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and reply to Consistency.-On Prisons, and what is called

Prison Discipline.-Reflections, Moral and Political, continued.-


No. 6, contains, An Address, &c.--Case of Mary Ann Carlile.-

To the Christian Judge Bailey, Letter the Fourth.-Character of
Woman.-Letter from and to Mr. Francis Marsden of Sheffield.--
Letter from and to Mr. James Maber of Bath.-Letter from and
to Mr. John Bell of Carlisle.—To Mr. Carlile, by T. Whitworth.-
Notice of “Queen Mab,” “Cain, a Mystery," and a "Royal Re- .

No. 7, contains, An Address, &c.—Letter from Mr. Cobbett to
Mr. Carlile, copied from his Register.-Letter to Mr. Carlile, by
a Liberal Christian.—To Ditto, by Mr. John Townsend.-Anecdote
relating to the National Debt.-Letter from and to Mr. Howard
Fish.—To Mr. Carlile by Mr. Richard Moore of Manchester.

- Aphorisms of Condorcet.—To Mr. Carlile from a Deist.-—The

Effects of a Belief in a future State of Existence on Society.-Ad-

dress to Mr. Carlile from Liverpool.--Letter to Ditto from his im-
prisoned Shopmen.--Anecdote relating to Thomas Paine.

No. 8, contains, An Address, &c.-Celebration of the Birth-day
of Thomas Paine in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester,
Stockport and Stokesly; Song and Poetry by W. V. Holmes.
Case of Mr. David Ridgway.--Poetical Address by E. R.--Letter
to Dr. England.-Letter from and to Mr. John Heys, Bolton,

No. 9, contains, An Address, &c.-Letter to Mr. Hunt.---Cor-

respondence between Mr. Carlile and the Solicitor to the Treasury.

No. 10, contains, An Address, &c.—The folly of Prosecutions

for Libel.-A copy of the “ North Briton” No.45.-Correspon-

dence with the Secretary of State for the Home Department.--

Celebration of the Birth-day of Thomas Paine at Ashton-under-line.

Letter from R. A. of Edinburgh with Critical Enquiry into the

Harmony of the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.-Cor-

respondence between Mr. Carlile and Madame M. B. de Bonne-

ville.-- Fragment of a Letter

to Camille Jordan, by Thomas Paine.
No. 11, contains, An Address, &c.—Death of Stewart the

celebrated Traveller.—Letter to Mr. Carlile by Chirurgicus.--To.

Ditto, by Regulator, on the progress of Reason, the belief of a

Deist, and the reasons for his Belief.—To the Christian Judge

Bailey, Letter Fifth.Letter from Lord Byron to Mr. Murray his

Publisher.-Letter from and to Mr. Robert Armstrong of Stokes-

ley.--The Scripturian's Creed.

No. 12, contains, An Address, &c.--Letter from and to Mr.

Robert Robinson.-To Mr. Carlile, by P. F.-To Ditto, by

Abraham Walker of Rastrich.—To Ditto by James Humphreys of

Springdale.-To Abraham Walker. To the Vice Society, by John

Jones.-Celebration of the Birth-day of Thomas Paine at Leeds.-

Scripturian's Creed concluded.

No. 13, contains, An Address, &c.-Celebration of the Birth-

day of Thomas Paine continued.—To the Christian Judge Bailey,
Letter the Sixth.-Letter from and to Mr. Moses Colclough of
Nottingham.- Letter to Mr. James Humphreys.

No. 14, contains, An Address, &c.-Letter to Mr. James
Humphreys concluded.—Letter from and to Mr. Joshua Kershaw
of Oldham.-Letters from Mr. Joseph Gill. and Mr. William
Liddle of Leeds.-Letter from and to Mr. James Watson of Leeds.
Letter from and to Mr. James Affleck of Edinburgh, with report
of the proceedings of a Public Meeting at Edinburgh.-Letter from
and to Mr. William Perry of Stockport.

No. 15, contains, An Address, &c.—Letter Second to Mr.
Henry Hunt.-Letter from and to Mr. Samuel Mercer of Hyde
near Manchester.-Letter from and to Mr. James Wheeler.-
Case of John Matthews.-A Dialogue.-Letter from R. A. of
Edinburgh, and Critical Enquiry into the Harmony of the Gospels
continued.—Bolton Subscription List.

No. 16, contains, An Address, &c. - To the Christian Judge

Bailey, Letter the Seventh.—Letter from and to Mr. James

Thomson of Tickle Street, Manchester.-Reports of three Public

Meetings held at Leeds, on the subject of addressing Sir Charles

Wolseley. Notice of a Subscription from Whitefield near Man-

chester. Address from thc London Committee, and London Sub-

scriptions continued. Notice of the Publication of Lawrence's

Lectures; and the first days Proceedings on the Mock Trials of R.


No. 17, contains, An Address, &c.---Letters from and to Mr.

John Smithson of Leeds.—Letter from B. A. of Canterbury.-

Critical Enquiry into the Harmony of the Gospels continued. The

Koran Society.-Letter from Mr. Abraham Walker of Rastrick.--

Letter from and to Mr. James Humphreys. Letter from Mr. John

Grattan, jun. of Wingerworth. Notice of Lawrence's Lectures on

Physiology, Zoology, and the Natural History of Man.-Conti-

nuation of the Report of the Leeds Public Meetings.

No. 18, contains, An Address, &c.—To the Christian Judge

Bailey, Letter Eighth.-Extracts from - Le Bon Sens.”—Conti-

nuation of a Critical Enquiry into the Harmony of the Gospels.-

Letter from Mr. William Braithwaite of Leeds.—Petition of Mary

Ann Carlile to the House of Commons, and Correspondence with

Mr. Hobhouse about presenting it. -- Rules and Regulations of the

London Zetetic Society.—The Patriots, Poetry.-Notice concern-

ing the continuation of the Publication of the Mock Trials.

No. 19, contains, An Address, &c.-Conclusion of the Report

of the three Public Meetings at Leeds.-Letter from and to Mr.
John Harper of Manchester, in behalf of the Miles Platting Read-
ing Society.–An Address from the Female Republicans of Man-
chester to Mrs. and Mary Ann Carlile, with an answer to the
same.—Letter from and to Mr. John Bottomley of Manchester.-
Notice of a London Subscription, and a Subscription from Stokes-

ley Yorkshire.-Letter from and to Mr. Elijah Ridings of Fails-
worth near Manchester.—Letter from and to Mr. John Heys of
Bolton, with notice of Presents to Mrs. Carlile from the Republi-
cans of Bolton.- Letter to Mrs. Carlile from Mrs. Elizabeth Gaunt
with an answer.- Notice of a Subscription from Paris.

No. 20, contains, An Address, &c.--Leeds Public Meeting for
a Subscription for Mr. Carlile and Family.-An Address to Re-
formers by Richard Moore.-Letter to the Editor of the Repub-
lican by, Mr. Bayley Potts.--Reasons of a Deist for not believing
Christianity.—The Bosquetian Creed with comment. Reasons
for renouncing Christianity, by W. V. Holmes.-Letter from and
to Mr. James Moore of Halifax.–Case of Mary Ann Carlile.
A Subscription of Poetry and Money to Mr. Carlile, Family and
Shopmen.-Prospectus of the Republican.-Review of some Errors
in the Fifth Volume.- Notice of a Manchester Meeting, (not
signed nor well worded, inserted without being seen by the Editor).
Continuation of London Subscriptions,

No. 21, or Appendix to Vol. V. contains, An Address &c.-

Letter to the Editor of the Republican, by I. B. L.-Letter from

Mr. Davison.-Letter from Joseph Swann to a friend in Leeds.

Leeds Public Meeting concluded.-Letter from and to Mr. Ro-

bert Robinson.On Man and the necessity of his following the

laws of Nature.—Letter from and to Mr. Charles Walker of

Ashton-under-line.—Letter from and to the Republicans of Wis-

beach. On the absurdity of Religion, by Epicurus.-A few Plain

Questions addressed to those Connoiseurs of Revelation, Judge

Bailey, James Humphrey, &c.—Letter from Mr. H. Myers, an

American.-Bolton Law.


Fleet Street, London, 1822. CATALOGUE



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WWorks of Thomas Paine.
$. d.

s. d. Case of the Officers of Excise. 0 4 Letters to the Citizens of America 1 Common Sense

1 0 Miscellaneous Letters and Essays 5 Ainerican Crisis 4 0 Miscellaneous Poems

9 Public Good

0 9 Miscellaneous Poems, fine paper, Letter to the Abbe Raynal 1 6 hot-pressed

1 0 Dissertations on Government, &c. 1 0 Appendix to Do,

0 2 Prospects on the Rubicon


9 Appendix to Theological Works 06 Rights of Man, Part I. 3 0 Letter to Camille Jordan on Priests, Do. Do. Part II. 3 0 Bells, and Public Worship.... 0

3 Letter to Addressers

1 0 Portrait of Thomas Paine for bindDissertation on First Principles of

ing with the above

1 0 Government.

6 A Memoir of Thomas Paine to Agrarian Justice

0 6

accompany his Works, by R. Decline and Fall of the English


0 6 System of Finance

0 6 Letter to George Washington....1

A superior Edition of the above Political

and Miscellaneous Works may be had

in boards, in 2 vols. at £ 2. with a * A common blue paper edition of Rights of Man, Part I. may be had at 1s. 6d. per copy.

Memoir and Portrait prefixed.
N. B. R. Carlile intends, immediately, to print the whole of Paine's Works,
with a Selection of Aphorisms, from those Works, the form of Walker's
Poets and Classics, at the least possible Price. The First Part of the Age of
Reason may

be had at Sixpence, as a Specimen of the Edition.
Price 3.s.

Price 6d.
An ENQUIRY into the Cause of the REPORT OF THE TRIAL OF MRS.
Progress and Establishment of the Chris-

JANE CARLILE. tian Religion, commonly called Gibbon's On an ex-officio Information, for pub. celebrated five causes; being the tifolishing No. 8, Vol. 3, of the Republican. teenth and sixteenth chapters of the N. B. The defence on this trial, of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. which a full report is given, will be By EDWARD GIBBON, Esq.

found to comprise the pith of that excel.

lent pamphlet published during the Price 2d. each.

usurpation of Oliver Cromwell, entitled The CHARACTER of a SOLDIER. Killing no Murder. The subject of the By PurlanTHROPOS.

prosecution was nothing more than a The CHARACTER of a PRIEST. moral lesson to tyrants and those whom By Ditto.

they oppress. The CHARACTER of a PEER, By Ditto.

Price coloured 5s. plain 3s. The CHARACTER of the JEW BOOKS : being a Defence of the Na

Manchester Massacre. tural Innocence of Man, against Kings

A full Description of the bloody atand Priests, or Tyrants and Impostors.

tack made upon the inhabitants of By Ditto.

Manchester and its vicinity, assembled

on St. Peter's Plain, to discuss the best Price 6d.

means for obtaining a Reform of the SCOTCH POETRY; consisting of Parliament, by the Yeomanry Cavalry Songs, Odes, Anthems, and Epigrams. of Manchester and Cheshire, on the By Alexander Rodger, an Operative | 16th of August, 1819. Weaver of Glasgow.

N. B. This is a large print got up

under the directions of R. Carlile, and Price Is.

by all the information le can get has SAUL, A Deama, transiated from not been equalled by any hitherto pubthe French of VOLTAIRE.

lished on the same subject,

Works Published by R. Carlile, 55, Fleet Street.

Now publishing in Sheets, Price 3d.
Price ls.

The Holy Koran,
AN ADDRESS TO MEN OF Commonly called the ALCORAN of

MOHAMMED, a pure Translation of
Calling upon them to stand forward and

the original Arabic, as revealed to Ma-
vindicate the Truth, from the foul grasp

homet; without Note or Comment.
and persecution of Superstition, and ob-
tain for the Island of Great Britain the

Price 6d. neatly printed in Octavo.
noble appellation of the Focus of Truth, CAIN; a MYSTERY, By Lord Byron.
whence mankind shall be illuminated,
and the black and pestiferous clouds of Now publishing in Sheets, Price 3d.
Persecution and Superstition be banish LAWRENCE'S LECTURES
ved from the face of the Earth, as the On Physiology, Zoology, and the Natų

only sure. prelude to universal peace ral History of Man.
and harmony among the human race.
In which a sketch of a proper system
for the education of youth, is also sub-

Price 7s. 6d.
mitted to their judgment.


Suppressed Defence.

Price 6d.
The DEFENCE OF MARY-ANNE Au EFFORT to set at rest some little
CARLILE to the Vice Society's Indict. Disputes and Misunderstandings be-
ment against the Appendix to the Theo-tween the Reformers of Leeds upon the
*logical Works of Thomas Paine; which Subject of some late Deputy Meetings,
Defence was suppressed by Mr. Justice and a Declaration of Sentiments arising
Best, almost at its commencement; and, therefrom.
on the propriety of which Suppression,
THE PUBLIC, as the Highest Tripu-

Price 2s. 6d.
NAL, is now appealed to and called upon The REPORT of the MOCK TRIALS
TO JUDOE between the Defendant her of RICHARD CARLILE, for publish-

ing the Theological Works of I'HOMAS
Price 1s. 6d.

Pains, and Palmer's Principles of Na-

ture, will be completed in the course of
Bridge Street Banditti, v. The Press. the present year in Twopenny sheets.
A REPORT of the TRIÁL of MARY: The first day's proceedings is completed,
ANNE CARLILE for publishing a New and contains the whole of the three parts:

Year's Address to the Reformers of of the Age of Reason, as read in Court
Great Britain, written by Richard Car- by R. C.
lile, and prosecuted at the instance of
the “ Constitutional Association," be-

Price 4d.
fore Mr. Justice Best, and, a Special The Accusation, Condemnation, and
Jury, at the Court King's Bench, in Abjuration of GALILEO, the famous
the Guildhall, London, July 24, 1821. Astronomer, for asserting that the Earth
With the noble and effectual Speech of was round, and revolved round the Sun,
Mr. Cooper in Defence at large. contrary to the doctrines of the Holy

Price 2s. 6d.

N. B. This pamphlet ought to be

preserved by every lover of truth, as a

specimen of the ignorance and misery

imposed upon mankind by Priestcraft.
On the Evidences of the Christian Re-
Jigion, in a Letter to the Rev. W. Wait,

Price 1s. 6d.
A. B. of King's Square, Bristol.

N. B. Now ander prosecution by the being a Collection of Songs in favour of
Vice Society.

the Liberties of Mankind.
Printed and Published by R. CARLILE, 55, Fleet Street; and may be

had at the Koran Society's Office, 5, Water Lane, five doors from
Flect Street.

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