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CONCORDANCE would seem to be a natural complement of the 1881 Version

of the New Testament, and the present volume is an endeavour to supply the want. Its publication was first suggested to one of the compilers by a conversation on the Revised New Testament, during which the need for a Concordance was discussed. A plan of the work was projected, and has been completed by the joint aid of a friend. The object has been to represent every sentence of the New Testament by its principal words, and the texts are given as complete as the space allows, in the very words of the Revised Version, with their capitals and stops, so that they may be taken as quotations without further reference to the Testament itself. Details are given in the “ Plan of the Work," and it is needless to say more here on that point than to remark on one feature of the book.

The purpose of a Concordance is to enable the student to find any required passage by reference to some principal word in it. But a Concordance of the Revised Version on the old lines would be of comparatively little use, owing to the numerous alterations from the Authorised Version, the familiar words of which are so frequently changed for others. It seemed necessary, therefore, that a Concordance, to answer its end, should in a measure comprise both versions to the extent, at least, of affording some clue to the changed words. This has been done in the present work, by giving under each word the words which in any text of the New Version are substituted for the same word in the old. And, on the other hand, in every text given, if the word under which it occurs is altered, the reader is referred to the head of the group of texts, where he will find the corresponding word in the Authorized Version. It is hoped that the Concordance will thus not only serve for reference to texts, but that it will aid in an examination of the changes which have been made, and exhibit the uniformity of translation and other features of the New Version.

The time and labour spent upon this work have alike far exceeded what was anticipated. Solicitude for the completeness and accuracy of the book has grown with its progress, and the chief desire of the compilers in its publication is that it may prove a useful and a not unworthy companion to the Holy Scriptures, to the study of which it is intended as an aid.

The compilers began this work, conscious of the defects of the Authorised Version, yet with a predilection for it in the main, and they beheld with some regret the altered character of a version so precious by a thousand associations. But if they may be allowed to judge by the result upon themselves of much examination of the two versions in the course of this work, they venture to express the conviction that the use of the Revised Version will result in a growing appreciation of its value, as carrying within itself the evidence that it is a translation of a purer text, by the hands of a company of devout and more able men than has ever before been joined together for the like purpose.

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