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Page 179 - LISTERINE is to make and maintain surgical cleanliness in the antiseptic and prophylactic treatment and care of all parts of the human body.
Page 97 - Two lives are at stake, and by addressing ourselves assiduously to speedy delivery of the fetus we contribute in the largest manner to the conservation of both. Rapid dilatation, first with steel dilators, if need be, then with manual stretching of the os and cervix, followed by the forceps, is the nearest approach to idealism. Only rarely can the deep incision of Duhrssen be required.
Page 97 - Cesarean section should be reserved for extreme complications, as deformed pelvis, or to preserve the fetus when the mother's condition is hopeless. Veratrum viride is dangerous, uncertain and deceptive in action. In eclampsia of pregnancy, ie, prior to term, the aseptic bougie, introduced to the fundus and coiled within the vagina, may be employed to induce labor. Finally, to promote the elimination of toxic material diuresis, catharsis, and diaphoresis should not be forgotten : neither should the...
Page 95 - Excision of cortical tissue is advisable if the epilepsy has lasted but a short time, and if the symptoms point to a strictly circumscribed focus of disease. 5. Since such cortical lesions are often of a microscopical character, excision should be practised even if the tissue appears to be perfectly normal at the time of operation ; but the greatest caution should be exercised in order to make sure that the proper area is removed.
Page 341 - Antitoxin should be given at the earliest possible moment in all cases of suspected diphtheria. Quality : Of the products on the market some have, by test, been found to contain one-half to one-third the antitoxin units stated on the label. Select the most concentrated strength of an absolutely reliable preparation. Dosage: All cases of laryngeal diphtheria, the patient being two years of age or over, should receive as follows : First dose — 2,000 units at the earliest possible moment. Second dose...
Page 177 - DaCosta has been connected with the college for many years, and has recently been demonstrator of surgery and chief of the out-patients department.
Page 106 - In treating a case of chronic constipation, the author says: "It Is best to tell the patient not to take any drugs and not to get alarmed If he has no movement for about a week.
Page 96 - ... societies it would not answer for this society to keep silent. Though the pathogenesis of eclampsia is still unsettled, we are certain that it is a condition sui generis, pertaining only to the puerperal state, and that to describe, as formerly, three varieties — hysterical, epileptic and apoplectic — is erroneous as to pathology and causation, as well as misleading in treatment. The kidney plays an important office in the economy of the eclamptic. If it fails to eliminate toxins, symptoms...
Page 96 - Over-production of toxins and underelimination by the kidney is a short route to an eclamptic seizure. However, many women with albuminuria escape eclampsia and many eclamptics fail to exhibit albuminous urine. The microbic theory of eclampsia has not yet been demonstrated. The toxemic theory in the present state of our knowledge furnishes the best working hypothesis for prevention or cure. Treatment should be classified into (a) preventive, and (b) curative.
Page 34 - ... a week, and strength in accordance. The temperature became normal at the end of the second week, and deep inspiration gave no pain early in the third week. No trace of fluid could be found by the tenth day, while after eight weeks of treatment the patient declared that she never felt better in her life. This case seems to me to be one which demonstrates the beneficial properties of protonuclein, especially when combined with a nourishing diet. There can be no doubt that this case would have terminated...

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