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must notice, he says, 'Things remained in any one ever did before, crying to the Lord this state for some months, when one day a for help; every joint in my body appearing to godly man, a ininister of the gospel, called at be loosened, and I sat on the seat as one my house, and after some pleasant conversa- afflicted with an ague. When I stood up to tion, asked me to walk a little way with him; pray, I felt rather more composed, but that I did so: he had not gone many yards, before being over I sat down and the same sensations he said, he had long thought that I had a returned; the congregation sang, and I rose preaching gift, (as he termed it) and if that up to preach, and took for my text these be the case, said he, however much preaching words, Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, there is in the world, preaching Jesus is much &c. Here then was one of the most fearwanted still.' I remained silent, and could fully dejected mortals that had ever lifted up not answer a word ; ' now I want you to preach his head in a pulpit, about to comfort others for me.

I do not expect you to answer me from these words; this I suppose must have at present, but I shall leave you for about a struck them with surprise, as it has since, fortnight, in which time you will go and tell upon reflection, done me. I had no sooner the Lord what I have been requesting of you, named my text, than all fear, tiinidity, and and I shall meet you at the same throne; everything like it, was in one moment taken after which time I shall call for your answer.' | away, and a holy boldness with sweet liberty Thus he left me, and I came home with a of mind, and flow of speech followed, nor did heavier load than ever; my sleep departed I feel any concern except for the Lord of from me, my fear and trouble being so great, glory, and the soul's good of the people. When lest it should not be found to be of God. I had done, I believe both parson and people However, at the appointed time, he called for were filled with a divine surprise; and upon his answer ; but I could not give him any, reflection, I hardly knew what I had been observing which, he said, well, my dear about. This was my first attempt in London, I friend, this is the very way in which I wished could not help saying, 'Is anything too hard to be answered. I perceive your conscience for the Lord ? will not allow you to say no, and your fears After thus opening his mouth for God in will not allow you to say yes; that is enough; | London, and two or three times before in the I shall give you out to preach, the Lord bless country, Mr. Francis received a ministerial you,' and so he left me. I forbear to say commission from his pastor, Mr. Chin, of any more respecting my inward distress and Walworth, being then in the meridian of life, anxiety; but I verily thought it would be my which ordeal occasioned him much sorrow of death. The time arrived, I went to preach, heart; he describes himself, when he came and wondered when I was done at what had to the meeting, like a poor criminal in irons transpired. A person came up to me, as I to take his trial.' The business having came down the pulpit stairs, and addressed closed, he was sent out by the voice of that me thus:-- Aaron thy brother can speak church. Mr F. says, I had a roving commiswell, you must preach here again this day sion, and I went East, West, North, and fortnight.'. I smiled, but made no answer. South; and I think I may safely add, God Thus I found my troubles were not at an end, went with me confirming the word by signs and I had about a fortnights' grace in which following, as inany now living can well to recruit my strength as I thought; instead witness." Mr. F.'s temporal trials now set of which about two days after, through the in upon him ; the adversary charged him death of a certain person, the minister was with many things, as having a large family, obliged to go directly into the country; and business declining, filled with engagements before he set off, an agreement was made with for preaching, the devil tempting, fears inthe managers of the place, that I should sup- creasing, my heart sinking; glad would I ply the two following Sabbaths. This was have been to have run away from the work of entirely unknown to me, upon hearing which, the Lord; and often have I come to a resoI said, I cannot and will not; this preaching lution that I would fulfil my present engagebusiness will surely kill me ; alas ! what a fool ments and then preach no more ; but before was I ever to make an attempt in such an this was accomplished I was sure to receive important work, since I have every evidence fresh invitations, either by message or post, to believe I am not equal thereto.'

which I durst not refuse. At this juncture I Our limits forbid us entering into the ex- well remember my wife coming to me one ercises of his mind respecting this trial ; Mr. day with an account of certain things that F.'s going to one of the inanagers begging to were wanted for the family. My heart almost decline the engagement, wishing him to get sank within me as she spake. I said, do not another supply, all of which proved unavail. worry me, I cannot get them at present; I ing; he was compelled to go ; and was com- hope you will have them before long. fortably helped through, though he says, 'I replied, ' I think you will go on preaching, mounted the pulpit as white as a sheet, wit- until you preach us all into the workhouse ! nessed by many, and took my seat there in This completed my distress, I turned away, such a situation as I should think scarcely and could say no inore.'

But the God whom he served kept on re- | closed enough, since no place could be found markably appearing for him both in provi- for me to preach in, though many proposals dence and grace in his extremities. He gives were made for the use of a pulpit, once on a a remarkable instance of a poor sin tormented, Lord's day, and on a week day evening, but iron-bound child of God being brought into all in vain, which was as I heartily wished. the glorious freedom and liberty of the gospel When unexpectedly a place offered itself near under one of his sermons, preached in great London Bridge, which appeared suitable ; it distress of soul respecting his own preaching was taken at a rent of 40 guineas, the fitting abilities before alluded to, for engaging in up came to upwards of £50, and I was in this work. But in which he saw, as with a possession of such a small stock of faith, that sun-beam, the Lord's hand towards him. I thought the place much too large, and After relating her great deliverance from very heartily pitied my dear friends that had endeep distress of soul through his instrumen- gaged it; but before ten months had elapsed, tality, she said to him, she had got some without any extraordinary exertions, the rent thing further to say, at which she hoped I was paid, and the whole debt discharged ; and would not be offended, which was, that she together with this, the most indisputable teshad been long impressed in her mind that she timony of the blessing and presence of God must make some small acknowledgement to among us. I could then only stand as.. me for the blessings instrumentally conferred tonished, and say, what has God wrought ? upon her by my means. She said she had The place was a large commodious room up been to the Lord about the matter, and had one pair of stairs, at a tavern or coffee house ; asked of him to direct her what to bring, after the ground floor was occupied as coffee rooms, which she followed the dictates of her mind. the first floor by us for the worship of God, She then presented us with a bundle, upon and the second floor was a billiard room; opening which it was found to contain the and each was employed very frequently at the very things, article for article, which I had same time within hearing of each other. It just received in the former catalogue of wants was opened on a public fast day, but I think from my wife! Thus I stood again confound it was found a feast day to many; three sered at the marvellous goodness and loving- mons were preached, that in the morning by kindness of my wonder-working Lord. In Mr. Stevens, that in the afternoon by Mr. this and similar ways, I have proved, in in- Bailey, and that in the evening by myself.” stances out of number, that my Lord had de- Mr. Francis had painful exercises of mind signed me for high life after all. They shall on this occasion owing to the circumstance dwell on high : their place of defence shall of Mr. Bailey's preaching from the same be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be text, he had been occupied a fortnight given them, and their water shall be sure.' to get clear views of, Exodus xx. 24; he says

I now notice the settlement of Mr. Francis “ After service, I went to him, and said, Oh, in London, with the formation of the present my friend, you have ruined me! you have church in Snows Fields. “ About this time taken my text out of my mouth; I have no a few individuals talked about my preaching text for this evening. He replied, never fear, in the Borough or City, and expressing their God will give you another. His was the desire for it; it was mentioned to me, I. prophetical part, mine was to believe the smiled, and said that would not do. It was prediction; and here I made as poor work of mentioned again, and the flame kept increa- it, as I had done in former times. However sing, until at length they finally resolved to I left the company as soon as I could, and seek a place. Finding them serious about fled to the throne of grace, and there told the it, I became serious too, rather doubting in Lord what had happened, and heartily prayed myself whereunto this might grow;. as I that he would give me some other text; after heartily disliked the idea, nor could I bear to a little time, these words came into iny mind, think of preaching in or about London. At. And I am sure that when I come unto you, length, however, I was obliged to go and I shall come in the fulness of the blessing pour out my heart before God concerning it, of the gospel of Christ.' A difficulty, heartily begging of him, that he would not however presented itself to my mind; that leave me to the actings of flesh and blood; such a text as this seemed too pompous and lest through pride and unbelief, I should be unsuitable for me, so that I knew not how to left to resist his will, and that if there were give it out, or frame my lips to pronounce it, any poor soul in or about the Borough, who but as I could get nothing else I was coma stood in need of my labours, he would suc- pelled to take it: the time arriving, I ascended ceed their endeavours in giving them a place; the pulpit, and stated what had happened as and that' if that was not the case, that he an apology for taking the text, adding that would bolt and bar every door, and keep them should there be any one that might feel any out from every quarter ; in this sweet way of objection to my choice of such words, to hiin prayer I passed about two hours, as sure that I would propose a question : Can you do with God would hear my prayer, as that I was then anything less than the fulness of the blessing living; and indeed the doors appeared fart of the gospel of Christ ? if not, then I hoped he would join in prayer with me, that the in a licensed house in London. He then very text itself, in its fullest sense, might be went to Liverpool, and was popular there for a fulfilled in me while labouring amongst the time, but at last ended his days in a cellar, people. Entering upon my subject, light as I am informed. I have heard it said that broke in upon my mind, life into my soul, Mr. Huntington, in his work, entitled, and the gift of utterance was afforded; and I “ Forty Stripes, save one,” indirectly aimed believe many, yea very many, found it good at him, though he had formerly preached for to be there."

him. Other popular ministers shone in and Mr. Francis being thus fixed in the Bo- about the Borough. About this time there rough, and in this very singular place, where, were some great lights who painfully exin one part were the worshippers of God, hibited the works of darkness in their lives and in another the frequenters of the ale and walk, yet, were brilliant stars for minishouse, each, after their will, amusing them- terial talent. But we see in Mr. Francis a selves; the next step was the forination of rich vein of gospel humility and simplicity themselves into an organized Baptist Church, running throughout. Look at his call by which took place in August, 1813, and in grace ! Nothing extravagant in this. Look this, as in previous matters, George Francis, at his ministry, and there is the same as in was most backward in moving. He says, his calling; no superior light, or great re“Having in these and many other instances velations from God; all is simplicity, and had my infidelity confounded, and unbelief according to God's . common method of silenced, it might have been supposed that working and raising up; always backward these things would have made a man of me: in engaging. His ministry was full, clear, but no, Gideon was Gideon still, though and explicit

. Christ the Alpha and Omega there was a succession of miracles to en- shone forth ; not preached in the pride of courage him. I was repeatedly asked, strife and contention. He had very mean whether there was to be a church formed and poor views of himself, keeping close to My answer was, “I thought there would be the word of God. He says, "Thus I have fore long, but dare not move in it myself, endeavoured to give you a detail of the leadfrom a powerful sense of my own unfitness; ings of divine providence, in as plain a way por do I believe I should to this day, if God as I can, as in the sight of God, daring not, had not disposed others to make the first as the apostle saith, to speak of anything inotion.' At length a few came and re- which God hath not wrought in me to make quested that the matter might be forwarded. you obedient by word and deed. My view in I believe it was God's motion, and God's this is not to make myself appear something ; number, the whole amounting to seven : no, verily, but laboring hereby to prove that I church book was accordingly procured ; a am nothing ; that all things are of God; our few articles of faith drawn up, and unani- creation, new creation, effectual calling, call mously subscribed to; the union being wit- to preach, with the door of utterance, and nessed by two members of other churches; the opening of every door of providence, I was then invited to take the charge of them, where these things are to be uttered, that the which I dared not refuse. This act of their's hand of the Lord may be seen in the whole.' I cannot behold without gratitude to God, May we not say of some, ‘strangers have and love to them, as I have reason to believe devoured his strength, and he knoweth it they did it with the fear of God in their not.' If I am asked what strength ? I answer hearts; though constrained to follow them that which arises from sensible weakness, in the outset, they were still obliged to lead and not making use of the Lord continually. their leader, or he never would have gone for- • He knoweth it not,' because wisdom bath ward. From that time to this we have con

deceived. Persons may have great continued together, and I can summon your ceptions of the maj -sty of God, have subconsciences to testify to this truth, (worth lime expressions on the Person and work of more than ten thousand worlds) that God Christ, yet be only as sounding brass,' and has been with us. Our number has in- not refined silver.' It was said of Babylon, creased from seven to seventy (this was in .Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath 1816); and from the commencement of my perverted thee.' Men may become great pastoral labours, I trust I can say, God easily, but not so easily become nothing, or, gave me a pastor's heart, which convinces have that faith which is described by Christ me that God will fit us for our callings in as only a poor menial servant, acknowledging the very work, and not let us see our quali- after all, its own unprofitableness, See fications first."

Luke xvii. 6-10. 2 Chron. xix. 6, 7. Mr. Francis's people removed from the 2 Chron. xx. 12. room and settled in Snows Fields Chapel, in Mr. Francis, as we have seen, entered very the Borough, where a Mr. Samuel Mansell slowly and circumspectly into the ministry, had been, a popular talented minister, a man and wanted proof upon proof for it. In his who sadly disgraced himself and gave up circumstances, he was a poor shoe maker by preaching, but who afterwards resumed it trade, occupying a small shop, still remain.




ing in Hampden Street, Walworth. His cordance, which I thought might be got for a mode. learning was small; he was not cumbered rate sum. I accorslingly enquired for it at a number

of book shops, but to no purpose, being assured by with many books; was no controversialist, all,

it is out of print. This produced rebellion in or scholar; was diffident about himself'; but my mind; and I often thought the Lord dealt hardly was a grace taught, humble walker, one that with me; but all our sin and rebellion never adds a

In this state I continued till was richly anointed with the Spirit of truth, God appeared for me, which fell out in the following and in private life long preached Christ from house to house, and at prayer meetings, be

A person called on me with whom I had some fore publicly called forth to it; and whilst slight acquaintance a long time, but whom I had not those bright lights, to which I have referred, he said, he had called upon me to ask me to come

scen for two or three years. Upon entering the door, wentout one after another, or their latter days and see his sister, who was then dangerously ill. I

When I enwere darkened by their own ways and works, complied with his request and went, George Francis continued to shine forth tered the room she was sitting in an arm chair;

serious spectacle to look upon, being little else from first to last with unabated ardour, until besides skin and bone : and what was worse, all the the breaking up of his mind by imbecility, horror and despair of her mind were manifest in her between about the age of 76, and 77.

countenance. Не, ,

As soon as she saw me, she exclaimed, for about thirty-five, or six years, in one

Oh, Mr. F. my state is one of the most awful! i

have long sat under the gospel, but to no purpose : neighbourhood, blew the certain sound of sal. I have been a hearer, but not a doer of the word ; vation through the blood and righteousness I have been a professor, but not a possessor; I am of Christ to lost, poor, ruined, and hell-de- what an awful character i have been! I am just serving sinners, feeling so in themselves ; upon the verge of eternity and am going out of the and by grace maintained the ordinances of world without hope.' Thus she went on for some the Lord's house, as set forth in the New time; when, after a pause, shocked at her appearTestament, accompanied by the Lord's bless- been crying out much against your sins, but I would

ance, and more so at her language, I said, 'You have ing to as many as the Lord ordainel it should remind you of one which you seern quite to overbe. Mr. Huntington remarks, “ that it had look, and is much greater than all those you have long been an established point with him, that sin above the merits of Christ, which you have

mentioned; your greatest crime is lifting up your no man, let his gifts be what they may, un- been doing ever since I have been in the room; less he be born again of the Holy Spirit, can and this you do not see to be sin. Do not the merits be a minister of the Spirit to another ; 1° Look unto me, and be saved ? After a little further

of Christ cleanse from all sin ? Does he not say, men (he says) may be converted to men's discourse, I said, “We will turn the whole into notions; but they are never the better for prayer. After which I left her, promising to see her that." In proof of this I will record a cir- again, but before I could repcat my visit she was

removed into an eternal world. cumstance, narrated by Mr. Francis of him

Shortly after her decease I called on her brother, self, which doth well serve to illustrate his and said, ' I hear that your sister is gone.'. He re character in one prominent aspect of it, and plied, 'Yes, oh, that you had but seen her once that was, as a visiting man among the sick ; thing from her lips, before her departure ?

I enquired, Did you hear any hopeful for George Francis was not a gentleman answered, Oh, yes! the very recollection of which parson, but one to the best of his given abi. is more precious to me than all the gold and sillity, thatlaid himself out for usefulness in that said, he would read it me.

ver in the world. On my asking what it was, he

He then produced a sphere which (and that only) he was called to sheet of paper, and read what he had heard drop from occupy. He has published a very interest- her lips. The substance of it was as follows: ing account of some of his visits. Every but oh, for ever blessed be the Lord for sending one

'1 am, indeed, a vile, wretched miserable sinner; minister of the sanctuary would do well to to point me to a sin I did not so much as think ofdo the same. The following is one : lifting up my sin above the merits of Christ. Yes,

surely, his blood cleanseth from all sin.' Blessed be "Sometime after I had entered upon the work of his name! and so it will mine.' She then prayed for the ministry, into which I was brought by a singular me-Lord spare his useful life ; be with him when way, and by an unseen hand, (though by the bye, I he stands up in thy dear name ! Bless him in his own had been employed therein long before I ascended a soul! Give him seals to his ministry and souls for his pulpit,) I began to find while pointing out Christ as hire. Send him to many others with the very same a Saviour to poor guilty, miserable sinners, though a message he brought to me.' Then adverting again to delightful employment, there were some things con- her own case she blessed God that ever I was sent nected with it, that prove that a call from God to the with such a message of love to her. Thus she work of the ministry constitutes him that is called a continued till the last hour of her life.” real labourer, and exposes him to a thousand trials that others know nothing of; but he that brings him

After this pleasing recital of God'3 dealinto it will happily support him under, and eventu ings with the soul of his sister, my friend ally bring him through it, which I have proved to continued—“I shall never be able to make this day. Glory be to his name. “At this time I was the subject of more soul ex

a sufficient acknowledgment for this acceptercise and travail than tongue can describe; and able visit; but this I say, she had a new among other things I was in want of a Concordance, Butterworth's Concordance if you will as I had none, nor had I the money to purchase one, accept of that as a mite of acknowledgment, while in my constant labour I seemed to need it much as a carpenter does his hammer. I therefore and keep it for her sake, it is your's, and you told my heavenly Father about it, and begged that are most heartily welcome to it.” Struck he would enable me to purchase one, or send it in with astonishment, I took up my concordance some other way. After waiting a considerable time, and brought it home; and gave thanks to my mind to seek after a second hand Butterwortu's Con- | kind, condescending, and wonder working


God, and could not help thinking that never , right principles. He would speak to them man was supplied with a concordance in a as a father to his children in his ministry, more sweet, unexpected, and gracious way. especially on the Monday-evening Prayer My way was to buy one-God's way was to Meeting, which were sweet opportunities, give me one. My way was to get an old probably the happiest public meetings in one-his way was to give me a new one ; and London, it being his usual way to go over the salvation of the woman's soul in the the leading features of the previous day's

subject then. Few, if any ministers that I bargain. "O, how great is thy goodness to have heard, preached the gospel in greater them that fear thee, which thou has wrought simplicity than he did : his method was for them that trust in thee before the sons of very plain; he would go on commenting of men !" " Who is a God like unto our until he reached his text on preceeding God ?"

verses; and then, part by part, break It was the comfort of Mr. Francis that his it open, with the parallel passages, in a lot in the ministry was cast among a people subject of his text. Thus he continued to

brief and concise way, giving you the full that loved him, and with whom he was much travel on from the first to the last of his at home ; and could talk and walk so many ministerial days, to the latter end of years, some of fifty years' acquaintance still 1843, when I heard a Mr. Carpenter there living. All ministers are not equally endowed on the Friday evenings for a few months, for visiting and conversation; but this seemed and afterwards Mr.Stringer was appointed, the element of George Francis. The church who has continued to the present, whose upon the whole have been preserved from ministry, I trust, will be as useful as his separations and discords, though not without whom has followed. their trials. The fruits of the spirit having

We have another gracious minister in been graciously showered amongst them. London, who has moved for nearly thirty And of this they have given abundant years in this humble way (almost un. proof to their pastor for the last four years known) now laid aside by sickness and of his life, whom, though he hath lain probably will preach no more, Mr. Wright. heavy upon them by his afflictions, yet It was pleasing to see at the interment have they supported two pastors, and only of George Francis, so many of the Lord's a small congregation, and it has been cheer- young servants, and others in the vigour of fully done by some and the Lord hath life present, as well as an aged father or blessed them in return.

two who must shortly bid adieu

to earthly In conclusion—what has been the great scenes. . John Bunyan M'Cure I returned secret of this close union, walk, and pre- the Lord's dealings with him in the

home with, who interested me, in relating servation ? gospel preached amongst them. It has been ministry, and the probability of his soon remarked to me, that Mr. Francis's preach- settling at Hadlow. Thus, one has put off ing was only like talking ; perhaps not;

but the harness, of the ministry, and another it was of that nature that my soul' has I trust, may be as useful, in putting it on. been watered several times under it: the -H.W. last time I have an account of hearing him is_October 4, 1843, from 2 Cor. xiii. 5.

THE FUNERAL. Examine yourselves whether ye be in the The remains of Mr. George Francis was faith.” Mr. Francis was certainly not removed from his residence in Long-lane very argumentative, or deep in his subject; to Nunhead Cemetery, on Thursday-afterbut he spake of what he enjoyed and fed noon, January 13th, where a freehold grave upon in his own soul, the preciousness of had been provided. The procession conthe work of Christ, and set it forth in his sisted simply of the hearse and four mournway. Nor was he led to make the chief ing coaches. The corpse was taken into topic of his ministry the depravity of the the Dissenters' Chapel in the Cemetery heart, or the deserts of hell, death, and grounds, followed by some members of the damnation to believers in Christ: nor did deceased's family; his deacons; and sehe dwell on mere outside formal things : he veral ministers, among whom we noticed seemed to me anxious to keep the whole Mr. John Foremam-Mr. James Wellstruth of God together, without rending or Mr. David Denham-Mr. George Moylldisuniting the glorious harmony of the Mr. Wyard—Mr. Stringer, and others. The Spirit's chain: by together, I mean, he was service commenced by Mr. Moyll giving anxious to open the mystery of Christ, the out an appropriate hymn ; Mr. James truth as it is in Christ, the covenant for the Wells then addressed the Throne of people, to open blind eyes, to bring the Grace in a very suitable and solemn prisoners from the prison houses, by setting manner; Mr. Foreman spoke to the specforth Christ before those that needed him, tators assembled ; Mr. E. Mote gave out in his doctrine and reign ; Christ and the one verse of a hymn, and the coffin was church personally together, and not apart then removed to its last resting place. from each : and made manifest as such in Mr. Thomas Stringer spoke over the grave, reality by the operation of the Holy Ghost and concluded the services by a short which kept them together, the body with prayer. the head, without discord in the body: On returning to the Chapel, several thus, christian fellowship was based on of the ministers and friends drank tea


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