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polluted wretch as me, that, God of his in

Christian Reviewer. finite love and mercy, I wonder that ever he should pick up me, to plant his love in my soul, won me over to his kingly authority, The Dissatisfied Saint," being No. 1 of the made me submit to his laws. Now, dear Banbury Gospel Tracts, by Mr. D. LODGE, brother, we know by experience, that his Minister of the Gospel. Houlston and commandments are not grievous, but joy. Stoneman. ous; love propels us to follow him in all “ The Dissatisfied Saint !" What a descripthe paths of truth and holiness which he tive title! It makes us think of a great has commanded us to tread in through evil swelling minister, who is very dissatified with and through good report as deceivers, but the wages the people pay him for preaching yet true as pilgrims and strangers through this vale of tears, to a better country, a

to them; and says he “won't stop if they do country of blessedness and joy where you not give him more.” We suppose he and me with all the ransomed throng shall may be called a dissatisfied saint. It also enjoy in full fruition of everlasting love. brings to view a vast body of professors, Yes, dear brother, he loved us while we who, (in London especially,) are for ever were sinners, enemies to him, to his word, running after new faces, and new chapels, and to his cause, and his people. Oh the and new preachers. May we not call them depths of the riches of the grace of God to- dissatisfied saints ? There is poor E-- too. wards such a rebel as myself! Your last Everything, of late has appeared to go against gave me much comfort through God's bless-her: and she goes to the house of God time ing, unction and power it was richly fraught with; I felt the dew drop when I begun to after time, and can get nothing; can feel read its contents concerning the love of our nothing; can enjoy nothing. If you ask covenant three-one God. I have a piece of her how she is ? The answer is—Oh wretchpoetry by a lunatic, by me, the largest idea ed! Worse and worse !" Poor soul! She that ever I saw from man' in these latter is safe enough in Christ, and complete in days since the days of the apostles.- Christ; but being called to pass through

deep waters, she often frets and rebels, and Could we with ink the ocean fill, And were the skies of parchment made,

certainly may be called a dissatisfied saint. Were every stalk on earth a quill,

Ah, and there are many more; for instance. And every man a scribe by trade,

there's friend What's-his-name, who lives To tell the love of God above

just round the corner ; he wanted to be a Would drain the ocean dry; Nor could the scroll contain the whole,

deacon; and head deacon too: and because Though stretched from sky to sky. the others could not very comfortably submit


to him, why off he goes. And now you may

see him sometimes popping his head in one Ah, dear brother, sometimes I feel so little place and then in another; it seems just as of this precious love that I often am put to if he said—“ Do you want a deacon here?a stand, and ready to give up; but blessed Depend on it, until he can be made president be the dear Lord, he wont give me up; no brother, no; the Lord says to his Ephraims,

over some body of good christians, he will be How shall I give up, Ephraim, though you brother Lodge has here furnished us with a

a very dissatisfied saint. But enough of this; have tried, and would have given me up, yet I cannot thee, notwithstanding thy re- very nice little tract on the internal dissatisbellion, thy backsliding, thy whoring after factions of the saints, taking for his textidols, thy stiff-neckedness, thou art my I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy dear son: I love thee still ; I cannot give likeness.” The subject matter lays under thee up; what a mercy it is for us that we two distinct heads--First, the present dishave such a loving and tender Father; a satisfaction of the saints. Secondly, the fuGod of compassion, slow to anger and of ture satisfaction hoped for. Every branch great goodness towards such rebellious of the discourse is well backed up by the sons as we sometimes are.

word of God-tracing out some parts of a Brethren Haxell and wife, Huneball and christian's present experience; and is, upon wife, Halls and Elmer, Pike and son, Ham- the whole, calculated to be useful to such as mond and Gosling

and wife, and all the are asking the way to Zion. Mendlesham Church greet thée, my brother with an holy kiss in the Lord, wish you every covenant blessing in Christ; and I A Stone of Ebenezer raised in the Valley of pray God that he will abundantly bless Fallen Misery, on which is inscribed, the you in your labours in the gospel of the Love, Mercy, Wisdom, Power, and Forbeargrace of God to the building up, and the ance of Jehovah, in calling by his Grace, establishing, comforting, nourishing the preparing for his Work, supporting in the church of God, and pulling down the strong Valley of Death, and calling to his Eternal holds and refuges of lies of satan's manu- kingdom. Likewise, the Founding of the facturings. So prays an unworthy sinner

First Gospel Church, the first addition therein Christ, your brother,

unto, their strict obedience to the Command J. FIELDER. of their Sovereign Lord, and the Gross In

consistency of Mixed Communion. By JAMES | settlernent at Somer's-town. The obituaries Nunn, Minister of the Gospel, Beulah of his first wife and daughter Eleanor : and Chapel, Somers' Town. London: Houlston his lengthened remarks on “ the Founding and Stoneman Paternoster Row.

of the First Gospel Church,” form a valuable We cannot do better in our first notice of appendix to the work. this work (and we purpose returning to it again) than simply to give an outline of its It is Good to be Here. contents. First, then, we have an " Address to the Particular Baptist Church, Somers' is good for us to be here: and let us make three ta

“ And Peter answered and said to Jesus, Master, it Town;" wherein Mr. Nunn states some of bernacles; one for thee, one for Moses, and one for the circumstances which led to the publica

Elias." -Mark ix. 5. tion of this work. Here is a striking sen

When Jesus is pleased in his wonderful grace, tence or two which we must quote. The

My languishing bosom to cheer; writer says :

And I catch a glimpse of his beautiful face, “In my opinion, the day is close at hand, I say it is good to be here. when those that truly fear God, will not When clouds gather thick as the dark sable night, have much of the popular side of the ques

The gloom that surrounds me gets near:

When the promise of God is hid from my sight, tion. Those who are so fond of it will have

I cry, is it good to be here? to give up their profession, or walk with the

Yes, all fiery trials burn nothing but dross, despised outcasts ; for God has commenced,

And Christ, the refiner, sits there;and it is my opinion that he will not withdraw

To see that his people shall not suffer loss, his judgments from the nations of the Oh! then it is good to be here. earth, until he has separated his church from When troubles and trials my footsteps surround, the world, and their carnal feelings and pur

And gloomy all prospects appear ;

I call on the Lord, but no answer is found, suits, and have overthrown the beasts. Then,

Ah! then, is it good to be here? and not before, shall the glory of the Lord be re

The Father hath promised that his chosen ones, vealed, so that watchinen shall see eye to eye.” Shall from all their vileness be clear;

Then, Oh to be chastened as one of his sons ! Then follows a detailed account of Mr.

I'll say it is good to be here. Nunn's “ Call from darkness to light :" and When comforts around me seem dying apace, his call to, and settlement in the ministry. And I'm at the edge of despair ;

When Jesus withholds the bright beams of his face; This is a clear and exceedingly interesting

Oh! then, is it good to be here? testimony; it is one which makes us feel

Yes! when earthly comforts are all fled and gone, that we would be the last to speak against And no soothing friend left to cheer; James Nunn, as a true servant of our Lord

If Jesus is present to pity my moan, Jesus Christ; although we have spoken, and

I'll say it is good to be here.

When the enemy rages, and sin presses sore, felt much prejudiced against him; but since

And I'm encompassed with fear ; we have know him personally, read his narra- I think that the Lord will be gracious no more, tive, and seen the use the Lord is making of Ah! then, is it good to be here? him, we have lost all unhappy suspicions, Yes! God is the same, and his lore changes not, and hail him as a brother in the Lord ; and Though we may be harrass'd by care;

We surely shall know that we are not forgot, most heartily do we pray that his deep afflic

And say-IT IS GOOD TO BE HERE! tions may be sanctified ; that his feet may

The things that were dear, seem all taken away, be preserved in the paths of righteousness And I'm in a wilderness drear; and peace, and that his labours in the gospel Overwhelmed and distress'd, I mournfully say, may be greatly owned of the Lord. We say- Oh can it be good to be here? and say itsincerely—let young ministers (just

My pleasures are fading away one by one,

And I almost lonely appear; setting out in the work) read this, and TAKE

I look round for helpers, but lo! there are none, HEED TO THEIR WAYS; let old established

Then can it be good to be here? pastors read this, and look at our brother's But when to the throne of thy heavenly grace, present standing, and, cEASE FROM THEIR I come with an heart full of fear; CRUEL ATTEMPTS TO STAB

If thou wilt have mercy, and pity my case,

HIM IN THE DARK. What we here write-God is our

I'll say it is good to be here. witness- we write without hint or suggestion

I go to the place where I often have been,

And often have poured out my prayer ; from any mortal creature under the heavens ; But, ah ! the Redeemer is not to be seen, we write it freely as it flows (without pre- Oh then is it good to be here? meditation or fleshly design) sincerely desir- If thou, dearest Saviour, will deign to bless me, ing that James Nunn's real character and At the place that is sacred and dear; standing before a heart-searching Jehovah

Then while I am holding communion with thee,

I'll say it is good to be here, may be known by the churches of Christ, in

And if at the banquet I should be allowed, our land, for to his own Master he is alone To feel that thy presence is near; responsible for what he has written. But we Then while I am with thee enwrapt in the cloud, shall not now enlarge.

I'll say it is good to be here. In the next place, we have a recital of

And when with the glorified spirits I meet, “ Circumstances of Affliction and trial.”

No more will be falling the tear;

And while I am casting the crown at thy feet, His removal from Suffolk, and ultimate I'll say it is good to be here.



“Who is this that cometh from Edom,, ' Men of the world, which have their with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that portion in this life.” (Ps. xvii. 14.) Not is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the so with the Christian; here he has no greatness of his strength ? I that speak in continuing city; but he seeks one to righteousness, mighty to save.” Isa. Ixiii. 1.

In this text, then, the great ReIt is generally considered that the beau- deemer is represented coming as the tiful imagery of the prophet Isaiah is Captain of the Lord's host into this sublime, grand, and majestic beyond world in our nature, to fight, while here, comparison; and in this text (to me) the great battle; to take vengeance on it seems doubly so. We know that his and our enemies, and to obtain a Edom and Esau are synonimous phrases, glorious victory for himself and his peothough the signification of each name is ple, as contained in the whole paragraph different, Edom meaning, earthy, bloody, to the seventh verse. The whole battle or red; and Esau, doing or working; of this noble and illustrious Warrior was or he that acts or finishes. Amore correct with confused noise and garments rolled and awful description of the world, or rep- in blood. Satan, and sin, earth and hell, robate class of mankind, (of which Esau scribes and pharisees, principalities and is a type,) is not to be found in the in- powers were all combined and up in arms spired volume. They are earthy, and against him! Still the promise ran, 'He mind exclusively earthly things; for, shall prevail against his enemies. He as is the earthy, such also are they that fought as man, and prevailed as God. What are earthy; they are bloody, or red, in- a war was this! Behold the God-man, dicating their rage and war with and Christ Jesus, meeting the whole host, against God and truth, including their and encountering them single handed! tyrannical cruelty, as vented forth against For he saw that there was no man that his church and people. (See their doom could do it but himself; • And he looked and destiny recorded by Mal. i. 2, 3, 4.) but there was none to help.' Had he Doing or working also belongs to them, wanted any he could soon have had according to the portion just referred to ; some. (See Matt. xxvi. 53.) But even and mark ! God declares he will throw all the disciples forsook him and fled; it all down. They, from flesh and fear, so that his own arm might bring salvamay seek to enter in, as Esau himself tion unto him. See how glorious he apdid ; (See Heb. xii. 17); but shall not pears in his armour of proof!' for he put be able ; for salvation is not by works on righteousness as a breast-plate, and (even of righteousness); but by grace; an helmet of salvation upon his head, their acts are acts of wrath, anger, re- and he put on the garments of venvenge and rebellion against the good- geance for clothing, and was clad with ness and government of the Most High; zeal as a cloak. How truly majestic he and they finish their mortal career in thus appeared ! sufficient to strike terror sin and lie down in sorrow, as vessels of and dismay into the hearts of his enewrath fitted to destruction. O gloomy mies! Thus arrayed, he comes into the picture! Surely, it is a fearful thing to field of action in his life of perfect obedifall(thus) into the hands of the living God! ence; he meets the law's demands by Idumea was the country of the Edom- his wondrous works, and God-like perites, in the south part of Judea : it was, formances; he confounds and silences and is, very mountanious, including his opponents in his death; and by the Mount Seir and Mount Hor. Its prin- shedding of blood he satisfies justice; cipal city or metropolis, was Bozrah, exclaiming, as he hangs in his purple signifying distress, or tribulation. A gore, ' It is finished !' Now the battle's true picture of the present world, in fought, and the victory won-honourably which, and with which the ungodly are won! • He conquered when he fell. satisfied. They want nothing more; but He hath triumphed gloriously!... Capas much of that as they can get, and tivity is led captive ! Principalities and although satan, sin, and Adam have infernal powers are spoiled. Death, hell, rendered it one constant scene of distress and sin are vanquished, nailed to his and tribulation; yet they are at home in cross, and made a shew, or public exit: so true are the words of David-lample of, openly. His right hand and Vol. IV.- Part XLII.-July, 1848.


his holy arm hath gotten him the vic. | Christ of God, wearing our nature, detory. Glorious Warrior! Triumphant fined by the angel when addressing the Victor! Thou art the great Plant of virgin, That Holy Thing which shall Renown! Thy deeds and death shall be born of thee shall be called the Son fill thy Zion with present and eternal of God.' The works he performed, and delight. For her thou hast wrought a the wonders he wrought, may also be great salvation, and her chief delight considered his apparel; and truly in and pleasure is to place the crown royal and by them he did and does appear upon thy all glorious and triumphant glorious in holiness and his church shall head. In this text, then, Zion, for whom one day see him (more clearly than she he overcame, is represented as looking does now) in all his matchless beauty, at him with amazement and wonder, as effulgence and glory; and although his coming from his scene of conflict and the visage was so deformed of men, and his field of blood, with his perfect humanity, form of the sons of men (Beza's translastained and dyed with his crimson hue, tion); yet it was not his own sin that (according to Rev. xix. 13,) as a repre- deformed it, but the sinful conduct of sentation of the awful war in which he sinners towards him, including the deep has just been engaged, and the noble sorrows through which he waded to save conquest he has obtained by his own his own people with an everlasting salblood, by which he has entered into vation; he still remained glorious in his heaven itself, now to appear in the apparel, travelling in the greatness of his presenoe of God for us ; thus she en- strength about Nazareth, Jerusalem, and quires, · Who is this that cometh from the whole land of Judea; for he went Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? about doing good, preaching the gospel, this that is glorious in his apparel, tra- and healing all that were oppressed of velling in the greatness of his strength ? the devil ; for God was with him in The answer is, 'I that speak in righte- walking on the water, speaking the ousness, mighty to save. It is a pre. furious winds into silence, and comcious truth that once in the end of the manding the tumultuous ocean into seworld, (or of the age,) hath he appeared renity, in opening the eyes, unstopping to put away sin, by the sacrifice of himself the ears, and in raising the dead, he in that he died, he died unto sin once; but displayed his great, his almighty strength; in that he liveth he liveth unto God. He he travelled in the greatness of his hath destroyed death, and defeated satan, strength from Pilate's bar up the hill and marched (as it were) out of the Calvary, carrying his own cross, and field in the greatness of his strength; burdened with the intolerable preponhe has come off more than conqueror, derating weight of all the sins of his and lives for evermore, having the keys of, elect, including the strict, unabating, or authority over, hell and death; truly solemn requirements of inflexible Justice, he was and is glorious in his apparel, which with the reproaches and stigmatism of is the nature of his dear people, unsullied, the ungodly, and all his enemies; the and impeccable. Yes; immacculate, opprobrious names levied upon him by he was and is fairer than the children of chief priests, scribes, and pharisees, and men, grace being poured into, and out of the tremendous curse of God's most his lips, causing his church to sing, ' His holy and righteous law. Gaze upon him, mouth is most sweet; yea, he is altogether oh my soul? Behold he ascends the hill lovely; or, as Beza renders it, wholly - he reaches the summit—the place of a delectable, pleasing, delightful.'. John skull, or golgotha—the creatures of his says, “We beheld his glory, the glory as power are permitted to slay him, and he of the only begotten of the Father, full lays down his life for the sheep. On the of grace and truth.

morning appointed, he comes forth from Peter, John, and James were highly the tomb travelling in the greatness of favoured with a soul's overwhelming view his infinite strength, out of death into of his glory, super-excellency, and august life, to die no more; now he travels into majesty, on mount Tabor, what Peter Galilee, where he favours his disciples afterwards called the holy mount. Paul, with a sight of him and converse with the apostle, has given us his exact like him. Repeatedly he converses with ness in miniature Holy, harmless, un- them for forty days on the glories of his defiled, separate from sinners, and made gospel and the nature of his kingdom; higher than the heavens-this is the thence he travels to mount Olivet, where in the presence of those whom he loved, countless millions have and shall prove and who loved him, he was taken up him mighty to save ; or, as the apostle from them, and a cloud of elect angels says able to save to the uttermost all received him out of their sight, escorting that come unto God by him.' What a him to the regions of light and love, with sweet thought is it for poor helpless, lost, triumphant hallelujahs and hozannas; and ruined sinners to be taught and • for God is gone up with a shout, even brought to know and believe the the Lord with the sound of a trumpet. truth of this precious text, and that He has ascended on high, having led although he has saved millions by his captivity captive.' He that descended sovereign grace and mighty power, yet is the same also that ascended up far it still remains mighty, yea almighty and above all heavens that he might fill all undiminished ; "his arm is not shortened things.' Hark-hark! what acclama- that it cannot save ;' for God will save tions are those which seem to rend the Zion experimentally and finally, and so azure vaulted skies ? • Lift up ye gates, all Israel shall be saved. Cheer up, my and be


lifted up ye everlasting doors, soul! cheer up ye doubting, distressed, and the King of glory shall come in and desponding saints, who have fled to Who is the King of glory? the Lord of Jesus for refuge; he is still mighty to Hosts—the Lord mighty in battle! He save, and determined to save, and in this is the King of glory! Again they strike great and glorious matter he is in one their harps, and all unite in one grand mind, and none can turn him—the Lord, chorus, making heaven's vast concave and he changeth not, without variablering, ' Lift up ye gates, even lift them up, ness or the shadow of turning. Anchor, and be


up ye everlasting doors, hang, and hope here, O my soul! O ye and the King of glory shall come in ! afflicted, persecuted, dejected, perplexed He has fought the battle-gained the and mourning saints, and it must and victory-saved his church-resumed his shall be well with thee, sinful, guilty, throne--and all power is given unto and vile as you are, rejoice in the glorious him both in heaven and in earth—the fact—the joyful tidings-the triumphant Lord reigneth, hallelujah! Who is this? news, 'Jesus is mighty to save !' • I that speak in righteousness. Yes : he

T. STRINGER. spakein righteousness at the great council table in his covenant engagements for

The Cherubim. his people, when he said, "I will ransom them from the power of the grave (or FROM what we read in Heb. ix. 23, hell), I will redeem them from death. 24, it is manifest that the temple, its He spake in righteousness in preaching furniture, and its services, were types of the gospel-in speaking to his enemies, things spiritual, which are to be looked and to various diseases-in speaking to for in the church, and what appertains to devils, and to distressed souls-inspeak- it under the present dispensation; the ing conviction to the consciences, and apostle calls them .Patterns or types of salvation to the hearts of Paul, Zaccheus things in the heavens,' and 'Figures of and others. He spake in righteousness the true.' to Pilate, when he said, My kingdom is Those who know what it is (in the not of this world.' And also to Caiaphas, exercise of a living faith) to have access • Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man unto the Father by one Spirit, through sitting on the right hand of power,' &c. our Lord Jesus Christ, (Ephes. ii. 18,) In a word all he has spoken, does speak, need not to be told that the mercy seat or will speak is right in righteousness, over the ark of the testimony is a type and in perfect accordance with his right- of the throne of grace to which they eous purpose, will, and decree. Just come. In the cloud of glory, on the and right is he, what! is he mighty to mercy seat they will see a type of the save ? the mighty God—the sympathi- divine presence, 'I will appear in the zing man-the God-man Christ Jesus. cloud, upon the mercy seat." (Lev. xvi. Great in might, and wonderful in council, 2.) In the one High Priest of that tamighty to save those who are ready to bernacle made with hands, they will see perish. He is the mighty man of valour a type of the great High Priest of our —the Almighty God of heaven and profession, who has passed into the earth. Sin, death, and hell have fully heavens, the minister of the sanctuary, proved him mighty to conquer, and and of the true tabernacle, which the


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