stand when he appeareth ? infested with the merchandize of selling for he is like a refiner's fire, and like some precious doctrine, or softening fuller's soap. The soul, by those exer- down some plain expression to please cises is made still more confused, and the polite ear of some influential person, confesseth that he is not worthy of the until the ministers mouth is more filled least of all God's mercies, and like poor with butter, than the uncompromising Peter he is ready to make his own sin- word of God; and how many of those who fulness an excuse for Christ's absence; have thought that they were doing God and says, ' Depart from me, Lord, for I service by entering their children into am a sinful man ;' but no, the Lord will the visible church of Christ, have lived not depart, bless his dear name, though to see to their distress, that the child has he meets with so many slights and in- lived and died without hope, and without sults from us. What a good thing it is God in the world. Thus God often that the Lord does not answer all our rectifieth the judgments of his snared prayers ; only such as are indited by the and entangled people by making them Holy Ghost The Lord hath chosen to see that all that is got by this trading Zion, he hath desired it for his habita- in the temple, is a fee into the priest's tion, this is my rest for ever ; here will I pocket, and guilt in their own conscidwell, for I have desired it.' Thus it is ences; and it is only by those small that preparation is made for the residence cords of a lascerated conscience that of the Holy Ghost to dwell in the temple these traders will be dislodged from this of our bodies.

temple; and how many of the Lord's Thirdly, Rectification. The judgments dear children have, like poor Job, of the saints must be informed; for it is thought that for their benevolence, written, “all thy children shall be taught kindness, and honesty, that they should of God, and great shall be their peace; surely die in their nest; thus, childishly


resting on conditional comforts, until | miles, for all appeared reasonable and true. the Lord, to cure them of their igno- But the good Lord was pleased to help me rance, lets loose the devil at them, and with a little help, and I saw that my whole thus teacheth them that it is not of dependance for success was on him. works lest any man should boast; but by

This sharp contest began as we passed over grace we are saved, through faith, and Bromesgrove Lickey; and as I have passed that not of ourselves, it is the gift of the same spot many times since, I have alGod.

ways recollected this field of battle, and blesIt is not of him that willeth, sed God for the victory by faith. But this nor of him that runneth, but of God that seemed a strange trial to me at this time, besheweth mercy.' Dear Lord, how often cause I had seen the Lord's hand so conspichath my poor soul been tormented with uous in my movements before this. But I those temple traders, and how often have find the Saviour was sorely tempted by Satan, I commenced business with them, and when he entered constantly on his work; and should most assuredly continued dealing I believe it is generally so with his servants, in these carnal accommodations, had not that by these things they night be instructed my master come with his scourge of to speak to tempted souls. small cords. Dear Lord, then be pleased heavy seas ; I was now released from that

I was now at anchor, after many gales and to pity and deliver any of thine that may tormenting uncertainty that I had laboured be thus snared and taken; for thou know- under for so many years; I was now in the est that these temple dealers will not go situation where I had long wished to be, and out but by thy presence. Come, then, found a heart to spend, and be spent, for the dear Lord, and take and keep daily pos- dear Redeemer's glory, and for the good of session of this temple, my body, and reign immortal souls. Great things in this world and rule there by thy sovereign love, and I did not want; popularity I did not desire; watch and rectify every wrong notion of and if I had, my line of preaching was not the mind, and bring every thought and likely to procure it. action into subjection to thyself. Amen.

I should have observed, that on my arrival

at Birmingham, that dear disciple who first A Gospel Minister's Life,

spoke to me relative to my coming to Birming

ham, met me at my lodging, and said to me, By the late Henry Fowler.

“Well, were my observations to you, faith or

presumption ? I was as sure that you would Continued from page 69.

be sent here, and that God would make all When I left Plymouth, I looked back un- things straight, as of my existence.” I der a sense of sweet gratitude for the mercies would observe, that my temporal prospects which had followed me up to that day, and on going to Birmingham, were not very flat. was fully satisfied that my removal was of tering. The number of my hearers did not God, and that wheresoever I went he would amount to one hundred; the far greater part be with me, and bless me. I took several of them were poor labouring people. : They days in going to Birmingham, and stopped at did indeed enter into voluntary subscriptions, several places for the rest and comfort of my and set down the sums on paper, but many of family ; and by the blessing of God we arrived them through sickness and for the want of safe, and were kindly received by our friends. labour, were not able to fulfil their engage

When I was within ten miles of Birming- ments. I had, therefore, some work for faith ham, I had a most horrible attack from to do; but these things did not move me, the enemy, as I imagine, which shook though it_roused the fears of several ; and my whole frame: this was the sugges- they said, I never could be supported with my tion—"You have acted a most foolish part family, unless I went to business again. I in this business ; you have given up a cer- said, “ No; I have had a sad proof that God tainty for an uncertainty ; you are going does not intend me to struggle any longer in to a strange place, without any prospect of business, but to preach his gospel; and I am success; you know how often you have been persuaded, if he has sent me here, he will supembarrassed in preaching, when you were on- port me, and enable me to give myself wholly ly occasionally engaged; what are you to do, to the work of the ministry; for God takes care when you have to preach constantly to the ofoxen; and they that preach the gospel should same people? you will never be able to preach live of the gospel. At all events, I will wait to above a half-a-dozen times, and then the peo- see God's hand for twelve months.” ple will grow weary of you, and dismiss you, When I entered on my ministry in this and then how are your poor helpless children place, I found great liberty, and so it continto be provided for, more than two hundred ued; so that I proved Satan a liar, and God miles from their home? You have not the true to his word. I perceived, also, a gradcommon feelings of a man towards his wife, ual increase of hearers; and, according to nor of a father to his children.” These sug- the testimony of many, the word of God gestions quite overwhelmed me for several which I delivered was blessed among them,

I per

to the comfort of their souls, which became more that I could call such a house a comfort. an additional contirmation to me, that the able one; and for their satisfaction I will obLord had sent me there.

serve, I had a neat parlour and a roomy good The winter of 1814 was very severe, and I kitcben on the same floor, and two good bedresided in a very cold house; the snow lay rooms above; an arched cellar below for beer, for inany weeks on the ground, and the frost coals, &c.; a good back-house for washing, was most intense. Coming from a much and brewing; a neat little garden in the front, warmer part of the kingdom, my family felt and a long slice of a garden behind, and the the severity of the weather very much, but use of a pump of good water for all necessary through God's goodness we had all good purposes. health through the winter: we had not the Before I leave these temporal matters, I luxuries, but what was much better, we had will make an observation or two on some all that is necessary for the body, and more things which rather surprised me: I did not covet. I had always been accus-ceived in the spring and summer after I artomed to plain living, and am still; and I am rived, a number of men regularly. going to persuaded it is much the best both for the their gardens of a Lord's day morning, furbody and for the mind. High living diseases nished with spade, rake, &c., with some shopboth the mind and body; and he that pursues mates to assist, both to work, and to drink that course may expect a pretty large bill their strong ale ; for they were not very sparfrom the doctor every year. Poor living, no ing in that article. Another thing much doubt, has slain its thousands; but high liv- struck me, namely, the cottage owners, many ing has slain its tens of thousands. As for of them preferred Lord's day morning to any dress and gaudy apparel, I detested it, as a other time to collect their weekly rents. proof of a little mind, and highly unbecom- Perhaps it was wise to collect thier rents ing a christian. “ Be not conformed to this weekly, for both parties. But, then, I thought world," surely has a meaning, and is not to Monday inorning was a more proper time, be treated as an abrogated act of parliament. for common decency sake.

One of my My custom has been through life, never to hearers too, used to come to chapel very late live on the next year's income: never to run of a Lord's day morning, which I used to be in debt, in order to appear genteel upon other surprised at; but upon enquiry I understood people's property.

I would rather make that he was obliged to collect his cottage shifts and wait awhile, than follow the too rents, and could not come sooner. Shame! prevailing maxims of people of all ranks and shame on such professors of religion ! Foreconditions in this loose and frivolous age. I thought saw two evils in delaying till Monclaim no merit because of these things: there day morning. The poor cottager with his may be pride mixed up with it; but if there free companions might perchancerun through be pride in it, I am saved a great deal of trou- his weekly earnings before Lord's day night, ble, and others also by this my proceeding. or if not, it would be a great interruption to How many ministers and private christians business to spend all Monday morning in have I known justly reproached by the pub- collecting rents! I hope by this time, that lic for their careless indifference in the man- that body of people who are so warm for the agement of their worldly affairs! Some, too, reform of abuses, have begun a reform at home. I have known who seek to screen themselves But enough of this subject; too much, perunder this idea, that they are suffering re- haps, some will say. proach for their religion ; while, I fear, they I now felt the weight of the ministry more are suffering reproach for the want of its proper than ever ; and the different characters I bad influence over them. Also, I have heard such to mix with tried me not a little. I had loose persons reproach the more prudent and many mercies, and many crosses; the commanaging class: but when, through their want mon lot of God's people. When I first caine of economy, and extravagance in their family, to Birmingham, was given to understand they are brought into difficulties, they know that the debt on our chapel was about three how to beg, and bow, and cringe to the par- hundred pounds; and I proposed to go to ties they have reproached. “These things, London, and beg, in order to rub off some my brethren, ought not to be.”

part of the debt. This was gladly acceded to, I passed the cold winter in my cold cottage ; and I went for that purpose in the month of but in the spring removed to a comfortable May, 1814. I had a recommendation from little house in the Bristol road. When I took Dr. Hawker. I spent six weeks in London, it, some of my hearers expressed many fears, and walked about twelve miles each day; but that I should not be able to pay such a high mine not being a "Board Case," it met with rent, twelve pounds per annum! but I had no a cool reception. fears about it ; for I saw that the Lord was on I continued labouring in this place for my side ; and surely there was nothing like upwards of seven years: I shall make some extravagance or ambition in my occupying a notes and observations in my next letter, that house rented at twelve pounds per annum. may be interesting to some, during six years Some of my London friends may wonder at the of this period. fears of some of my then hearers, and wonder

(To be Continued.)


AN OLD SOLDIER'S ADDRESS TO HIS COM- our vile bodies are not consumed, and that RADES, ENTITLED

our souls are out of hell! Holy Anger no Sin.

(my brethren! old satan's work is to set

fire to us, and if he cannot consume us, he will “ Be ye angry and sin not." Anger

scorch and blister us sorely. He tried hard rests (or lodges) in the bosom of fools.” It to destroy the green tree, and think ye not may dart into a wise man's bosom, but he that he will endeavour to destroy the dry ? It is should not give such a hellish guest a lodging, of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed.' no not for one night; because he may set the It is a sorry thing if we are found riving and house on fire, and as James saith, "with the splitting one another into matches, for satan to fire of hell.” And if your house is not quite light his fires with. When he would get a fire burned down, you may be in sad smoke and to work by, he blows in the coals of our lusts confusion, and be so scorched and blistered, and passions, and dips his matches in stinkthat it will require abundance of water from ing brimstone of our filth and sin ; a stinking heaven to quench the fire, and holy ointment mineral found in the earth, our earthly sento dress thy wounds, which cannot be bought sual, and devilish fallen nature, by which he on earth for money. And some poor souls sets the whole course of nature, and it is set have been almost burned to a cinder, before on fire with the fire of hell.' Tongue, eyes, they received health and cure. But, say you, hands, and feet are set on fire. O how much “God is angry with the wicked.” Yes he is; better it is 'to lose one eye,' an evil eye lustbut his anger is only his righteous ire anding after evil, “than have two eyes and be holy indignation against sin and wicked sin- cast into this hell-fire,' which is kindled by ners; and when we are angry with that which the devil and our lusts. Ah! much better, 'to God is angry with, “we are angry and sin lose a hand or a foot that will be running not,” because it is no sin to be angry with and puddling in sin and mischief, than have sin. “Yes ;" says the angry nian, full of two hands or feet, and be cast into hell.' spite, malice, envy, and jealousy,“that is right, Come soldiers of the cross, warriors with hell, I hate such and such a person, I cannot bear fighting the good fight of faith,' in the war the sight of him or the name of him, I hate of eternal life, think it not strange if you lose

I say, did you ever hate yourself, an arm, or a leg, or an eye, in the cause of did you ever hate your own life? are you your sweet prince the King of Glory, and in angry with yourself? are you angry with your the battle for eternal life ! Be ye angry and own sin? If yours is holy and righteous an- sin not.' Ah, be ye angry with that law in ger, produced by the Holy Spirit, you have your members, and your lustful instrumental hated your own life more than any other per- members in this battle, that war against the son's, and been more angry with your own soul. I have read of a Russian serf, so devoted sins, than you have with all the sins of all to his Emperor, his country, and his religion, men on the earth beside. Jesus saith, 'except that when Napoleon had branded his name a man hate his own life he cannot be my dis- on the serf's hand, he immediately took up an ciple.' These poor blind preachers, and axe and chopped off his own hand!! And other blind souls, who are continually railing could Nelson be proud that he had lost an eye and pulling down others to build then selves and an arm in the service of his earthly up in popular esteem among the ignorant, prince ? and shall not we, who have been and raising their anger and hate against others, nourished by our Prince, felt his love in our and yet never hated their own lives, are far liearts, and seen something of his beauty and from the kingdom of God. And I wish to glory, shall not we be willing to lose a leg, or make no friendship with such angry men, who an eye, or a lust, or a wife, or a child, a father apparently never were angry with themselves or a mother, a house, or land, for his sake, nor their own sins. I knew an angry man, who hath promised us a kingdom, a crown, who was exceedingly angry with others, an immortal body, and immortal glory with even to rage and fury, and had made division him in his kingdom, to enjoy his personal and strife in every church where he could find presence for ever? Ah! dear soldiers of the his way in, and though he had committed a- cross, ye glory crowned regiment of the Lamb, bominable iniquity himself, would be accusing these poor perishing time things may stick others, and deploring the divisions and dis- close to us as our eyes and our limbs; but tress among the churches. This is like set- we must part with them when they stand in ting your neighbour's house on fire, and run the way for Christ. It is better to enter inning away by the light of it, crying, “ fire! to life halt and maimed, or with one eye, one fire!” and saying, "what a sorry thing it is.' leg, and one arm, than have them all and To be angry and sin not’ is to be angry with suffer hell in our souls. Ah, one eye, if a our own selves and our own sins, and to la- single eye, fixed on our lovely glorious prince ment our own sore, and our own plague is better than our lusts, when we enter into within, and to stand in awe and sin not.' the presence of our Prince, whose favours are To stand in awful astonishment with our hand life, whose loving kindness is better than life. on our mouths before God, and wonder that Come ye poor maimed, wounded, bleeding soldiers, regret not the loss of your limbs and have almost forgotten prosperity,' with and members. It is better to enter into scarcely bread and water enough to keep them life halt and maimed,' than retain them for a alive. “Let not the sun go down upon your momentary lust. Entering into life is enter- wrath,' for you cannot make the sun rise, ing into the presence of your Prince, neither can you open the prison doors if once to hold communion with him, whose fa- you be shut up. But still, thus saith the vours are life, and joy, and peace, in the Lord, 'unto you that fear my name shall the soul, the sure pledges of eternal life, and Sun of righteousness arise with healing in immortal glory with your immortal King. his wings. And your kind prince can open The presence of Jesus is life, health, and the prison doors to them that are bound, and peace. • Enter into life.' Life in Jesus is tied with their own sins. It is a good thing sweet indeed, when we see the death of our to work while it is day, and to be in the fear sin in the death and blood of Jesus, and the of God all the day long ; for good things life of our souls secured in his life and God- for necessary uses, if they do not save us from head ; ( what a great word is “eternal life!' eternal destruction, they save us from many

* Be ye angry and sin not.' 'Let not the sorrows and temporal hells on earth ; and if sun go down upon your wrath. There is not our justification before God, they are our unhallowed anger and sinful wrath. To be justification before men and the brethren, angry without cause is sin, and if persisted and for the glorifying of your Father which in, we are in danger of the judgment; and is in heaven. Therefore, above all things, the Lord's judgment between brother and study deeply the doctrine of sanctification. brother is sure to be righteous judgment, And sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and the sooner it is settled the better, there- and let him be your fear, and let him be your fore leave off contention before it is meddled dread. That his fear and love may be in your with. I have heard of two christian brothers, hearts, in holy communion with him, and who had a violent quarrel, and one of them the dread of his indignation against yonr sins. deliberating after retiring home, ran to his That the Holy Spirit may keep up a holy friend's house and knocked at the door, while anger in your souls against your own sins, he within answered roughly, and would not and then you will fear to sin against God, open the door. He standing without, en- and the brethren, and other men. •Be ye treated meekly for entrance, but without ef- angry and sin not.' fect for a time; he still continued his suit, Brethren, I bring you these few spoils of and still unsuccessful. He at last said, 'bro- the war from under a heavy fire of the enemy, ther! brother! the sun is almost down, the accompanied with some tears, sighs, and sun is almost down !' 'Let not the sun go groans. Lay them in your houses, as relics down upon your wrath, neither give place to of the wars with hell, from a poor old soldier the devil.' He within being overcome with crossing the plains of the god of this world. love, and melted with the divine word, opened Keep them as relics in the armoury house the door with streaming eyes, and many here on earth, that they may teach their chilthanks to his brother for coming, when they dren the use of the sword and the bow when forgave one another with tears, and settled I am gone, as I do hope to go home to head the affair in love. This was resisting the quarters, to banquet with the prince and all devil and he fled from them. A heart hard, the royal guests, and go no more out to war. ening in satan's fire was melted by divine . They shall enter into peace.' Peace and love, and ' a suft answer turned away wrath.' love be with you. Let not the sun go down upon your wrath.'

A WATCHMAN ON THE WALLS. Work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work.' The light of God's

Leicester, Feb. 24, 1848. countenance, the presence of Christ, and the A Letter addressed to Henry Langham, comfort of the Holy Ghost, makes our day, experimentally, and that is the time to work Pastor of the Baptist Church at Harleston, good work: but if you should be stirred up to wrath, and the sun go down upon your DEAR BROTHER IN THE BEST BONDS OF wrath,' you will not have much comfortable COVENANT TIES-Grace, mercy, and peace sleep in that night. And satan, with the pow- rest upon thee. May Jesus in all his beauers of darkness, will be sure to visit you in the ties, characters, and offices, which he susblack night, and you may be delivered to the tains covenantly, ravish thine heart and tormentors; and there is no telling how long make thy very soul sick of love ; that love your night may be. And you may have which is everlasting in its date, overpowerdoleful thoughts and forebodings in the pri- ingin its charms, pure in its nature, winning son house, and lay there until you have paid in its operation, blessed in the effects and the utmost farthing by sufferings. And

reception drench thy soul in that boundless

ocean, LOVE. God is love; love is of God; though the sun may arise and shine upon we love him, the apostle tells us, because others, you cannot see it in a dungeon under- he first loved us. Oh, the riches of grace ground. Some have laid there many years, and love of a three-one God to such a filthy

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