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churches and ministers should not meet | 5th of January last. We would gladly intogether to celebrate and to acknowledge sert the whole of it: but it is impossible; the goodness of God towards them; to unite We make an extract or two. He says— in proclaiming the glorious truths of the “ Three sermons

were preached - the everlasting gospel ; and to encourage, to minister of the chapel with his accustomed comfort, and to edify one another in the zeal, spake from Isaiah lxi. i., of the glorigood old ways of our Gospel Zion. We are ous warrior; his victories, and triumphs told that we have no scriptural authority coming from Edom, in his having magnified for these annual meetings. Indeed! Let the law 'with dyed garments from Bozrah.' us turn for a moment to God's word, and Here Mr. Wells dealt at considerable inquire if this statement be correct. To length, and with much ability, in shewing say nothing of the various festivities under that Bozrah was the key to Edom; not its the law; we find it distinctly said in Judges principal city, but its great military for. xxi. 19—that “There was a feast of the tress, and which must be subdued and LORD in Shiloh yearly; in a place which taken, before possession of the country was on the north side of Bethel (toward could be had. This, to us, appeared a fine the sun rising-margin) on the high-way figure, shewing that sin was the great key, that goeth up from Bethel to Schechem, strength, and fortress of the Edom Christ and on the south of Lebonah.” If viewed came unto; which he took, and conquered. in a spiritual, gospel light, what a striking He was indeed 'glorious in his apparel' and blessed scripture is this ! It was a as an intercessor in his Aronical garments, feast of the Lord's; so is the gospel ; it was and judicial authority-travelling in the held in Shiloh :-(in Christ) and so on. greatness of his strength.'. For the work Surely, this scripture is not against saints he had to do, the battle he had to fight, meeting to worship and to declare the required his Almighty strength. He gave wondrous works of their covenant Triune all his strength, yet suffered no diminution Jehovah. Again--How beautiful a descrip- of it. He travelled forth in all his wisdom tion of such gatherings in Zion, is that and gave it all, yet all his wisdom remained cxxii. Psalm :-“ Jerusalem is builded as the same as before. He travelled in the a city that is compact together: whither the greatness and power of his own person, tribes go up: the tribes of the Lord; unto and left behind no debt of weakness in the testimony of Israel ; to give thanks un- doing it.” “The morning sermon at the to the name of the Lord.' Is there any- Surrey Tabernacle,” (says a writer) “ thing here against the holding of meetings a truly gospel discourse; and fully proved by the living in Jerusalem Certainly two things: first, that James Welis is a not! In the Acts of the Apostles abundant most diligent reader, not only of the word proof mighty be adduced in favour of these of God, but also of sacred history in annual assemblies--but our space forbids general. It also proved that his researches us saying more than this, that it is our are turned to the best of purposes, that is humble opinion anniversaries should be the elucidating and exhibiting (in the most held with a three-fold design. First—to striking manner) the glories of the gospel exalt, to worship, and to adore our most of Christ.'' glorious and blessed Lord. Secondly-to “In the afternoon, we heard the long give the different members of the different known, and old weather beaten J. A. Jones. churches an opportunity of speaking one to In speaking from Rev. ii. 1., ' He that holdanother of what the Lord has done for eth the seven stars in his right hand, who their souls. And, thirdly—to unite to-walketh in the midst of the seven golden gether for the help, encouragement, and candlesticks, he observed that George temporal benefit of such poor ministers Francis saw Christ that morning unclothed. and churches as really are in necessitous There were three ministers at my settlecircumstances. As, for instance, if “ No ment thirty-five years ago, he was one of Collection” is required at the Surrey Taber. them. I am the only one left. When I first nacle, for itself, how consistent with gospel went to Hartley Row, one of the members principles would it be, if a collection was said to me, 'Well, Master Jones, I did not made and sent to such of the poor servants hear you on Sunday, nor did some others of Christ as are in depths of poverty and of the members ; ' this gave Mr. Jones distress; and many such we know there much uneasiness. He said, 'I determined are. This would, to say the least of it, be to give it up and go to London, which I commendable, and strictly in accordance did; and on the following Sunday I went with the apostolic rule. But, we forbear to hear John Martin, but being a baptizing saying more at the present. Letters and sermon, I got nothing there. In the eventestimonials which have reached us from ing, I went to hear John Keeble; in his various parts of the country, expressive of prayer, he said, Lord, I pray for thine the destitution of many churches, and own ministers. I pray for thy labourers; acknowledged ministers of Christ urge us but, if there be one here that is loitering, onward in our contention for practical Lord, send him back again with a cat-ocharity among the churches and ministers nine-tails.'. I went home again to my holding and preaching the doctrines of work, and in a few weeks no less than five sovereign grace. A correspondent has or six members came forward to testify furnished us with an outline of the pro- what God had done for their souls. In a ceedings at the Surrey Tabernacle on the dark night the stars will shine brightly; what will break the back of the men-made / value the labours of those good men, we say parsons--only serves to invigorate those they are exceedingly imperfect. Samuel whom God sends. 'He holdeth the stars Cozens has laboured hard to supply the in his right hand, he holdeth fellowship various deficiences of these great authors with them ;' being in his right hand, who have gone before him, by bringing inshews his strength and power in holding to one neat portable volume, a vast multithem (John x. 28). By the candlesticks, tude of Scripture names, places, and are meant the churches. Their material is characters, so that we believe it next to gold, golden candlesticks, and you must impossible for a Bible Student to require not call them gilt ones; there are many an explanation of any name of person or gilt ones now. A golden professor you place (in the Bible), but, by reference to may scrape, punch, cut, and put him this Biblical Lexicon, his necessity is at once into the fire, but gold he is; and gold he supplied. The work being printed in a comes out of the fire. The real christian large, clear type, it will be found to be an will bear rubbing and scrubbing, inside excellent, useful, and interesting comand outside; he is real gold. But the panion for the aged Christian; and, being candlesticks are of little use without the published at so low a price as Half-a-crown, light, they are for the light of the ever- it comes within the reach of the most lasting gospel to shine in.

humble student of the Scriptures. “In the evening we had the pleasure of hearing John Foreman; whose spiritual

DEATH OF MR. GEORGE NORRIS, prosperity, and usefulness, we pray may be long continued, and that he may shine

Of Harwich. forth in rich grace in this part of the Another of the Lord's servants has been heavenly firmament. Mr. Foreman spake called home. The affliction of our brother from John iii. 12 – 'If I have told you Norris has been extremely long and severe; earthly things, and ye believe not, how buton Tuesday morning, Jan. 25th, the door shall ye believe if I tell you heavenly of his prison house was opened, and the willthings.” Great argument was used in ing, waiting, longing soul was carried into the discussion of this important passage, glory. The following letter will shew in endeavouring to shew that the meaning of some measure the distress and destitute conthe earthly things referred to the Jewish dis- dition of the poor widow and eight children. pensation. In opening and illustrating 'hea- Something must be done for them. The Sovenly things, Mr. F. shewed himself a ciety for the relief of Poor Ministers has workman, and no mean scribe instructed twice contributed to the necessities of poor in the things of God. These heavenly dear Norris, while on his long bed of a Micthings are revealed unto babes, and tion; but we fear their funds are now so low they are the special gifts of heaven; as not to enable them to do much for the they are the deep things of God in distinc- distressed family. We, therefore, trust some tion from the common things of nature. of our brethren in the ministry, as well as

other christians will come forward to their Christian Reviewer.

relief. The following is the letter referred to:

Dear Brother Banks,-In anguish of soul A Biblical Lexicon of two-thousand five- I write to say my dear husband is no more;

hundred names of men and places in the he resigned his soul to God who gave it, this Bible ; being a spiritual interpretation and morning, three o'clock. I may say with Paul, laying open of the untranslated Hebrew and he fought the good fight of faith ; and now other characters. A work of great use to he is crowned with glory; his sufferings all Ministers; and of deep interest to all were great, but he had a steady faith in the Bible Readers. By SAMUEL Cozens, blood of the covenant; he often blessed the L.F.R.S., Minister of the Gospel, Lang- Lord that nothing moved him from the rock port, Somerset." London: Houlston & Christ Jesus; he was frequent in prayer for Stoneman, Paternoster-row.

the Lord to take him home : his last moIn the compilation and production of a ments were excruciating through pain; but work of this kind, we consider Samuel he exclaimed “ blessed Jesus ! take me to thy Cozens has rendered very essential service precious bosom ; thou art more than a thousand to all the lovers and readers of that most worlds to me. My God, my Saviour, take me !" precious and invaluable book, THE BIBLE. his eyes were then fixed in death; and he It is true, perhaps, that there is nothing in expired in a few minutes, supported by mythis Biblical Lexicon, but what may be self and two daughters. I am bereaved ! found in a variety of other works of a

I am bereaved ! my eight children, who are more extensive character; but, in no one at home, could scarcely be pacified. My boy work that we have ever met with, have we Gregory (12 years old) said he would rather found so complete, and so comprehensive the Lord had taken him than his father. O a collection of Scripture names,

dear brother, pray for me; and if you can author has here furnished. We have been come, do; we fear he cannot be kept longer in the habit for years past, of using, and than Saturday. I shall send for brother referring to Cruden, Hawker, Taylor, Brown, Poock, from Ipswich ; for I cannot bear the and others, but, in many of our references, thought of not having a christian minister we have been disappointed in the works present. Do write to me, and tell what I referred to, and without the fear of con- had better do; farewell for the present. tradiction, and without any desire to under

Yours, S. NORRIS,

as our

" This matter is by the decree of the watchers, First : He was the King of Babylon. and the demand by the word of the holy ones: The building of the tower of Babel fitly to the intent that the living may know that represents what human nature will do the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, when left to itself. It will be indeand giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." Dan.

pendent of God: it scorns the mysterious iv. 17.

and sovereign way of going to heaven by SURELY this is a most solemn and Jacob's ladder; it says, (with all the weighty scripture! and on reflecting pride, and pomp, and presumption imaupon it for a moment, I would look, 1. ginable) • Come Let us build a city and At the matter referred to: 2. Endeavour a tower, whose top may reach unto to shew who are the watchers : 3. The heaven: and let us make us a name.' instrumentality employed in working out Oh, yes ; poor fallen man, blind to his the matter—' the demand is by the word real condition ; and ignorant of his utter of the holy ones.' And, lastly, the design helplessness, sets to work to build up and of the whole— to the intent that the to carry up himself to heaven. But conliving may know that the most High fusion and destruction follow close upon ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth him. Every son and daughter of Adam it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up law, and God's gospel within him, is in

who has not the certain work of God's over it the basest of men.' 1.

The There is something exceedingly a confused and uncertain state. emphatical in the first sentence-"THIS law, (in the hands of the Spirit) kills the MATTER.' It comprehends the whole sinner outright: the gospel, (in the hands history of Nebuchadnezzar; which is an of the Spirit) gives him life; light, liberty, Old Testament story full of mystery, rich pardon, peace, communion, and consolain heavenly matter, and declares in the tion: and where these things are, there most solemn manner, the Almighty power

is that perfect love which casteth out and the sovereign purpose of the eternal slavish fear; and there is a holy confiGod.

dence, that however rough and dark the But who, and what, was Nebuchad- journey may be, yet that the righteous nezzar ? that is the question. I know shall hold on his way, and at last enter that there has been much controversy

into rest. But man, in his natural state, about that very singular character; but knoweth nothing-all is confusion, uncerI will not stop to notice what men have tainty, and death, even though he wear said, but I will keep to that which the a crown, occupy a pulpit, represent the Holy Ghost hath said; neither will I people, or plead at the bar. Reader! presume to decide whether Nebuchad- What is the state of thy soul ? Has God nezzar was a vessel of mercy, or a vessel done any certain work within thee, deof wrath ; but simply declare what I have livering thee at once, and for ever, from been given to see : and it is this; in the the horrible pit; or art thou in Babylon character of Nebuchadnezzar, you liave, -in ignorance, in confusion, and altofirst, what human nature is, and what gether uncertain whether heaven or hell human nature will do, when left to work will be thy portion ? out its fallen and debased principles. Secondly: Nebuchadnezzar was You have, secondly, the fallen sinner maker and worshipper of idol gods. This brought under the discipline of divine is the one great business of fallen man ; teaching: and, thirdly, you have a won the world is one mighty workshop where derful display of the operations of God's Adam's sons are forging idols; and the grace in a poor sinner's soul. And, if professing church is one mighty convenafter you have contemplated these things, ticle where these idols are set up and you can really believe that they were worshipped. From the proud Romish wrought in Nebuchadnezzar, and yet, priest, down to the wildest Arminian after all, that he is not in glory, I can only ranter, all is idolatrous worship. The ask, · Who then can be saved ?' There Romish mas--the Protestant altar - the are twelve peculiar features in the cha- Independent talent—the Wesleyan mulracter of Nebuchadnezzar, which I wish titude and maneuvre for getting money; you to look at, and to ponder over. the Quaker's peculiarity, and all the rest VOL. IV.-PART XXXVIII.-March.


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which make up the outward court; all death; or he will cast her into a dungeon are worshipping idols of some kind or of poverty where she shall be starved to other. “ We are the people :" “Our's death. Oh, cruel religion this! I shall is the minister;"

"This is the true pass by many of the secret workings of church :" Here is the standard of a human nature in the garb of religion, divine experience:” and so on. Lord, have and just step into the parlour of a friend mercy on us, and dash all our idols to of mine. That tall, stout, grave looking atoms; open our blind eyes; humble us gentleman which you see in the arm in the dust; give us a living faith in thy chair, (and to whom all the friends are dear Son! Then, and not till then, shall so intently listening,) is a Calvinistic we be of the true circumcision, who preacher, and is supposed to be a man of worship God in Spirit and in TRUTH. a very deep experience; and I believe he

Thirdly-Nebuchadnezzar was a bitter is so; but, he is withall a bitter persecupersecutor of the saints—“Whoso falleth tor of many of God's dear ministers and not down, and worshippeth the golden saints. image that Nebuchadnezzar set up, was “ Is it possible that he can persecute to be cast into the burning fiery furnace.” the saints? Why, I have heard him Human nature, for the most part, is full preach many times; and from the tenor enough of what is called religion: and of his ministry, I have always considered this so-called religion is growing faster him to be one of the kindest, compasthan ever. We are building churches sionate, loving-hearted men

I and chapels in every corner : hosts of heard." men and women are running, or are That is true, my friend; in the pulpit anxious to run with tidings: the land is he professes to be nothing short of a inundated with professedly religious pub- good Samaritan. He would do anything lications; and attempts are made to form and go anywhere to help a poor societies to evangelize and harmonize the sinner; at least, so he says. But in the whole world. All this looks very well in parlour, he is known to be most bitter, the outward show of it; but just come censorious, and unkind; casting away behind the curtain for a moment, and I and condemning all ministers and all can shew you one or two of the secret men, who do not fall down to his image, springs of all their mighty movements, and worship at his shrine. This is human which powerfully proves that dress up nature: and I can tell ye, my friend, I human nature in what kind of religion am often led to think that Nebuchadyou will, she is a bitter persecutor of the nezzar is still in existence; and lives in true saints of God after all. First-I many a man, talks in many a christian's will take you inside of a new church just house, and preaches in many a pulpit, erected in our neighbourhood. Do you where you would little expect to find see that neat looking gentleman there? him. In these three things, NebuchadYes. Well, he is the intended officiating nezzar was a type (as I believe) of the priest for this new building; and the church of Christ in her fallen, depraved, whole management of the concern is in unregenerate condition. Coming now his hands. Do you see that poor care- to worn woman standing waiting to speak The fourth feature in the history of Neto this reverend divine ? Yes. Well, buchadnezzar, we enter upon things of she is come to try to earn a sixpence by a more solemn and important nature. cleaning out the church. Just listen for Nebuchadnezzar was favoured with a dia moment, and hear what he says to her. vine revelation of the Son of God. How “ Woman! what is your business here ?” often is it the case that a vessel of mercy “ I am a poor char-woman, sir, and un- is left to go the most awful lengths in derstanding you required some one to sin, and in the midst of his mad rebelclean out the church, I have taken the lion against the God of heaven, he is liberty to ask if you would allow me to arrested by that Sovereign, Omnipotent, do it?" “ What place of worship do yet merciful arm, that only can either

“The Baptist chapel, break down or raise up the fallen sons of sir.”

“Oh go along then; you can have men. Nebuchadnezzar in the hot rage nothing to do here.” Nebuchadnezzar of his wicked heart, commandeth that like, if she will not fall down and worship the dear saints of God be bound by the his image, he will either cast her into a most mighty men in his army; and that fiery furnace where she shall be burnt to they be cast into the midst of the burn

you attend ?”

ing fiery furnace. How full of interest | heads were singed, neither had the smell is this part of the history! “ These three of fire passed upon them. Is not this a men," saith the Holy Ghost,) "fell down wonderful display both of the sovereignty bound into the midst of the burning fiery and of the faithfulness of God! The furnace.” They fell down-expressive mighty men who threw them in, are deof their own weakness, and their inabi- voured by the flames; but the king is lity to deliver themselves. Well, one spared, the saints preserved, delivered, would think Nebuchadnezzar need not and exalted, and the most high God is stop to see what became of them; for, glorified. See, from henco, a revelation seeing that the men who threw them in, of Christ in a sinner's heart, will give where slain by the flames in only approach- him union of soul unto the people of ing the furnace, he might be sure that God. I know this from both past and the fire would soon extinguish these no- present experience. ble champions for the true God. But, The sixth feature in Nebuchadnezzar's no! he must abide by the furnace: history is, the confession he makes, and and, behold, in an instant he discovers the secret fears with which he was exerthese men in an upright position ; and, cised. The fact is, hitherto “ the strong as though they were in a beautiful gar- man armed had kept his palace; and his den or field, they are walking and talk- goods had been in peace :” as the king ing with all the calmness and pleasure confesses : he says, (Dan, iv. 4.) "I that possibly can be enjoyed. “ What was at rest in mine house, and flourishcan be the meaning of this?" roars out ing in my palace.. Yes, indeed; and a the furious king of Babylon. The mean- desperate Hourish it was; for he would ing is just this, Mr. Nebuchadnezzar, have burned up all the saints ; set himthat when the Lord is with his people, self up for a god; and at last have sunk neither floods can drown, nor flames can into an eternal hell; but, now," a strongburn them. But do just look at the king. er than the strong man armed has entered With what astonishment he rises up; in;" and now the once blustering and and turning to his counsellors, he says— flourishing king is scared with dreams, “ Did not we cast THREE MEN BOUND and troubled with visions, so that neither into the midst of the fire ?" True, O, night nor day can he get any rest. Oh, king!” His mind is arrested; his fury what a storm in the soul is found when is abated; he comes nearer to the fur- God the Holy Ghost lays seige to a sinnace; he distinctly beholds Shadrach, ner's heart! • The arrows of the AlMeshach, and Abednego unbound—and mighty (şays Job) are within me; the unhurt :-they are walking at liberty ; poison whereof drinketh up my spirit : and, what is more wonderful than all,' a the terrors of God do set themselves in fourth person is with them ; "and the array against me.” So have I found it form of the fourth is like THE SON OF in days and nights that are past, my very GOD!" Who made known to him “ the frame, body, soul, and spirit, as it were form (or person) of the son of God ?" I inflamed with a dreadful fire, terrifying believe it was a revelation from heaven and alarming, and breaking me down in by the power of God the Holy Ghost. darkness and dismay. Oh, how I could So that

enlarge upon this, this solemn spot in the Fifthly-you see the enmity and re-experience of God's quickened family; bellion of the king receives hereby a but I must not occupy the room. Reader! most dreadful wound; he seems to forget knowest thou the meaning of that strange his golden image: 'his boiling rage speech of Job's, “ I am afraid of all my against the saints has ceased; he draws sorrows"? Think seriously upon the near to the mouth of the furnace--and matter. Before you pass away from this says—" Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed- head, look at Nebuchadnezzar, under the nego, YE SERVANTS OF THE MOST High influence of these secret fears, sending GOD, come forth, and come hither.” Why, for all the magicians, and astrologers, the man seems full of the deepest sym- and wise men, and a whole host of blind pathy for those very men whom before guides and unholy dogs, to whom he he would have destroyed" Come forth, told his trouble; but not one of them and come near." He desires to embrace could interpret the same.

How simple them. And, wonderful to relate, they he seems to speak. He says" I told came forth; and all the princes, and go-the dream before them ; but they did not vernors saw that not a hair on their make known the interpretation thereof.

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