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Massah,' says he, “it was Christ gave me ancient friendship, telling him, that neither comfort by his dear wounds. He bade me the colour of his body, nor the condition of come unto him, and he would give me rest, his present life, could prevent him being my for I was weary and heavy laden.' And dear brother in our dear Saviour, and though here he went through a line of the most we must part now, never to see each other precious texts in the Bible, shewing me, by again any more in this world, I had no doubt à most artless comment upon them as he of our having another joyful meeting in our went along, what great things God had done Father's home, where we shall live together, (in the course of some years) for his soul. and love one another throughout a long and Being rather more acquainted with the doc- happy eternity. ‘Amen, amen, my dear trinal truths, and the analogy of the Bible, Massa; God bless you, and poor me too, for than he had been, or in his situation could ever and ever.' easily be, I had a mind to try how far a simple, untutored experience, graciously given without the usual means, could carry a

Ministerial Encouragement. man from some speculative errors. I therefore asked him several questions about the merit of works, the justification of a sinner, don-street Chapel, Greenwich, by a member of his

Lines addressed to Mr. J. Gwinnell, Pastor of Lonthe power of grace, and the like. I own I church, when his mind was exceedingly, depressed was much astonished at, as I admired, the under a deep sense of the importance of preaching

the word of life. sweet spirit and simplicity of his answers, with the heavenly wisdom which the Lord had put into the mind of this negro. His To you, dear sir, this grace is given, discourses (flowing merely from the riches of

To shew to man the way to heaven;

To preach a Saviour crucified, divinegrace, with a tenderness and expression

And point to him who bled and died. far beyond the reach of art,) perfectly charmed

To cry aloud-behold the Lamb! On the other hand, my entering into Who was for guilty sinners slain ; all his feelings, together with an account to To make them kings and priests to God, him which he had never heard before, that

And wash them in his precious blood. thus and thus in mercy the Lord dealt with Exalt your Lord, and lift him high,

And sinners in the dust shall lie; all his children, and had dealt with me, drew

Proclaim to man, 'free grace abound ! streains of joyful tears down his black face,

And may they hasten to the sound. and we looked upon each other, and talked

Then give not up : but still go on; with each other, with that inexpressible glow Proclaim salvation through the Son ; of christian affection, that made me more

Salvation free to guilty man, than ever believe, what I have often too

Oh ! how amazing is the plan. thoughtlessly professed to believe, the commu

Fear not the trials of the way; nion of saints. I shall never forget how that

Strength shall be equal to your day ;

Though trials may your steps surround; poor excellent creature seemed to hang upon 'Tis the right way to Canaan's ground. my lips, and to eat my very words, when I

Hath not your kind Redeemer said, enlarged upon the love of Christ to poor “On me, let all your cares be laid ! sinners; the free bounty and tender mercy “ For lo! I'm with you to the end ;

" Your ever kind and constant friend." of God; the frequent and delightful sense he gives of his presence; the faith he bestows in Then why afraid and sink so low >

Your God will equal strength bestow; his promises; the victory this faith is enabled

And grace sufficient to your day; to get over trials and temptations; the joy To guide you in your doubtful way. and peace in believing; the hope in life and

Be faithful, till your Lord shall come, death, and the glorious expectation of immor- To take you to your heavenly home; tality. To have taken off his eager, delight- Saying " Come ye blessed of the Lord, ed, animated, air and manner, would have

“ Come and receive your full reward." been a master-piece for a Reynolds. He had Oh ! may I meet with you above,

To bless and praise redeeming love ; never heard such discourse, he seemed like a

With countless myriads round the throne, man who had been thrown into a new world, Join in the everlasting song. and at length he had found company. Then at his feet we there will fall, Though my conversation lasted at least two Tho' the unworthiest of them all ; or three hours, I scarce ever enjoyed the And through eternity will praise,

The wonders of redeeming grace. happy swiftness of tine so sweetly in all my life. We knew not how to part. He would accompany me as far as he might; and I felton It would be foolishness to apply a remedy my side such a delight in the artless savour, the where there is no disease. Christ came 'not solid, unaffected experience of this dear soul, to call the righteous butsinners to repentance.' that I could have been glad to have seen him He says, ' The whole need not a physician, often then, or to see his like at any time now. but they that are sick.' The physician does I therefore took an affectionate adieu, with not come to tell the sick man to remain in an ardour equal to the warmest and most his sickness.

The Place where Two Seas Meet. the comeliness placed upon them ; the Lord

says tu such ‘Behold thou art fair, my love, My dear friend, – The Lord teaches you there is no spot in thee.' What endearing with the rest of his blood-purchased people, words my love, my undefiled ;' she is but that he that trusteth in his own heart is a one, the only one of her mother. Jesus saith fool.' Your experience, under the divine to such, . Because I live, ye shall live also.' teachings of the Holy Ghost shows that United to him, they shall live for ever-benothing but a full, free, finished, and ever- holding his glory. Seeing him as he is ; lasting salvation will suit you. You feel that being like him; singing 'unto him that hath you are a great sinner, and that none but one loved them, and washed them in his own mighty to save, can save you ; this, divine blood.' But am I interested in these solemn sovereign grace has made you to feel; the Lord realities ? have I tasted that the Lord is is continually showing his people that here gracious ? have I felt my sinnership? Somethey have no continuing city,' no rest, no times I fear, as the cloud overcasts; at anoquietude, peace or safety, but in Christ Jesus, ther time the sun shines, truth is precious, the rock of ages. Without Christ, the soul of the promises are suitable, the name of Christ a believer is like a vessel upon the boisterous is as ointment poured forth, and the desire of deep, when all is dangerous and stormy ; yea, the soul is, ' Let him kiss me with the kisses the believer is often brought into a place of his mouth.' Yours to serve in the gospel where two seas meet ; he has often to experience of Jesus.

J. E. BLOMFIELD. a sea of external trouble, temptations, and Townsend Place, Cheltenham. afflictions; but this is not the greatest; it is the sea of internal conflicts, afflictions and

AN ACROSTIC sin, which is the most stormy, tempestuous, Presented to W. Bidder, after supplying the and dangerous. But what an unspeakable Pulpit at Mount Zion Chapel, Devonport, mercy that sometimes, when wave after wave

in 1827. of trouble rolls in, that the great, the red, the flowing and cleansing sea of Immanuel's W e now must part ; and may the Lord blood drives all away; then all is peaceable, I mpart a blessing on his word joyous, and safe : the trials you are now pass- L eft with us here by you ; ing through often find you an errand to the Long may it prove a source of joy, throne; and, mark, it is a throne of grace, high I n each our hearts, when foes annoy, and lifted up, that no Pharisee or mere form- A nd doubts and fears our peace destroy, alist can approach unto : but it is so low that M ay it our faith renew. the poor, the needy, the tried, have often found that it is indeed a mercy seat-a throne es- B e God's electing love to man, tablished (through grace) to show mercy and I n saving him, O wondrous plan, favour to the suppliants; and I feel assured Design'd before he fell ! that you can (by experience) give your une- D eclar'd by you where'er you go ; quivocal or unqualified testimony to the fact E xalt our Christ, and we will too that it is indeed a mercy seat. Trials are R ejoice, and add farewell! needful for us, though they are not pleasant to us ; they are appointed by him who is too

Additions to the Churches. wise to err, and too mindful of his people to be unkind. Your journey may oftentimes be

London Street Chapel, Greenwich.-On rough, dark, and trying, and it is really requi. Lord's day, October 3rd, the ordinance of site it should be, or you would have no use believer's baptism was administered to eight for the promise, 'Thy shoes shall be iron and believers, after a very suitable address by brass.' 'Surely those shoes were never in brother Oliver, of London, from. What mean tended for a smooth, easy, and comfortable ye by this ordinance ?' when Mr. J. Gwinnell path! But again, what an unspeakable inercy led the candidates down into the water. that Jehovah can and does make the rough They sung with a sweet feeling, places (in our experience) plain. He levels down the hills; he removes the mountains ;

Hallelujah! praise ye the Lord ! he regulates the fire ; he rebukes the winds, two of the candidates had been with the and to the storm he says ‘Bestill' and there is Wesleyans for years, and another was an old stillness, safeness, and smoothness. These member of the Independants, and two were are some of the things that I have learnt, (if | daughters of our sen. deacon, Mr. W. Fisher. I am not deceived) in the path in which I In the evening they were received into our have been called to travel. May the Lord church, with four more from other churches, help us to see, while all is rough, teasing, and when our dear pastor, Mr. Gwinnell, related perplexing in and about us, that in Christ all their experience before all the congregation, is peaceable, safety, and perfect freedom ! and we have a number more saying, we will

No condemnation to them that are in Christ go with you for we perceive God is with you. Jesus, they are perfect in him, comely through Our chapel is well-filled every Lord's day.

This is the Truth.

sons will tell you, 'God's saints make a

hobby of doubts and fears :' but I deny it, Two questions have of late been dividing and say it is a libel on God's saints. I do and distressing the church of God in not know one in London, or in England, who Christendom : the first is, whether ore does so. It is an insult to the church of God. brother in the ministry is divinely au- Can a man make a hobby of his wants, his thorised to hold up, preach against, and distresses, or his afflictions, when they come? publish another brother's faults and in- Surely not. And I do not envy the man firmities ? The second is, whether doubts

who can hear it comfortably, or the man who and fears in poor believer's hearts are to firmities and weaknesses of God's saints ; the

can preach it. Doubts and fears are the inbe acknowledged or denounced ? We shall not attempt to decide

same as abscesses, wounds and fevers are the these upon

infirmities and diseases of our mortal bodies. weighty matters; but we shall let others But when a man is wounded, diseased, or -through the Earthen Vessel-speak afflicted, are we to stab, to cut, and to whip on both these points. With refer- him, because of these infirmities ? Are we ence to the former question, a very sober, to tell him to heal bis wounds, and that he is and truly spiritual brother in the ministry dishonouring God by having them ? He writes as follows:

knows he has wounds; he feels his distresses, “ Alas! in some quarters of late the envy afflictions, and sorrows; his heart cries, of Ephraim, and the vexation of Judah have groans, and sighs over them. But are we broken out with a most bitter and humi- therefore to say he makes a hobby of them ?' liating rancour, which must make work for I say, no : I never met with such christian deep repentance at some time or other. men ; if there be, they are unknown to me. Had some parties been in a furnace as in- I have been from end to end, and from side tensely heated as that into which the polluted to side of this land ainong the churches, and worm now addressing you has recently and I have never met with any but those who have aforetime been put, they would have other felt doubts and fears to be a source of pain work to do than discerning ‘motes and and grief to them. beams' in their brother's eyes, and their “But can you rid the Lord's family of doubts and fears would, perhaps, have had doubts and fears by troubling and grieving an infinitely greater concentration on the them? Is a man saved fiom drowning by reality of their own christianity than on that pushing him into the water ? Can you whip of others ; while their apprehension that they | God's people out of their distresses, or scola were the chief of sinners would have pre-them out of their fears ? What says God ? vented them from throwing a single stone at

• Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith others. This will be their spirit yet, if they your God : speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, are what I hope respecting them.”

and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomp

lished, that her iniquity is pardoned; for she BUT, IS THIS TRUTH?

hath received of the Lord's hand double for Upon the second question, we give an all her sins.' (Isa. xl. 1, 2.) So then, though extract from a sermon preached at Eden- subject to doubts, fears, and soul exercises ; street chapel, Hampstead-road, by Mr. though thus dark, blind, and obscure, at Mackenzie, and which is reported in the times; tell them, that it is the leper, the halt, last number of the Zoar Pulpit. The the lame, and the blind, that God saves. preacher said (speaking of some minsters): What indeed has made Job's trials so sweet

They seem to have a deep antipathy to to the church of God? Is it not being the tried, afflicted people of God; a deter- plunged into the same fire, and passing mined enmity and hatred to everything like through a measure of the same trials ? This the painful, deep heart-harrowing exercises is the way to raise up hope, and put down of the people of God; they cut and stab at unbelief; this is the way to comfort and bless doubts and fears, gloom and despondency, as their souls,--by preaching the truth to them; if it were some capital crime, and as if the by plentifully declaring the thing as it is, people of God took pleasure in them. This and not by trying to flog them out of their is also a mistake and error. I will tell you doubts and fears with legal whips, as some where the string of it lies : it is doctrinal attempt to do. We are, therefore to 'try free-will. There are two kinds of free-will : the spirits ;' and examine every man's docfirst, thorough arminian free-will, which trine and preaching to see that it be in accordtotally denies the doctrines of grace; and ance with the Lord's testimony, and the secondly, doctrinal free-will, which holds the teaching of his Spirit in our souls." doctrines of grace, but carries free-will into We fully agree with all that Mr. Mackenzie says experience. Neither of these will God own with reference to the trials of God's saints; but where or bless ; nor will they profit the tried and of God on account of them, we are at a loss to

the ministers are who cut, stab, and whip the people exercised of the Lord's family. Such per-conceive.--ED.




Of Snows Fields Meeting, Southwark. We commence our notice of the death of I heard announced by Mr. Jones, at the an- this dear and ged servant of Jesus niversary of Surrey Tabernacle ; he died on Christ, by reiterating the words of THOMAS the morning of January, 5, 1848. He was one STRINGER, who spoke over his grave,

of the three at my settlement, said Mr. Jones, “The question generally asked, (said life and ministry of this servant of Christ, I


In taking a brief survey of the Thomas) is How did he die scì will

cannot do better than let his own works and tell you—he died in faith—he died in words speak for him: "he being dead, yet peace—he died in Jesus.” Glorious death speaketh. Mr. Francis was a plain, upright, this; come when, and under what cir- meek, and humble minded man of truth; a cumstances it may. Of George Francis, sincere lover and follower of Christ, his peoit is not only true that he died in faith, ple, and his ways, -and a faithful preacher of he also lived in faith ; he not only died, the everlasting gospel, as was also his brother, but he lived in peace; he not only died, James Francis, who died three years and a hut he also lived in Jesus ; and, like a half before him. The two brothers, James shock of corn fully ripe, he has at length lived to his 79th year, George to be 80. The

and George Francis were much alike. James been gathered to his fathers : and has trials of George were but as to the ankles, entered into that rest which is secured compared with James, which were of a very unto all the people of God.

overwhelming kind till nearly his 70th year. We see no occasion for grief or sorrow But his latter days were his best. It was my in the removal of this dear saint from the privilege to be more acquainted with James ; church below to the church above. His I was with him within a few days of his deministerial labours have for some time parture; he left behind himn an honourable past been finished: and having been testimony of his having served the Lord beliterally worn out in the great work to fore he fell asleep. which he was called, the Lord laid him At the early age of' ten years, Mr. Francis gently and carefully aside until the num- says, The Sun of righteousness began to

shine into my soul : I know of no particular ber of his days were accomplished, and then, dropping his earthly tabernacle, took its rise, but this I know, that at this time

portion of Scripture or sermon from which this and drawing aside the vail, he took his I began to feel a great concern about my soul, ransomed spirit into the mansions of im- and whether there was any ground for me to mortal glory, where millions of the re- look for happiness after death.'. He then deemed together meet, and together sing goes on to state-after failing in his resolves the honours of their heavenly king. to seek the salvation of his soul, on the prinFree grace he preached ; free grace is now and worse, and now to think of setting out

ciple he was seeking it, says, “I got worse He's shouting victory with the blood-bought solution that I would never pray any more;

again would be vain : I therefore made a rcthrong, At Jesus' feet they fall.

this was one night while I lay on my bed, but

thanks be to God, I was no more able to May we, like him, be ready to appear,

keep this bad resolution, than I had been the He saw in Christ, his title good and clear To joys that never end;

former good ones. I was suon drawn to seek Then we shall shout the glories of the Lamb, ftinued until he was permitted to hear Mr.

him again.' In a very obscure state he conAnd wonder at redemption's glorious plan Romaine ; I heard,' says he,

I never As well as our dear friend.

heard before ; I found it to be the word of But our design is, to place upon re- God, from the power which attended it. I cord, all that is calculated to be of use remember hearing him once in particular, his and interest to the church of Christ: we text I do not remember, neither do I think I proceed, therefore, to lay before our read- could repeat ten words of it in its proper ers the following sketch which has been order ; but this I can well remember, that prepared for us by our esteemed friend his subject was how a sinner could be justi

fied in the sight of God, which he shewed and brother, Henry Watmuff.

clearly to be by faith, without any of our The earthly career of George Francis, the works or deservings, and which he made aplong respected minister of Snows Fields, pear clearer than I had ever heard done in Chapel, has at last terminated, whose death my life before, or at least had never so well


his sons,


understood it. He repeated these words over for two persons, that I could venture to speak and over again ; that a sinner brought to to upon soul matters, and I began to profeel his lost, helpless, miserable state, and claim aloud God's goodness to me; which it casting himself at the feet of Christ, Christ seems, went to those who did not wish to hear was the Saviour of every such soul.' And I about it; but,' he says, 'I was too heavy think if ever I paid attention to anything, it laden with divine treasures to be able to live was to this, which I thought the best news without vent, in consequence of which I was that I had ever heard.' He then proceeds to driven the more to my favorite room, at which describe the joyful reflections these state- time, I used to tell my Lord everything which ments gave rise unto in his soul, accom- befell me, and to unbosom my very soul bepanied by a painful yet gracious sickness fore him ; I said, O my Lord, bring me acwhich at this time he laboured under. When quainted with some of thy blood-bought people, at about seventeen years of age, the prison that I may have the soul pleasure of talking doors of his soul were thrown open under about thy wondrous works ; rejoicing with the ministry of the honoured Romaine. I them that can rejoice, and attempting to commust make another extract from these early fort them that mourn; which cry God having days, and then close. "Soon after this, the implanted, he has evidently heard and anLord was pleased to revive, and at length to swered abundantly above what I could ask or restore me ; and I was now inclined to think think. As I was led on in the divine life, I the battle was won, and the conflict over ; became more acquainted with myself; saw that I had nothing to do but to ride smoothly more my weakness, felt my total unfitness, on till I got to heaven; but, alas ! I knew and, as I thought, the impossibility of any such but very little as yet of what was very neces- thing taking place ; when judging it to be nosary for me to know of the evil of my own thing but a temptation, I poured out my soul heart : the corruption, unbelief, and filth, before God earnestly, that he would be pleased that lay at the bottom of that dirty puddle, to banish the thought for ever from my mind. which only wants stirring up, to be felt as In this way I got rid of it for months together, well as seen; and also of that host of ene- and I was thankful for it; when again it mies which I then had, and even to the pre- would return with the greatest force, bringing sent moment have to grapple with,-enemies great distress, and, at times almost distracwho are daily trying to stop me in my hea- tion into my mind, then away to my divine venly course. My experience down to the friend I flew again, and told him what had present day, is a composition of light and happened,' and concludes his prayer thus :darkness, joy and sorrow, life and death ; thus ' Never, never let me live to see the day when I am brought to prove the truth of Paul's I shall be left to run without mission or comaccount of himself: "To will is present with mission from thyself. As soon again as I me, but how to perform that which is good I had got a little over my trouble and hoped it find not.' I would love him above all things, was buried to rise no more ; some person or but oh, how frequently do I find that the least other would speak to me, and say, they thing that presents itself, steals away my heart wondered that I did not attempt to speak in froni my best friend. I would speak of what the Lord's name.' This I suppose has oche has done for my soul, with a view to his curred more than twenty times, from different glory, but alas ! when I attempt it (and that people, and at different periods of time, this sincerely too), before I am aware, I am drawn would sometimes awaken up all my former off from him, that my soul is concerned to anxiety of mind; but blessed is that exercise, exalt; Christ is forgot and self creeps in, and or even temptation, that urges us to a throne thus I learn the truth of Newton's words :- of grace. When I would speak what thou hast done,

"Here I would make a remark, that when God To save me from my sin;

intends to makes a man publicly useful, he will I cannot make thy mercy known,

endue him with a gift in some measure suitBut self-applause creeps in,

able thereto. If a man is destined to be a Mr. Francis's call to the ministry seemed teacher, he will possess him with an aptness to him of a more wonderful and important to teach ; in this way God blessed me years character, than his call by grace, and which before I came publicly forward, and there are certainly was not after man's teaching; he many living witnesses to prove it. But my says— My general retreat was my bed-room, trouble and fear sprang from looking to what where I had a table, a chair, and a few books, we call a pulpit, in which place I supposed chiefly consisting of Romaine's Life, and my work was to begin, when, as I have just Walk of Faith, two or three Hymn books, observed, it had already commenced ; here I and a Bible; this place he says was my chief remained, nor could I move forward, any retreat, where I obtained such precious in- more than I could create a world ; several of terviews with my beloved, that could they my friends said I should be ordained a parspeak, the very walls would testify to the lour preacher at any rate.' sacred business transacted between the Lord Doors one after another, in providence, now and my soul. At this time, I knew but one opened to Mr. Francis. An importantone, we

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