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GEORGIA. BUTTON GWINNETT, Merchant, born in England in

1732, died in Georgia, May 27th, 1777. LYMAN HALL, Physician, born in Connecticut in 1725,

died in Burke County, Georgia, October 19th, 1790. GEORGE WALTON, Lawyer, born in Frederick County,

Virginia, in 1740, died in Augusta, Georgia, February 2nd, 1804

SOUTH CAROLINA. EDWARD RUTLEDGE, Lawyer, born in Charleston,

South Carolina, November 23rd, 1749, died in

Charleston, January 23rd, 1800. THOMAS HEYWARD, JR., Lawyer, born in St. Luke's

Parish, South Carolina, in 1746, died in St. Luke's

Parish, March 6th, 1809. THOMAS LYNCH, JR., Lawyer, born in Prince George

Parish, South Carolina, August 5th, 1749, died at

sea in 1779. ARTHUR MIDDLETON, Lawyer, born in Middleton

Place, South Carolina, June 26th, 1742, died in
Goose Creek, South Carolina, January 1st, 1787.

GEORGE WYTHE, Lawyer, born in Elizabeth City

County, Virginia, in 1726, died in Richmond, Vir

ginia, June 8th, 1806. RICHARD HENRY LEE, Soldier, born in Stratford, Vir

ginia, January 20th, 1732, died in Chantilly, Vir

ginia, June 19th, 1794. THOMAS JEFFERSON, Lawyer, born in Shadwell, Vir

ginia, April 2nd, 1743, died in Monticello, Virginia,

July 4th, 1826. BENJAMIN HARRISON, Farmer, born in Berkeley, Vir

ginia, about 1740, died in April, 1791.

THOMAS NELSON, JR., Statesman, born in Yorktown,

Virginia, December 26th, 1738, died in Hanover

County, Virginia, January 4th, 1789. FRANCIS LIGHTFOOT LEE, Farmer, born in Stratford,

Virginia, October 14th, 1734, died in Richmond,

Virginia, April 3rd, 1797. CARTER BRAXTON, Planter, born in Newington, Vir

ginia, September 10th, 1736, died in Richmond, Virginia, October 10th, 1797.

DELAWARE. CAESAR RODNEY, General, born in Dover, Delaware,

October 7th, 1728, died in Dover, June 29th, 1784. GEORGE READ, Lawyer, born in Cecil County, Mary

land, September 17th, 1733, died in Newcastle, Dela

ware, September 21st, 1798. THOMAS McKEAN, Lawyer, born in New London,

Pennsylvania, March 19th, 1734, died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 24th, 1817.

NEW JERSEY. RICHARD STOCKTON, Lawyer, born near Princeton,

New Jersey, October 1st, 1730, died at his birthplace,

February 28th, 1781. JOHN WITHERSPOON, Minister, born in Gifford, Had

ingtonshire, Scotland, February 5th, 1722, died near

Princeton, New Jersey, September 15th, 1794. FRANCIS HOPKINSON, Lawyer, born in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, September 21st, 1737, died May 9th,

1791. JOHN HART, Farmer, born in Hopewell, New Jersey, in

1708, died in Hopewell, in 1780. ABRAHAM CLARK, Lawyer, born in Elizabethtown,

New Jersey, February 15th, 1726, died in Rahway,
New Jersey, September 15th, 1794.



NORTH CAROLINA. WILLIAM HOOPER, Lawyer, born in Boston, Massa

chusetts, June 17th, 1742, died in Hillsborough,

North Carolina, in October, 1790. JOSEPH HEWES, Lawyer, born in Kingston, New Jer

sey, in 1730, died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

November 10th, 1779. JOHN PENN, Lawyer, born in Carolina County, Virginia,

May 17th, 1741, died in North Carolina, in September, 1788.

MARYLAND. SAMUEL CHASE, Lawyer, born in Somerset County,

Maryland, April 17th, 1741, died June 19th, 1811. WILLIAM PACA, Lawyer, born in Wyehall, Maryland,

October 31st, 1740, died in Wyehall in 1799. THOMAS STONE, Lawyer, born in Charles County,

Maryland, in 1743; died in Alexandria, Virginia,

October 5th, 1787. CHARLES CARROLL of Carrollton, Lawyer, born in

Annapolis, Maryland, September 20th, 1737; died in Baltimore, Maryland, November 14th, 1832.

PENNSYLVANIA. ROBERT MORRIS, Merchant, born in Liverpool, Eng

land, January 20th, 1734, died in Philadelphia, Penn

sylvania, May 8th, 1806. BENJAMIN RUSH, Physician, born in Byberry Town

ship, Pennsylvania, December 24th, 1745, died in

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 19th, 1813. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Printer, born in Boston, Massa

chusetts, January 17th, 1706, died in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, April 17th, 1790. JOHN MORTON, Surveyor, born in Ridley, Pennsyl

vania, in 1724, died in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in April, 1777.

GEORGE CLYMER, Merchant, born in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, January 24th, 1739, died in Morris

ville, Pennsylvania, January 23rd, 1813. JAMES SMITH, Lawyer, born in Ireland, about 1720,

died in York, Pennsylvania, July 11th, 1806. GEORGE TAYLOR, Physician, born in Ireland, in 1716,

died in Easton, Pennsylvania, February 23rd, 1781. JAMES WILSON, Lawyer, born near St. Andrews, Scot

land, September 14th, 1742, died in Edenton, North

Carolina, August 28th, 1798. GEORGE ROSS, Lawyer, born in Newcastle, Delaware,

in 1730, died in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in July, 1779.

NEW YORK. WILLIAM FLOYD, Farmer, born in Brookhaven, New

York, December 17th, 1734, died in Weston, New

York, August 4th, 1821. PHILIP LIVINGSTON, Merchant, born in Albany, New

York, January 15th, 1716, died in York, Pennsyl

vania, June 12th, 1778. FRANCIS LEWIS, Merchant, born in Llandaff, Wales,

, in March, 1713, died in New York City, December

19th, 1803. LEWIS MORRIS, Farmer, born in Morrisania, New York, in 1726, died in Morrisania, January 22nd, 1798.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. JOSIAH BARTLETT, Physician, born in Amesbury,

Massachusetts, November 21st, 1729, died in New

Hampshire, May 19th, 1795. WILLIAM WHIPPLE, Sailor, born in Kittery, Maine,

January 14th, 1730, died in Portsmouth, New Hamp

shire, November 28th, 1785. MATTHEW THORNTON, Physician, born in Ireland

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