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Markellie, and others; but the cause has miles from here, who would gladly welcome been so divided and wounded, that it seems you for an evening; some of of them heard to me to have sunk so low, as to be beyond you at Northampton, and are anxious to the reach of any creature power to raise it hear you again, if you will favour them again. Among the congregation we had the with a visit. I was talking with friend general Baptist Minister (Mr. Everard); Bird, and told him I should write to you. the Independent Minister (Mr. Strutt), and Shall we be intruding upon your strength a goodly sprinkle of other folks. I felt some if we notice your preaching at Ellington considerable liberty and zeal in preaching, on Wednesday, at Wellingborough on but I fear friend Nicholas will find it hard Thursday, and at Higham Ferrers on Friwork. Mr. Tryon preaches here once a fort- day evenings ? Shall be glad to have an night, and many follow him who will answer as soon as convenient. Parsons scarcely hear any one else. How sadly di- that are good for anything, it is generally vided, and how sunken into weakness, appear said, never ought to be idle. I assure you, many of the churches, and some ministers when we have one come to visit us, the first preach as though there were no faithful men thought is, how and where is he to be embut themselves, which line of things shuts ployed ? Wishing you every new covenant the people up in bigotry, bitterness, and blessing, I remain your's in Christ, unfruitfulness in the ways of God.-C.W.B.

To Mr. Stenson.

D. ASHBY. Willing Ministers made Welcome MY DEAR FRIEND ASHBY :—My heart's

desire is, that the fountain of divine favor FOR THEIR WORK'S SAKE.

may flow freely from the Father of all mer

cies into your grace-opened heart, that Higham Ferrers, July 5, 1848. thereby you may more fully comprehend

the incomprehensible fulness of his love, MY DEAR BROTHER IN LOVE'S ETERNAL who hath given us all things richly to BONDS : - What can be more welcome to enjoy,' in the person of his beloved Son, the family of God, oft immerged in the whom he hath made 'LORD of all.' How waters of trouble, than an assurance in- truly blest are they who are made daily to wrought by God the Holy Ghost, that our find, and deeply to feel that in them, that Father is not a careless spectator ? The is in their flesh, dwelleth no good thing, devil may be allowed to raise the storm, (but every hateful, hurtful, hellish thing, while but every rolling wave that may threaten, in their glorious and precious Lord, they and appear enough to sink the soul for perceive by faith, all goodness in perfection ever into the mighty depth, is thrown back dwells, and not only dwells but delights in by the love fiat of him who spake and it doing good was done.

Thus each promise made, is fulfilled, and the fearful soul revived, while “Unto the helpless, vile, and base, the Lord also becomes endeared afresh in Or whatsoe'er may be their case, every perfection of his character. Ilow

Who call upon his name.” often has it appeared in the history of the church, in her little faith and many fears, as I desire to rejoice before God exceedingly, though the arm of God was made bare to that the worst of all famines has not apdestroy her, when it has proved the arm of peared in your parts. Happy people! whose defence, instead of destruction! Our God appointed and accustomed harvests fail knows how to manage the flood and the not, and whose hearts fear not the want or fire, and preserve the life of his people. lack of any real good, which their heavenly But why do I write thus? Your mind has Father knoweth they have need of. May long understood all this by a happy expe- the word of our God still be with you, in rience thereof.

all its realised testimonies, triumphs, and I am glad to hear you are again expected tokens. May it run among you manifestin this part of the world. Blessed be God, ively and evidentially, creating peace in though we know not the 'famine' here, all your love-raised borders, and causing that many of God's redeemed know, yet we praise in all your sought out corners; yea, hail with joy, every sealed and approved may it run from you ministerially and inminister of the Lord Jesus. And such a fluentially, bearing its all-heavenly, and ministry God has given to you for his unearthly authority to the hearts and conchurch's use. Our last meeting at Sharn- sciences of saints and sinners under the brook, under the word from your lips, and almighty power, and soul-saturating and our beloved brother Drawbridge, has not renovating unction of the Eternal Spirit, yet been forgotten by many. What can be the testifier and glorifier of the Lord more delightful and desirable than those Christ. hallowed seasons when God in all the soul- With reference to your kind invitations, confirming assurance, carries his own truth surely, my dear brother, you have forgotten right home to the very heart, and takes up what a very worm I am—the weakest of all his own residence there, in all the faithful- the bruised reeds-full of all complaintsness of the Spirit's graces! O!’tis blessed oft times crying and sighing on account of to feel the truth of God as well as to know it. deafness, dimness, dulness, dumbness, dis

My dear Sir, why I write now, is to say, tance, and drought, increased by the dust that we ‘have a little sister,' about fifteen. of the desert.

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May the dear Lord mercifully deliver my

Christian Reviewer. poor tried, tempted soul from the dread dens of carnality, the dunghills and deeps of corruption, (see Jonah ii. 6.) and the Grove Chapel Pulpit.London: B. L. Green, dark dungeons of confusion, and graciously

Paternoster Row. conduct my trembling spirit into the secret EVERYTHING in this world appears to be chambers of sweet communion with the on the increase, even the publication of heavenly lover of my soul,' the bridegroom Penny Pulpits, containing sermons by sound of his church.

and faithful ministers of the gospel. Our You know, that I am expected to speak readers have heard of the Thursday Penny for my Lord, to his people at Wellingboro,' Pulpit : and the Zoar Chapel Pulpit : now on Monday, and at Sharnbrook on Tuesday, we have GROVE CHAPEL PULPIT. In the morning and evening; and 0, that the next place we must have Surrey Tabernacle highest expectations of the praying, pant- Pulpit ; Gower Street Pulpit ; Mount Zion ing, pressing, seed of Jacob may be happily Pulpit ; and a few others, and then we realized. But, as regards all beside, I can shall be prepared to suit the various tastes only say 'the will of the Lord be done,' as of truth-loving readers. The first number I know not yet how long I shall be from of the Grove Chapel Pulpit is now before us. home; however, if spared, and strengthened It is very neatly got up: is ornamented with of my God, I will endeavour to talk of his a view of the exterior of Mr. Irons's chapel, greatness, and tell of his glory,' where'er and contains a sermon by him; and is his hand may lead. It is my intention to published under his sanction and patrontry to spend the Lord's-day (viz: the 23rd,)

age. The subject with which this new amongst you, for my health's sake, as I am work opens is certainly one of the noblest; but very sadly, and change of air may be and the most exalted that could ever occupy beneficial.

the mind of man; it is the GLORIFICATION Be assured, my brother, that such par-OF CHRIST. We have no doubt that Grove sons, and such only, whose hearts are Chapel Pulpit will be well stored with clean prepared for their work, and whose work gospel corn; therefore, we hail its appearis prepared for their hearts by God, will be ance; heartily bid it God speed; and pray of any spiritual use to the living and learn- that showers of blessing may attend its ing family of God; and such cannot be idle, circulation and perusal. seeing they are neither lords, squires, nor While journeying to Hull, we have caregentlemen; but men of business, men of fully perused this discourse; if there be labour, men of perpetual employment, (see any failure in it, it is a lack of divine exEzek. xxxix. 14.) men of war, whom devils perience as realized in the believer's soul. oppose, earthborn and earth bound, men We certainly should have been thankful if despise, and false professors, free-willers, the preacher had more fully pointed out and flesh-pleasers hate.

how Christ is glorified in the pardoned Yet, Christ they serve--and him lift high, sinner's heart; but from a brief extract While God the Spirit doth supply

which we make, it will be seen that the Their souls with needed grace:

pastor of Grove Chapel dwells on high ; his May every servant of the Lord,

place of defence is the munitions of rocks. When searching o'er the written word,

Towards the close of the sermon the preacher Therein new wonders trace.

broke out in the following strain : Give my kindest love to my dear brother

Oh, could we look within the veil of bliss, Bird, may his soul be on the wing; also, And

hear the golden harps—the raptrous to the well-beloved Drawbridge, may his

sounds, strength be well and wisely spent. And That echo thence, anidst ten thousand times now, leaving all arrangements in the hands Ten thousand tongues, of ransom'd souls, of 'never-failing wisdom,' I can only add, With hallelujahs glorifying Christ; that I shall be most willing and happy to How should we long to quit the cage of clay! meet your wishes, and the wishes of the Freed from the earthly house where we have dear friends, as far as in me lies.

dwelt, That the God of all grace, who hath And soaring to the house not made with

hands, called you to his eternal kingdom and glory by Christ Jesus, may continue to To join the amen chorus near the throne; conduct you by his counsel, until you obtain We would ascribe all glory to the Lamb, the possession and prize of your high and Whom God the Father hath so glorified ! heavenly calling, is the earnest prayer of a Well, then, roll on revolving suns-go round

Succeeding weeks--draw to the ev'ning tide poor trembler in Israel,

Old worn-out time; my soul shall outlive Whose spirit shall tremble ere long,

all, When right shall prevail over wrong; And soar away to gaze on Jesus' face, When love shall give birth to the song, Where clouds and darkness never intervene. Ever new to the blood-washed throng. No foes nor fiends shall interrupt thejoy, Your's, in Him that is ours,

Nor wandering thoughts, nor vile corrup

tions rise JOHN STENSON.

To chill the love, or dim the glorious blaze, Chelsea, July 7th, 1848.

Where all is wrapt in Deity !!!"

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Letters on the Great Revolution of 1848, &c.

Third Basket.-November, forty-six, I By the Rev. G. H. PARKER. B. Wer- began to feel the cold exceedingly, and oft theim, Aldine Chambers.

wondered what way the Lord would take These letters are published separately in with me, and his will concerning me. Satan tracts—they are worth perusing

by thỉnk- often suggested, all your friends are hearting men. The author's mind (through this sick of you, and the living God whom ye channel) throws out some sharp flashes of trusted is weary of your complaints; you light on various subjects; but especially must go to the workhouse, or some miserupon the signs of the times. We think of able dwelling, and there be destitute. This dipping into them next month.

I can assure you, sunk me very deep for a

time, and through this month my faith Faith and its Counterfeits.City Press, was tried. I came to the last farthing ; I Long Lane. W. H. Collingridge.

thought all was coming upon me. At the close

I wanted six-pence for my needs, the THE people keep asking us, Who is the Standard, and a comfort or two, and the Author of the Gospel Cottage Lectures ? All Lord did not appear for them. Faith I we can say, is—^ DON'T KNOW.” We seem had none; satan roaring, your God is sick to guess, however, that be the author who of supplping you, you have worn him out. he may, he is full weight both in truth and I thought it appears true, until I dreamt in experience; and, that he is the author of that at a certain dirty spot in our yard this little tract, on Faith and its Counter-there was a black piece of wood and stone feits. Having said this, we have said and under it six-pence. I awoke, and enough to recommend it. If we are mis- could not, next day, in myself be persuaded taken, we hope to be forgiven.

to go and see, though I needed; I thought

it is only a dream. However, it followed The Way of Life extracted from the works of me so close, I consented, and lighted a

that great Reformer, Martin Luther. To candle and went; I saw a filthy stone or which is added, An Historical View of the brick; I moved it, and I saw half a sixDoctrine of Justification.". By the Rev. S. pence* as some one had dislodged in their Milner, author of "the History of the motion ; I took it out, and took it to the tap Church of Christ.” London: J. Baisler, and washed it and my filthy hand. I then Oxford Street.

went and told two friends my dream. We This volume contains nearly two-hundred blessed our own God. I thought my heartpages of closely printed, and exceeding strings would have broke with these words, pithy extracts from Luther's voluminous My God will supply all my needs.” I did works. From the powerful quotation on weep; nor can I forget it when I am look“JUSTIFICATION,” and “KNOWLEDGE OF ing for the Lord's hand-basket; I then CHRIST,” we hope shortly to furnish some

thought I should never, no never be withspicy morsels. What subject can be of out faith. Bless the Lord, oh, my soul! it greater importance than these two-Justifi- is a stone set up with me, nor could I omit cation by Christ, and an Experimental for it is of him that willeth

that ye shali Knowledge of Christ ? Reader! know him?

need and be tried in it, and then be sup

plied. Thanks be to his eternal name! He The Fragments Gathered, and the Twelve works all things for my good, and I am let

to Baskets Filled : being a Living Testimony of see his hand in it, to the joy of my heart !” the Lovingkindness of the Lord to a Poor and Aflicted Woman ; shewing his Wisdom, Scraps and Fragments of the late James Weller Power, and Love to her in Temptations, Af

Gospel Minister, of Robertsbridge." James flictions of body, and Necessitous Circum- Paul, Chapter House Court. stances, whereby he appeared for her in a This work is published for the benefit of most remarkable manner." Leicester: J. the widow and family, who are in destitute Fowler.

circumstances.” To the friends and acTHERE is a couple of nice tender-hearted quaintances of the late James Weller, it believers down at Leicester: one is a printer,

will be exceedingly interesting. Mr. Robert by the name of John Smith Fowler; the Waters in a very plain and simple manner other is a bookseller,

by the name of 'John has here brought together a good quantity Pearson

: two men walking in the fear of of valuable correspondence which was conthe Lord. Well; they have put their

heads nected both with the life and death of our together to publish this testimony of the departed brother. We cannot make any loving-kindness of the Lord to a poor af- extracts from the work at present. flicted old saint, well known to them. Their desire is to glorify the name of our

A Sermon Preached in Harewood Church, covenant God, and to be instrumental in

December 5, 1847. By Rev. R. Hale, Vicar encouraging his people to trust in him at

of Harewood.LONDON: Collingridge, City all times. We make the following extract: Press, Long Lane. and if our readers are moved to assist in The author of this discourse is evidently circulating this little penny tract, we will well acquainted with that mysterious disget John to send us up a few, and will send them wherever the Lord may bid us.

Our extract is the contents of the dear old lady's 'with filth.

# It was only half of it seen, the other half covered

Do you

tinction which separates the old man from nothing but what the sinner should do, inthe new. In the following extract he shews stead of what a glorious TRIUNE COVENANT what the old man can, and what he cannot JEHOVAH hath done, and will do for the do.

sinner? Oh, it is it dreadful! At the close “It is well observed by a learned com- of the morning's sermon the minister read mentator on this subject, that this old man a Brief Sketch of the Character and Lais in every heart, not like a visitor, now and bours of Mrs. Sherman;" and from the testhen, but an inhabitant. He dwells there, timony given of her dying moments we are and only becomes a troublesome in mate to constrained to believe that she was a vessel those that are born again, for the rest of the of mercy, and that her soul is now in glory. world live on the best terms with him. They As regards Mrs. Sherman's labours among are quite civil to him-do what he bids- the poor and afflicted we can only say, we give way to his wishes-and seek to pamper should sincerely rejoice if many of our fehis appetites.

male friends were constrained by the love Some who have written upon this sub- of Christ to follow her example. The folject, would have you believe that when lowing is the testimony to which we have men are born again of the Spirit, then the referred : flesh—the old man-becomes gradually sub

“ On the 17th of May, it was evident that dued, and at last so crippled, that he can death was approaching; but to the surprise no longer oppose the new principle of grace of all, she rallied again, and slept tolerably implanted in them by the Spirit, and that well during the night. About twelve a sinless state of perfection may be attained o'clock on the 18th, no doubt could remain to in this world.

I am persuaded there is no foundation what the result must soon be. The struggle for this opinion to be found in the word of for breath, the excessive pain in the side,

and the convulsive agony of the whole God. Paul reminds the saints in Galatia frame, were fearful ; but the celestial joy that they could not do what, as unconvert- within surpassed the expectation of all. ed persons, they wished to do, because of To the last, her intellect was unimpaired, the lusts of the flesh which opposed the and her speech sufficiently loud to be heard. actings of grace. It is true that when Paul was in a con- dear," said her husband. 'It is,' she re

The long looked-for hour is come, my flict with some besetting sin, which he plied, 'blessed be my Saviour!' You have called a thorn in the flesh, and which he long professed that Christ was precious-is prayed might be removed, Christ said to he precious to you now?' Lifting up her him, 'My grace is sufficient for thee; for almost fleshless arms and hands, like the my strength is made perfect in weakness. wings of a bird ready to fly, she let them Most gladly therefore will I rather fall on the bed, and exclaimed, 'Infinitely! my infirmities, that the power of Christ

infinitely! Have you, my precious one, may rest upon me. And no doubt by this any consciousness of the immediate presence grace of Christ, the old man is often kept of Jesus Christ ?' Pausing a moment, she down when struggling to be uppermost; replied, “No; I do not know what that is but this has not been always so with the my consciousness is the consciousness of faith. Lord's regenerated people, for we know that I know that he is with me by the support when remiss in prayer or weak in faith, the and ineffable consolations he pours into my old man has gained for a time the upper soul ; but I shall soon know what it is, for hand, and did so when he led Job to curse I shall be with him, and be like him.' the day he was born ; and David to commit "Then, like David, you can say, you fear the double sin of adultery and murder; and no evil in the dark valley ? she replied, Peter to deny his Master. The old man is The valley is very long, but not dark-for full of sinful lusts and very deceitful. He he is with me in it—'his rod and staff comis a mischievous old man, and does all the fort me.' Then you can bear testimony to evil he can, but there are some things which your children, that a life spent in the serhe cannot do; he cannot separate the christ- | Vice of Godis a most pleasant and profitable ian from the love of God: nor make void life?' As if making an effort beyond her the decrees and promises of God towards strength, to say something

which her heart his people ; nor deprive them of heaven.”

dictated, but finding it impossible, she re

plied with all energy, “I can! I can? What Mrs. Sherman's Last Moments. now, when earth is vanishing, is your sole

dependence for acceptance with God at the

Only the perfect aud finished The funeral services and sermons for the great day?? late Mrs. Sherman have been published. righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ We have partially perused them. They are

• Nothing in my hand I bring ;

Simply to the cross I cling.' full-weight as regards natural talent and creature-doings, but as regards gospel truth Many other precious sentences and words and christian experience, they are most fell from her lips; but these will suffice to awfully deticient. "We firmly believe that show the fulness of her joy, and what an the congregations who sit under ministers abundant entrance was given her into the of this kind are as ignorant of" THE TRUTH kingdom of her God and Saviour. At AS IT IS IN CHRIST," as the most bigotted twenty minutes to four o'clock on Thursday Roman · Catholic, or benighted heathen. afternoon, May 18th, she fell asleep in How can it be otherwise, when they hear' Jesus.”



is a son of Jesse, God the Father drew the The New Baptist Chapel, Chelmsford. plan; the Son executed the deed; and the

Holy Ghost comes and fills up every creek and On Wednesday, July 5th, the newly erected corner. Christ and his sufferings were intendBaptist Chapel, at Chelmsford, was opened. ed by the ark passing through the hurricane. It is a neat and very convenient_place of

“ 'But not only must there be a plan, but worship, of gothic architecture. It has a there must be a specification, stating what front gallery, admission to which is gained kind of material was to be used. And what by flights of stone steps on either side of the kind of material was to be used by Noah in entrance. There are two convenient vestries building the ark ? It was to be made of attached. The place is computed to hold Gopher wood. Gopher signifies, a covering about five hundred persons. The cost of its for atonement. * And shall pitch it without erection was between six and seven hundred and within with pitch.' Pitch is from an pounds, part of which sum had been raised; Hebrew word, signifying propitious. The £200. has been lent by the Baptist Building one atonement; the other propitious. But Fund, to be returned in ten years, without why build it of Gopher wood ?

There was interest ; and on the day of opening we were oak and other kinds of hard wood then as well told that they only wanted to raise £120 by as now. I'll tell you what the ancients say. Christmas next; and that then with the ex- They say, gopher wood never would rot if it ception of the £200 lent by the Baptist had lain in water from that day to this. The Building Fund, they would be nearly free. length of it was to be three hundred cubits, Thus much for the building.

which, at the lowest computation is about tive Mr. Geo. Abrahams, in the morning took hundred and twenty-seven feet. A window for his text, Gen. vi. 22. Thus did Noah shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit according to ALL that the Lord commanded shalt thou finish it above ; and the door in him, so did he." He said, " The Holy the ark thou shalt set in the side thereof; Ghost by the apostle Paul makes use of this with lower, second, and third stories shalt blessed declaration—'Every house is builded thou make it.' In the first place I underby some man; but he that built all things is stand, that by the first story is intended God.' And I am quite sure that if God will God's dear children in the wilderness who are not have it built, it shall not be built.” Mr. yet in the ruins of the fall. By the second Abrahams said –

story-The church militant below; and by After my return from the country the the third story – The church triumphant other day, I was rather uneasy at having no above. Yet all are one the lower story as text to preach from at the opening of the new

secure as the second ; and the second as sechapel at Chelmsford. All in an instart this cure as the third. word of my text came to my mind, and I

“ So the light was to come from above, was sure if there was anything spiritual in it, and depend upon it no other light will be of it was suitable for the opening of a house of any use.

How blessed then to have this prayer ; though the devil tried hard to get light shining from above-not the light me away from it.

shining from an academy. Why put the “ Our subject is not to be limited to the door in the side of the house? Because it antedeluvian world; but by the divine teach is through the wound in the Lord's side that ing of God the Holy Ghost, I will endeavour the sinner is saved. to explain it -'Noah did according to all Lastly, we notice the utility of the ark. that the Lord commanded him ; so did he.'

It was that all the creatures therein contained I notice first,- That with all buildings, should be saved from the hurricane ; and it there must be a plan to build it by.

is in Christ that the child of God is preserved “ Secondly,— The specifications.

from the hurricane of sin and satan without. “ Thirdly,—The estimate ; for they want If you had lived in the time of old England's some money when it is built; and as I came hurricane; oh, the dreadful hurricane of poflying along I thought of the estimate of pery under the cloak of Protestantism - you Noah's ark; it was the destruction of the would then have seen the utility of this ark.” whole human race, with the exception of

This is but a brief running outline of Mr. Noah and his family.

Abraham's opening discourse. In the after" Fourth, - In the next place I thought I noon, Mr. Tydeman, minister of the place, would notice the internal part. And preached from Acts xix. 20. And in the

“ Fifthly,—The utility of all this. evening, Mr. Shorter, of London closed the

1. The plan that was laid out for Noah services of the day. to build the ark. He was not left to build Dinner and tea were provided in Mr. Tydeit according to his own whims and fancies ; man's old chapel, which was fitted up with but according to the plan laid down by God. stools and tables, and decorated with flowers Yes! God has been pleased to draw out the in every corner. From its present appearwhole plan ; has the builder put a seat too ance we should say that the new chapel was many ? not a seat in this ark but for it there not built a day before it was wanted.


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