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Lesson 1. The Creation and the Fall of Man. •God created the heavens and the earth and all things in them.

He created man in his own image-good and holy. God created all things in six days, and rested on the seventh day and blessed it. He placed Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They disobeyed God, and he sentenced them to death. He then drove Adam and Eve out of Eden. EXPLANATIONS.

God-our Maker, and our | Who created all things ?
Heavenly Father.

What is meant by created ? createdmade or produced. Whom did God make in his heavens—the air, sun, stars, &c. own image? earth-the round world on How was man like God ? which we dwell.

What do you mean by holy holy-pure in thought, word, In how many days did God and work.

make all things ? disobeyeddid that which God What day did God bless ?

had forbidden them to do. Where did God place our first sentenced-condemned ; God is parents, Adam and Eve ?

our Judge, as well as our Did Adam and Eve continue Maker.

always to be holy? deaththe punishment for Why did God sentence them Adam and Eve's siu.

to death? Eden-supposed to have been situated near the Persian Gulf.


Adam was created holy, then he was happy. Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God, and became miserable. As long as we do good we shall be happy, but if we do wrong we shall be unhappy.

God blessed the sabbath day-that is, he made it a happy day, which it is to all who observe it.

2. Cain, Abel, and Seth. Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve. They offered 'sacrifices to God. Cain brought of the fruits of the earth. Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock. God accepted Abel's offering and rejected Cain's. Cain was wicked ; he killed his brother.

Adam another son who was named Seth. He was a good man.

God gave



Cain-the elder son ; Abel, the | Who were sons of Adam and second son.

Eve ? offered-presented before God. What did they offer ? sacrifices-gifts ; portions of What are sacrifices ?

their goods, which were burned on an altar, or a

What was Cain's offering ? table of stone.

What was Abel's ? fruits-productions ; such as What do you mean by flock ? ears of corn.

What did God do with respect the earthof that part of it to Abel's offering ?

which he had cultivated. firstlings--the first-born.

Did he accept Cain's ? flock-a number of sheep, What do you mean by accept ? goats, &c.

What means reject? accepted-pleased with. What sad proof of wickedness rejected—displeased with. did Cain give? killed-put to death by Who was Seth? violent blows.

What sort of man was he ?

PRECEPTIVE LESSONS. Cain was envious of Abel and slew him. He then became a miserable and restless man. Abel was faithful and obedient to God, and God loved him. Seth was a good man; all good people are children of God. God punishes all who sin; he loves and accepts all who are obedient to him.

3. Enoch. Methuselah. Noah. The Deluge. Enoch was 'descended from Seth. He pleased God, and God took him to heaven. Methuselah was the oldest man that ever lived. •Noah, his grandson, was a good man. When men became very 'wicked, God destroyed all people by a flood except Noah and his 'family. God saved them in an 'ark of wood that .floated on the waters. EXPLANATIONS.

QUESTIONS. descendedborn in the same, Who was descended from family.

Seth? pleased he did right himself, What do you mean by descend

and reproved the ungodly. ed ? took him=bore him away f

y from

What is said of Enoch? earth to heaven.

What became of him? Noah-means 'comfort.' grandson—the son of any one's Who was the oldest man? child.

Who was Noah ? wicked-cruel, filled with un- What do you mean by grandholy thoughts, forgetful of

son? God, and proud.

What does Nonh mean? destroyedcaused to die.

Whom did God destroy ? flood-a great body of water Why did God destroy man?

poured over the land. What do you mean by destroy? familyhis wife, and his sons, Were all destroyed ?

and their three wives. Who were saved ? ark-a house like a ship. In what were they saved ? floated-rose on the surface. What is an ark !


Enoch believed God's promises; his work on earth was finished, and his faith was rewarded. Noah warned the wicked people of their danger, but they would not hear him. When they were destroyed he was saved. God will save the righteous, but he will punish the wicked.



B.C. 2347-B.C. 1635.

712 years.

Containing the History of Noah after the Flood ;--The Building of Babel-The Dispersion of Mankind— The Call of Abram— The Destruction of Sodom— The Offering of Isaac— The History of Job —of Esau and Jacob-of Jacob's sons-of Joseph-and the death of Jacob and of Joseph.

4. History of Noah after the Flood. When the waters were dried up, Noah and his family left the ark. Noah offered *thanksgivings to God, and God promised never again to destroy the earth by a flood. The rainbow is the sign of that promise. Noah planted a 'vineyard, drank of the 'wine and was drunken. His son Ham 'mocked him, and Noah foretold that his descendants should be servants to their brethren.

QUESTIONS. dried up-by the wind which , What was the cause of the God sent; the rain ceas- waters drying up ? ing, &c.

What did Noah do? thanksgivings-offerings show- What did Noah offer to God? ing their thankfulness for What are thanksgivings?

Was God pleased with Noah's rainbow-the coloured arch offering ?

seen in the sky when the What promise did he make?

sun shines on falling rain. What sign did he give ? sign-a token or mark. When What is a sign?

you see God's sign in the What did Noah plant ? sky, remember his promise. When he drank the wine what vineyard—a garden for grow- followed ? ing vines.

What is wine? wine—the juice of grapes.

What did his son Ham do? mocked-treated with dis- | Then what did Noah foretel respect.

of his descendants ?


God's mercy.


We should always acknowledge with thankfulness God's goodness and mercy to us, as Noah did. Ham was undutiful to his father; his brothers Shem and Japheth were dutiful sons. The descendants of Ham were punished for their father's sin. If we honour our parents God will bless us, as he has promised.

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