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perusal of this part of the Scriptures, which it may be possible to alleviate, if not entirely to remove; and, certainly, the controversy raised upon it may be brought within a much narrower compass.

In dealing with these or other subjects, the author has at least endeavoured, with whatever success, to fix the attention exclusively on the questions at issue, divested of associations unfriendly to the investigation of truth; and while he has strenuously maintained his own views, he is not conscious of having failed in a just appreciation of the opinions of any from whom he may have occasionally differed, or in a scrupulous accuracy in stating them. He would at all times bear in mind that there is, there ought to be, but one object in inquiries of this nature-to assist, in however small a measure, in promoting correct and comprehensive views of the Christian religion-in extending, by the Divine blessing, the guidance and comfort of the Gospel.

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