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Bill to amend law relative to grazing on Indian lands (see bill
S. 2491).

Bills to establish a quarantined live-stock trail (see bills S. 2562;
H. R. 7981).

Resolution in House relative to transportation of cattle by rail-
way (H. R. REPORT 2368) 987.

petitions for passage of resolution 204, 227, 298, 324, 388, 464, 913.

petitions against passage of resolution 1049, 1190, 1447, 1546. Report of Commissioner of Agriculture on suppressing diseases among (H. R. Ex. Doc. 46) 345.

Report of Secretary of Treasury on ranch and rarge cattle traffic
1751, 1978, 2425, 2524.

Memorial of Nebraska Senate relative to diseases of 981, 1007.
Memorial of Montana Legislature relative to diseases of 1314.
Petition relative to cholera in 607.

Annapolis. See also NAVAL ACADEMY.

Resolution of city council to erect public building at 1546.

Anhis, Ann

Bill for relief (see bill S. 2525).

Bill for relief (see bill H. R. 2906).

Anthony, Henry B. (late Senator).

Death announced 8.

Eulogies on 823, 906.

Bill to print eulogies on (see bill S. 2577).


Bill to allow commission to apothecaries in Army and Navy (see bill H. R. 8017).

App, Mathias

Petition referred to Court of Claims (H. R. REPORT 2643) 2247. Appropriation Bills

Resolution in Senate to amend rule relative to legislation on 1281, 1316-1322.

Resolution in Senate to limit debate on 2064, 2177.

Resolution in House relative to power of Senate to originate, debated and laid on table 948-961.

Resolution in House to amend rule prescribing time before which general appropriation bills shall be reported, referred 2302.

Agricultural Department (see bill H. R. 8030).

Army (see bill H. R. 8120).

Consular and diplomatic (see bill H. R. 7857).
Deficiencies (see bill H. R. 8255).

District of Columbia (see bill H. R. 8039).

Fortifications (see bill H. R. 8279).

Indian (see bill H. R. 7970).

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Legislative, executive, and judicial (see bill H. R. 8179).
Military Academy (see bill H. R. 7577).

Navy: bills making temporary provision for naval service (see bills H. R. 7510, 7791).

bill making additional appropriations for year ending June 30, 1885 (see bill H. R. 7874).

annual bill (see bills H. R. 4716, 8239).

Pensions (see bills H. R. 7676, 7785).

Post-Office Department (see bill H. R. 8138).

Rivers and harbors (see bills S. 2632; H. R. 7972, 8130).
Sundry civil expenses (see bill H. R. 8256).


Estimates of deficiencies for current year (H. R. Ex. Doc. 115)


Supplemental estimates for (H. R. Ex. Doc. 196) 1386.


Petition relative to international 1928.

Archer, Mary R.

Bill to pension (see bill S. 1334).


Bill to establish office of Government Architect (see bill H. R. 7549).

Bill to define duties of Supervising Architect (see bill H. R. 7523). Arctic Expeditions.


Bill for relief of heirs (see bill S. 632).


Petition of Legislature relative to coal-fields on White Mountain reservation 1729, 1755.

Arizona Mining Company Memorial of 1071.


Joint resolmtion for relief of certain volunteers in war of rebellion (see H. Res. 159).

Arkansas River

Bill to create commission on improvement of (see bill H. R. 7518).

Resolution of inquiry in Senate relative to obstructions in, passed 2132.

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Apothecaries: bill to allow commission (see bill H. R. 8017). Appointments in: bill to authorize President to reappoint two first lieutenants on retired-list (see bill S. 2426).

bill to authorize President to appoint one general on retired-list (see bill S. 2530).

Appropriations for: annual bill (see bill H. R. 8120). Assistant surgeons: petitions relative to issuing commissions to (H. R. Ex. Doc. 230) 265, 1751.

Chaplains: bill to regulate pay of those who served during war of rebellion (see bill S. 2383).

Contingent expenses: annual report on (H. R. Ex. Doc. 85) 724. Courts-martial: report of Senate committee on (S. REPORT 1337) 1281, 1830.

debate in Senate relative to 2118-2125. Disbursing officers: annual report of Inspector-General on (H. R. Ex. Doc. 10) 50.

Ex-confederates in: bill to allow their promotion (see bill H. R. 4407).

Hospital stewards: petition for increase of pay (S. Ex. Doc. 9) 67. Infantry: bill to make three battalion regiments (see bill S. 2442). memorials of officers relative to reorganization of (S. Ex. Doc. 93; H. R. Ex. Docs. 168, 251) 1120, 1144, 1987,

2032. Inspector-General's Department: bill to reorganize (see bill H. R. 1017).

Laws for: bill to correct errors in codification of (see bill H. R. 7559).

Lieutenants: bill that graduates of Military Academy may be attached to Army as additional (see bill H. R. 8165) 1164. Officers: bill to pay certain officers for services during war of rebellion (see bill H. R. 4683).

Private property lost in: bill to provide mode of settling claims for (see bill H. R. 5713).

Race distinctions in: bills to prohibit (see bills S. 2371; H. R. 7526). Recruiting stations: joint resolutions to authorize appointment of non-commissioned officers for (see H. Res. 305, 318). Retired officers: bill to empower President to reappoint two first lieutenants (see bill S. 2426).

Retiring in: bills that officers who were promoted for services in war of rebellion be retired on highest rank (see bills S. 2372; H. R. 7575).

bills to allow voluntary retirement of officers who served during war of rebellion (see bills S. 2373; H. R. 7574, 8125).

petitions for bill 10, 66, 174, 228, 265, 348, 1071. bill to allow lieutenants and captains to be placed on retired-list (see bill H. R. 7999).

bill to establish retired-list for enlisted men (see bill H. R. 5670).

petition for bill 228.

staff of: bill to promote efficiency of (see bill H.R. 8213) 1914.

Army Medical Museum

Bill to erect building for (see bill H. R. 48). petition for bill 1768.

Arndt, Christian

Bill for relief (see bill H. R. 7992).

Arnold, Abby P.

Bill to increase pension (see bill S. 764).

Arnold, Seymour F.

Bill for relief (see bill H. R. 5142).

Arnold, William L.

Bill for relief (see bill H. R. 7795).

Arnot, John (a Representative from New York)
Petitions and papers presented by, from

New York, citizens of: for passage Mexican war pension bill
227, 324, 503, 607, 646, 822, 1049, 1771.

for repeal of revenue tax on tobacco 2326, 2435.

New York and Pennsylvania, citizens of: for repeal of tax on tobacco 2059.

Votes of. See YEA AND NAY VOTES.

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Ashuelot, (U. S. S.)

Bills for relief of sufferers by wreck of (see bills S. 2561; H. R. 7764, 7775).

Letter of Secretary of Treasury relative to paying damages for collision with (H. R. Ex. Doc. 195) 1386.

Asiatic Cholera. See DISEASES.

Askew, J. D. (administrator)

Petitions referred to Court of Claims (H. R. REPORT 2643) 2247. Asper, Elizabeth F.

Bill to pension (see bill S. 1594).

Assay Offices

Bill to establish assay office in Oregon (see bill H. R. 7867). Assistant Chief Signal Officer

Bills to create office (see bills S. 2582; H. R. 7817). Assistant File Clerk. See HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Assistant Secretary of Interior

Bill establishing office of First Assistant (see bill H. R. 8256). Assistant Surgeons. See ARMY.

Astoria and Winnemucca R. R.

Bills to allow them to build bridges (see bills H. R. 7652, 8175). Astronomical Day. See PRIME MERIDIAN. Astronomical Observations. See NAVAL OBSERVATORY. Atkins, J. C. and J. H. (administrators)

Petition referred to Court of Claims (H. R. REPORT 2643) 2247. Atkinson, Ann

Bill to increase pension (see bill S. 2665).
Petition for increase of pension 102.

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Atlantic Works

Bill for relief (see bill S. 2613) 1393.

Attorney-General. See also DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.
Communications from

Alaska: relative to court-house and jail in (H. R. Ex. Doc. 249) 2031.
relative to insane persons in (H. R. EX. Doo, 250) 2032.

Annual report (H. R. Ex. Doc. 12) 55.

Appropriations: relative to increasing appropriation for defense in Court of Claims (S. Ex. Doc. 18) 465, 483.

relative to amount available for expenses of United States courts (H. R. Ex. Doc. 198) 1427.

relative to appropriation for transcribing records and making statements of accounts in courts (H. R. EX. Doc. 242) 1899.

relative to appropriation for publishing Opinions of Attorneys

General (H.R. Ex. Doc. 245) 1899.

relative to deficiency for fees of jurors and court officers 2277.

Clephane and Boswell: relative to claim of (H. R. Ex. Doc. 59) 445, 628.

Court officers' fees: relative to (H. R. Ex. Doc. 239) 1840.

Fort Smith, Ark: relative to jail at (H. R. Ex. Doo. 265) 2563.

Insane prison: letter relative to completing building at Auburn, N. Y., for 2090.

Letter-carriers: relative to hours of labor of 324.

Penitentiary: relative to establishing (S. Ex. Doc. 12) 388, 445.

Washington Aqueduct: relative to extending time for making claims against (S. Ex. Docs. 43, 44) 848, 948, 980.


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Called to the chair 219, 377, 965, 1353, 1655, 1974, 2265.
Leave of absence granted to 1353.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Fillebrown, Mary E: to increase pension (see bill H. R. 7997) 833.

Mix, Frank G: for relief (see H. R. 7883) 595.

Van Loan, Mark. S: to pension (see bill H. R. 7822) 447.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Bankruptcy bill: to reprint 1106.

Petitions and papers presented by, from

Match manufacturers: for payment to those who furnished private dies 2174.

Mix, Frack G: war claim 607.

New York, citizens of: for passage Mexican war pension bill 227, 334, 503, 540, 791, 1243.

relative to Mormon question 1364.

New York Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade: against ratification of Spanish treaty 428.

New York Legislature: for bridge across Staten Island Sound 2059.

for retirement of General Grant 1987.

Stoughton, Charles: relative to Harlem River improvement 2435.

Vinegar manufacturers: relative to internal-revenue law 2059, 2115.

Remarks by, on

Lawrence, R. D: pension to 602.

Pitney, Byram: pension to widow of 2267.

Van Loan, Mark S: pension to 1112.


Reports made by, from

Committee on Invalid Pensions

Abbott, Mary (REPORT 2215) 579.
Allen, Amanda (REPORT 2466) 1263.

Aurand, Elizabeth (REPORTS 2480, 2556) 1263, 1803.
Ayers, William E. (REPORT 2292) 765.
Bagley, Annie (REPORT 2564) 1803.
Baker, Newton O. (REPORT 2205) 579.

Beardsley, Philo (REPORT 2204) 579.

Benham, Solomon R. (REPORT 2555) 1803.
Biederbick, Henry (REPORT 2469) 1263.
Blake, Harriet P. (REPORT 2481) 1263.
Blake, Mary S. (REPORT 2293) 765.
Boughton, Hamilton (REPORT 2202) 579.
Burbank, Horace H. (REPORT 2203) 579.
Bush, William W. (REPORT 2553) 1803.
Campbell, Nicholas D. (REPORT 2213) 579.
Carran, Philanda (REPORT 2478) 1263.
Carrigan, Margaret (REPORT 2559) 1803.
Christie, William (REPORT 2296) 766.

Craven, Marie Louise (REPORTS 2465, 2479) 1263.
Creighton, Elizabeth (REPORT 2196) 579.
Cummings, Lavinda C. (REPORT 2552) 1803.
Daniels, Francis (REPORT 2207) 579.

Deutscher, Elizabeth C. (REPORT 2208) 579.
Dill, Daniel M. (REPORT 2209) 579.
Eaton, Mary R. S. (REPORT 2346) 963.
Eighmy, S. S. (REPORT 2206) 579.
Fillebrown, Mary E. (REPORT 2345) 963.
Gale, Frederick (REPORT 2554) 1803.
Green, Charles W. (REPORT 2467) 1263.
Grennon, Mary A. (REPORT 2220) 579.
Griffin, Jeanie H. (REPORT 2219) 579.
Grover, Andrew J. (REPORT 2218) 579.
Hackett, Charlotte (REPORT 1171) 1656.
Haentges, John G. (REPORT 2557) 1803.
Hamlick, Derrick F. (REPORT 2475) 1263.
Hammer, Catharine (REPORT 2411) 1055.
Harper, Albert (REPORT 2519) 1656.
Horton, James H. (REPORT 2295) 766.
Huggins, Henry N. (REPORT 2468) 1263.
Jenkins, Reuben (REPORT 2477) 1263.
Johnson, Rachael Ann (REPORT 2476) 1263.
Kimmerling, John (REPORT 2201) 579.
Krauss, Herman (REPORT 2562) 1803.

Lawrence, George H. (REPORT 2214) 579.

McFalls, Lou Gobright (REPORTS 2291, 2349) 765, 963.

McKean, William (REPORT 2414) 1055.

Mantle, Andrew (REPORT 2412) 1055.
Mellach, Anne S. (REPORT 2471) 1263.

Morey, Partan H. (REPORT 2198) 579.
Morgan, Sophia A. (REPORT 2410) 1055.
Moritz, Theilman (REPORT 2413) 1055.
Morton, T. A. (REPORT 2184) 315.
Mulligan, Sally C. (REPORT 2200) 579.
Nelson, Robert (REPORT 2212) 579.
O'Brien, John H. (REPORT 2473) 1263.
Overhout, Newell F. (REPORT 2472) 1263.
Pettibone, Chauncey S. (REPORT 2348) 963.
Pilots' pensions (REPORT 2551) 1803.
Quinn, Edward P. (REPORT 2197) 579.
Randolph, William F. (REPORT 2216) 579.
Regan, Margaret (REPORT 2217) 579.
Rowley, Hiram S. (REPORT 2347) 963.
Samuels, Mary A. (REPORT 2210) 579.
Sauer, Stephen (REPORT 2297) 766.
Scott, Josiah (REPORT 2294) 765.
Sears, David (REPORT 2520) 1656.
Shaner, Eliza Ann (REPORT 2563) 1803.
Smith, Elizabeth (REPORT 2474) 1263.
Smith, Lois B. (REPORT 2199) 579.
Smith, Warren S. (REPORT 2558) 1803.
Sparr, John (REPORT 2183) 314.
Spencer, Elmina P. (REPORT 2182) 314.
Spencer, Luther (REPORT 2211) 579.

Teachout, Catherine A. (REPORT 2561) 1803.
Traynor, Francis (REPORT 2560) 1803.
Van Loan, Mark S. (REPORT 2408) 1055.
Weiner, Jacob (REPORT 2409) 1055.
Weir, Henry Cary (REPORT 2470) 1263.
Votes of. See YEA AND NAY VOTES.
Bailey, Ann

Bill to pension (see bill S. 2630).

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Petitions for and against uniform system of, from
New York: Buffalo Merchants' Exchange 1143.

citizens of 645, 822, 994, 1190, 1703, 1869.

Legislature of 1007, 1016.

New York Board of Trade and Transportation 1190, 1191. National Board of Trade 1119, 1143.

Ohio: Cincinnati Board of Trade and Transportation 346. citizens of 265, 540.

Pennsylvania: citizens of 265, 1119.

Philadelphia Board of Trade 559, 607,715.

Philadelphia Commercial Exchange 1143, 1190, 1191.
Philadelphia Produce Exchange 1070, 1119, 1143, 1243.

Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce 503.

Rhode Island: Providence Jewelers' Board of Trade 791.
Texas: citizens of 428.

West Virginia: citizens of 100.

Bannister, John

Papers withdrawn in House 483.

Barbour, John S. (a Representative from Virginia)

Attended 8.

Appointed conferee on bill to protect fish in Potomac River 638. Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

District of Columbia: relative to employment of criminals in (see bill H. R. 7558) 57.

to amend law relative to mechanics liens in (see bill H. R. 8169) 1165.

to regulate sale of liquors in (see bill H. R. 7556) 57.
to sell certain lots in (see bill H. R. 7557) 57.

Holmes, James E: for relief (see bill H. R. 7866) 538.
McCardell, Thomas: for relief (see bill H. R. 7555) 57.
Revised Statutes: to correct errors in codification of (see bill H.
R. 7559) 57.

Virginia: to pay proceeds of sale of public lands (see bill H. R.
8267) 2034.

Petitions and papers presented by, from

Fairfax, John A: war claim 1278.

Field, James G. (administrator): to adjudicate claim 9, 100.

Garnett, Tabitha: war claim 1770.

Harrover, John Henry: war claim 939.

Jones, Lucy A. M: war claim 1770.

McCardell, Thomas: claim of 203.

Murdough, J. H: for removal of political disabilities 645.

Taylor, George: to allow commissioners of District of Columbia

to adjust certain accounts 1015.

[blocks in formation]

Amendments offered by, to

Interstate commerce: bill to regulate 332.
River and harbor appropriation bill 1412.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Big Black River: to improve 559.

Evans, William: for relief (see bill H. R. 7814) 447.
Mississippi River: to improve 558.

Wooley, James F: for relief (see bill H. R. 7813) 447.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Lake, John L., jr: to consider bill for relief, objected to 1262.

Petitions and papers presented by, from

Bush, Mary H: to adjudicate claim 227, 298.

Evans, William: war claim 324.

Flowers, Susan: war claim 1511.

Fowler, Naomi J: war claim 2059, 2174.

Haire, Milton S: to adjudicate claim 66, 100.

Magruder, Thomas B: war claim 1070.

Mississippi, citizens of: to repair Mississippi River levees 503.

Mitchell, Nancy: war claim 1511.

Wooley, James F: war claim 324.


Remarks by, on

Grant, Ulysses S: retirement of (Appendix 150). Interstate commerce 112, 319.

River and harbor appropriation bill 1412.

Wright, Lot: investigation of charges against 24.

Report made by, from

Committee on Commerce

Snug harbors (REPORT 2390) 1054.

Votes of. See YEA AND NAY VOTES.

Barlow, George

Bill for relief (see bill H. R. 4540).

Barnard, F., and others

Petition for relief 845.

Petition referred to Court of Claims 2437.

Barnegat and Tuckerton Bays

Petition to dig channel between 1072.

Barnes, John A.

Petition for compensation 411.

Barnes, Richard W.

Bill to pension (see bill H. R. 7502).

Barnes, Thomas

Papers referred in House 540.

Barney, James M.

Bill for relief (sce bill H. R. 8224) 1914. Petition to adjudicate claim 1771.

Barnum, Thomas

Petition for relief 742.

Petition referred to Court of Claims (H. R. REPORT 2643) 2247.

Barr, Samuel F. (a Representative from Pennsylvania)

Attended 8.

Petitions and papers presented by, from

Lincoln Post, G. A. R.: for publication of photographic illustrations in Records of War of Rebellion 298.

Pennsylvania, citizens of: for passage Mexican war pension bill 347, 1827.

for suppression of Mormonism 1826.

Votes of. See YEA AND NAY VOTES.

Barren River, Kentucky

Report of engineers on survey of (H. R. Ex. Doc. 212) 1570. Petition for improvement of 822.

Barringer, Martin

Bill to amend military record (see bill H. R. 7644).

Barron, Maggie

Petition referred to Court of Claims (H. R. REPORT 2643) 2247. Bartholdi Statue

Joint resolutions making appropriation for pedestal (see H. Res.
294, 296) petition for bill 265.

Joint resolution authorizing its use for a light-house (see H.
Res. 306).

Bartholomew, Alice E. (guardian)

Petition for arrears of pension 559, 1313.

Bartlett, Lemuel M.

Bill to pension (sec bill H. R. 7094).

Barton, Andrew

Petition for removal of charge of desertion 265.

Barton, Henry

Petition for increase of pension 559.

Bateman, Lewis S.

Bill for relief (see bill H. R. 7862). Petition for relief 540.

Bates, Martha

Bill to pension (see bill S. 2258).

Bates, Mary S. and Sarah

Bill to pension (see bill H. R. 7799).

[blocks in formation]

Amendments offered by, to

Deficiency appropriation bill 2232.

District of Columbia tax-sales: bill relative to 2199.

River and harbor appropriation bill 2133.

Sundry civil appropriation bill 2062, 2373.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Vessel signal lights: relative to (see bill S. 2564) 848.

Writs of error: to amend law relative to security in (see bill S. 2548) 717.

Motions and resolutions offered by

British Parliament houses: expressing indignation at attempted destruction of, adopted 983, 996.

Carroll, Daniel: to withdraw papers relative to estate of 2005. Petitions and papers presented by, from

Columbia Institute for Deaf and Dumb: statement of expenditures 1072.

Delaware, citizens of: relative to civil service 940.

to redeem trade-dollar 266.

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