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Headmaster of the Yorkshire Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. The Book of Bible Events. 4th Edition. Price 1s.

This Edition has the Chart of Bible Chronology, in pages, for reference. An intelligent child, well informed in Scripture History, on going through these lessons in their manuscript form—having ascertained by a comparison of the dates that the age of Jacob, when he obtained his father's blessing, was seventy-six, said, “There must be some mistake, for that would make Jacob an old man;" and all her preconceived notions were, that he was young when this event took place. Such errors are not confined to children; to correct them, these Lessons and the Chart have been provided. The Book of Bible Characters, 3rd Edition, Price 1s.

One or more circumstances connected with each Character are introduced and all names of persons engaged in important events are comprised in the work, either as principals or secondary Characters. The Book of Bible Geography, 3rd Edition, Price 1s.

This little work on Bible Geography has been compiled to supply a want which many must have felt in giving instruction to the young, who always feel more interest in the relation of EVENTS connected with certain places than in mere descriptions of those places. A Chart of Bible Chronology. Price 4s, On rollers. From the Creation to the Revelation of St. John, according to the Chronology

of the Scriptures. A Tabular View of The Old Testament. Price 10s.

Comprising the Order, Date, Event, and Place of Occurrence, and forming a guide to the Chronology, History, and Geography of the Old Testament. Coloured in periods, and mounted on rollers. Size, 5ft. Cin. by 4ft. Gin. The Tabular View for Students and Families. Trice 5s.

On a Sheet 3ft. 4in. by 2ft. 4in. Coloured, mounted on Mahogany Rollers. A Tabular Chart of the Gospels and the Acts. Price 10s.

The Chart of the Gospels and the Acts is intended as a guide to the Order of Events comprised in the Ministry of our Saviour and his Apostles. It is arranged with references to the Four Evangelists. It has also a series of numbers which agree with Mimpriss's maps and lessons.


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