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to tell a tale to after ages that they once insu'ted the dignity of nan. This state of things must arrive before the sons of Freedom will have gained ought worthy of their sacred name. The exertions of the intrepid Carlile, have advanced the standard of Nature and Reason, further than those of any other Englishman of the present day; the principles he so nobly advocates are the only artillery with : which we can safely war against all delusion. The base of a pure Representative Republic, is the safest ground for man to rest upon, Monarchy hath ever been his greatest foe; but it is a consolation for man, that it is now fast losing ground, being entirely dispossessed of its power in some countries, whilst others are preparing to drag it from its blood-stained throne; where it hath so long reigned in gloomy triumph, over a fallen and degraded world.

Newton, near Manchester, May 14, 1822. EPICURUS.

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So great is the alarm existing among the Hays, the Ethelstones, the Fletchers, and the Hultons, of this town, at the decline of idolatry, that the inhabitants are actually forced into the Church by violence, and the women who remain at home to provide dinner for their families are denied water from the wells during the hours the Priest is holding forth in the Church. The industrious artizan, who is contined to bis room or his factory 14 or 16 hours each day for six days, is denied the benefit of fresh air on the seventh, and is threatened with penalties and persecutions if he does not enter the pestilential atmosphere of the Church. This is one way, indeed, to prop Christianity! In the reign of Charles the First, to keep up the farce, the people were allowed to have books of sports and pastimes read to them from the pulpit, and a proclamation was issued by the King that bis good people of Lancashire should not be denied the amusement of cock-fighting and bull-baiting on the Sunday. The Blessed Martyr's scheme baving failed, the supporters of his successor are trying others, and now, like the Dutch Parson to his sleeping congregation, if the good people of Lancashire will uot willingly hear the word of God, they are to be made to feel it, not by throwing the Bible or sermon at their heads, as the Dutchman did, but by putting a sentinel over each of the wells and over each infidel, and forced into

the Church to see that he listens!!! Go on, Priests, and, above all, you the respectable unpaid Magistracy, do your duties, and Christianity shall not fall !


The Letter from Mr. Thomas Shepherd, of Huddersfield, has been received, and shall be duly noticed with the last of Mr. Humphrey's.

Total amount of subscriptions towards Mr. Carlile's fines up to May 18, 1822-£541. lls. Id.


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