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Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders.



Laboratory Guide for the Bacteriologist. By LANGDON FROTH-
INGHAM, M.D.V., Assistant in Bacteriology and Veterinary Science,
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University. Illustrated. Cloth, 75 cts.

“ It is a convenient and useful little work, and will more than repay the outlay neces. sary for its purchase in the saving of time which would otherwise be consumed in looking up the various points of technique so clearly and concisely laid down in its pages.”-American Medico-Surgical Bulletin.

GARRIGUES' DISEASES OF WOMEN. Second Edition, Revised.

Diseases of Women. By Henry J. GARRIGUES, A.M., M.D., Professor of Gynecology in the New York School of Clinical Medicine; Gynecologist to St. Mark's Hospital and to the German Dispensary, New York City, etc. Handsome octavo volume of 728 pages, illustrated by 335 engravings and colored plates. Cloth, $4.00 net;

, Sheep or Half Morocco, $5.00 net.

One of the best text-books for students and practitioners which has been published in the English language ; it is condensed, clear, and comprehensive. The profound learning and great clinical experience of the distinguished author find expression in this book in a most attractive and instructive form. Young practitioners to whom experienced consultants may not be available will find in this book invaluable counsel and help.”—THAD. A. REAMY, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Clinical Gynecology, Medical College of Ohio. GLEASON'S DISEASES OF THE EAR. Second Edition, Revised.

Essentials of Diseases of the Ear. By E. B. GLEASON, S. B., M.D., Clinical Professor of Otology, Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia ; Surgeon-in-Charge of the Nose, Throat, and Ear Department of the Northern Dispensary, Philadelphia. 208 pages, with 114 illustrations. Cloth, $1.00; interleaved for notes, $1.25.

[See Saunders' Question-Compends, page 21.] “ It is just the book to put into the hands of a student, and cannot fail to give him a useful introduction to ear-affections; while the style of question and answer which is adopted throughout the book is, we believe, the best method of impressing facts permanently on the mind.”Liverpool Medico-Chirurgical Journal. GOULD AND PYLE'S CURIOSITIES OF MEDICINE.

Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine. By GEORGE M. GOULD, M.D., and WALTER L. PYLE, M.D. An encyclopedic collection of rare and extraordinary cases and of the most striking instances of abnormality in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, derived from an exhaustive research of medical literature from its origin to the present day, abstracted, classified, annotated, and indexed. Handsome imperial octavo volume of 968 pages, with 295 engravings in the text, and 12 full-page plates. Cloth, $6.00 net; Half Morocco, $7.00 net. Sold by Subscription.

“ One of the most valuable contributions ever made to medical literature. Ii is, so far as we know, absolutely unique, and every page is as fascinating as a novel. Not alone for the medical profession has this volume value: it will serve as a book of reference for all who are interested in general scientific, sociologic, or medico-legal topics."Brooklyn Medical Journal.

“ This is certainly a most remarkable and interesting volume. It stands alone among medical literature, an anomaly on anomalies, in that there is nothing like it elsewhere in medical literature. It is a book full of revelations from its first to its last page, and cannot but interest and sometimes almost horrify its readers."'-- American Medico-Surgical Bulletin. 12

Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders.


Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By HENRY A.
GRIFFIN, A.B., M.D., Assistant Physician to the Roosevelt Hospital,
Out-Patient Department, New York City. In Preparation.


The Care of the Baby. By J. P. CROZER GRIFFITH, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children, University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, etc. 12m0, 392 pages, with 67 illustrations in the text, and 5 plates. Cloth, $1.50.

“ The best book for the use of the young mother with which we are acquainted. There are very few general practitioners who could not read the book through with advan. tage.''-Archives of Pediatrics.

“The whole book is characterized by rare good sense, and is evidently written by a master hand. It can be read with benefit not only by mothers but by medical students and by any practitioners who have not had large opportunities for observing children.”-American Journal of Obstetrics.

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Infant's Weight Chart. Designed by J. P. CROZER GRIFFITH, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the University of Pennsylvania, etc. 25 charts in each pad. Per pad, 50 cents net.

A convenient blank for keeping a record of the child's weight during the first two years of life. Printed on each chart is a curve representing the average weight of a healthy infant, so that any deviation from the normal can readily be detected.



Autobiography of Samuel D. Gross, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, with Reminiscences of His Times and Contemporaries. Edited by his Sons, SAMUEL W. GROSS, M.D., LL.D., late Professor of Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, and A. HALLER GROSS, A.M., of the Philadelphia Bar. Preceded by a Memoir of Dr. Gross, by the late Austin Flint, M.D., LL.D. In two handsome volumes, each containing over 400 pages, demy octavo, extra cloth, gilt tops, with fine Frontispiece engraved on steel. Price per volume, $2.50 net.

“ Dr. Gross was perhaps the most eminent exponent of medical science that America has yet produced. His Autobiography, related as it is with a fulness and completeness seldom to be found in such works, is an interesting and valuable book. He comments on many things, especially, of course, on medical men and medical practice, in a very interesting way.'' The Spectator, London, England. HAMPTON'S NURSING.

Nursing : Its Principles and Practice. By ISABEL ADAMS HAMPTON, Graduate of the New York Training School for Nurses attached to Bellevue Hospital; Superintendent of Nurses, and Principal of the Training School for Nurses, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md. 12mo, 484 pages, profusely illustrated. Cloth, $2.00 net.

“Seldom have we perused a book upon the subject that has given us so much pleasure as the one before us. We would strongly urge upon the members of our own profession the need of a book like this, for it will enable each of us to become a training school in himself.''- Ontario Medical Journal.

Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders.


HARE'S PHYSIOLOGY. Third Edition, Revised.

Essentials of Physiology. By H. A. HARE, M.D., Professor of
Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of
Philadelphia; Physician to the Jefferson Medical College Hospital.
Containing a series of handsome illustrations from the celebrated
“ Icones Nervorum Capitis” of Arnold. Crown octavo, 239 pages.
Cloth, $1.00 net; interleaved for notes, $1.25 net.
[See Saunders' Question-Compends, page 21.

1.] " The best condensation of physiological knowledge we have yet seen.”Medical Record, New York.


Diet in Sickness and in Health. By Mrs. ERNEST Hart, formerly Student of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris and of the London School of Medicine for Women; with an INTRODUCTION by Sir HENRY THOMPSON, F.R.C.S., M.D., London. 220 pages ; illustrated. Cloth, $1.50.

“We recommend it cordially to the attention of all practitioners; both to them and to their patients it may be of the greatest service.”- New York Medical Journal.

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A Manual of Anatomy. By Irving S. HAYNES, M.D., Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Demonstrator of Anatomy, Medical Department of the New York University, etc. 680 pages, illustrated with 42 diagrams in the text, and 134 full-page half-tone illustrations from original photographs of the author's dissections. Cloth, $2.50 net.

"This book is the work of a practical instructor—one who knows by experience the requirements of the average student, and is able to meet these requirements in a very satis factory way. The book is one that can be commended."- Medical Record, New York.


A Text-Book of Embryology. By JOHN C. HEISLER, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia.


A Text-Book of Obstetrics. By BARTON Cooke Hirst, N.D., Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Pennsylvania. In Prepa. ration.


Syphilis and the Venereal Diseases. By JAMES Nevins Hyde,
M.D., Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases, and FRANK H. Mont-
GOMERY, M.D., Lecturer on Dermatology and Genito-Urinary Diseases
in Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill. 618 pages, profusely illustrated.
Cloth, $2.50 net.

“We can commend this manual to the student as a help to him in his study of venereal diseases."'- Liverpool Medico-Chirurgical Journal.

" The best student's manual which has appeared on the subject.”-St. Louis Medica! and Surgical Journal.


Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders.


THROAT. Second Edition, Revised. Essentials of Refraction and Diseases of the Eye. By EDWARD JACKSON, A.M., M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Eye in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine; and Essentials of Diseases of the Nose and Throat. By E. BALDWIN GLEASON, M.D., Surgeon-in-Charge of the Nose, Throat, and Ear Department of the Northern Dispensary of Philadelphia. Two volumes in one. Crown octavo, 290 pages; 124 illustrations. Cloth, $1.00; interleaved for notes, $1.25.

[See Saunders' Question-Compends, page 21.] “Of great value to the beginner in these branches. The authors are both capable men, and know what a student most needs."'--Medical Record, New York.

KEATING'S DICTIONARY. Second Edition, Revised.

A New Pronouncing Dictionary of Medicine, with Phonetic
Pronunciation, Accentuation, Etymology, etc. BY JOHN M.
KEATING, M.D., LL.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians of Phila-
delphia ; Vice-President of the American Pædiatric Society; Editor
“ Cyclopædia of the Diseases of Children," etc.; and HENRY
HAMILTON, Author of “A New Translation of Virgil's Æneid into
English Rhyme,” etc.; with the collaboration of J. CHALMERS DA-
Costa, M.D., and FREDERICK A. PACKARD, M.D. With an Appendix
containing Tables of Bacilli, Micrococci, Leucomaïnes, Ptomaïnes;
Drugs and Materials used in Antiseptic Surgery; Poisons and their
Antidotes; Weights and Measures; Thermometric Scales; New
Official and Unofficial Drugs, etc.

One volume of over 800 pages. Prices, with Denison's Patent Ready-Reference Index : Cloth, $5.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, $6.00 net; Half Russia, $6.50 net. Without Patent Index: Cloth, $4.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, $5.00 net.

I am much pleased with Keating's Dictionary, and shall take pleasure in recommend. ing it to my classes.”—HENRY M. LYMAN, M.D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill.

“I am convinced that it will be a very valuable adjunct to my study.table, convenient in size and sufficiently full for ordinary use.”—C. A. LINDSLEY, M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, Medical Dept. Yale University.

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How to Examine for Life Insurance. By John M. KEATING, M.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; VicePresident of the American Pædiatric Society; Ex-President of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors. Royal octavo, 211 pages; with two large half-tone illustrations, and a plate prepared by Dr. McClellan from special dissections; also, numerous other illustrations. Cloth, $2.00 net.

. “ This is by far the most useful book which has yet appeared on insurance examination, a subject of growing interest and importance. Not the least valuable portion of the volume is Part II, which consists of instructions issued to their examining physicians by twenty-four representative companies of this country. If for these alone, the book should be at the right hand of every physician interested in this special branch of medical science."— The Medical News.

Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders.


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The Surgical Complications and Sequels of Typhoid fever. By Wm. W. KEEN, M.D., LL.D., Professor of the Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; Corresponding Member of the Société de Chirurgie, Paris; Honorary Member of the Société Belge de Chirurgie, etc. Octavo volume of 386 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $3.00 net.

This monograph is the only one in any language covering the entire subject of the Surgical Complications and Sequels of Typhoid fever. It will prove to be of importance and interest not only to the general surgeon and physician, but also to many specialists --laryngologists, gynecologists, pathologists, and bacteriologists. KEEN'S OPERATION BLANK. Second Edition, Revised Form.

An Operation Blank, with Lists of Instruments, etc. Required in Various Operations. Prepared by W. W. KEEN, M.D., LL.D., Professor of the Principles of Surgery in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia Price per pad, containing blanks for fifty operations, 50 cents net.


Diseases of the Nose and Throat. By D. BRADEN KYLE, M.D.,
Clinical Professor of Laryngology and Rhinology, Jefferson Medical
College, Philadelphia; Consulting Laryngologist, Rhinologist, and
Otologist, St. Agnes' Hospital ; Bacteriologist to the Philadelphia

Orthopedic Hospital. In Preparation.

Temperature Chart. Prepared by D. T. LAINÉ, M.D. Size 8 x 1372 inches. A conveniently arranged Chart for recording Temperature, with columns for daily amounts of Urinary and Fecal Excretions, Food, Remarks, etc. On the back of each chart is given in full the method of Brand in the treatment of Typhoid Fever. Price, per pad of 25 charts, 50 cents net.

"To the busy practitioner this chart will be found of great value in fever cases, and especially for cases of typhoid.”- Indian Lancet, Calcutta.

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A Manual of the Practice of Medicine. By George Roe Lock. WOOD, M.D., Professor of Practice in the Woman's Medical College of the New York Infirmary, etc. 935 pages, with 75 illustrations in the text, and 22 full-page plates. Cloth, $2.50 net.

“Gives in a most concise manner the points essential to treatment usually enumerated
in the most elaborate works.”—Massachusetts Medical Journal.

A Syllabus of Gynecology, arranged in Conformity with “ An
American Text-Book of Gynecology." By J. W. LONG, M.D.,
Professor of Diseases of Women and Children, Medical College of
Virginia, etc. Cloth, interleaved, $1.00 net.

“ The book is certainly an admirable résumé of what every gynecological student and practitioner should know, and will prove of value not only to those who have the • American Text- Book of Gynecology,' but to others as well.”-Brooklyn Medical Journal.

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