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The General Secretary herewith presents the Transactions of the Thirty-First Session of the American Institute of Homeopathy, with an apology for the great delay in publishing; which, however, the Secretary begs leave to inform the Institute, was altogether unavoidable.

The Secretary would call attention to the fact that the Institute, having so amended its By-Laws as to restore the plan of each bureau selecting a subject for presentation and discussion, is liable to have the various departments of a single subject presented by several writers; and in view of this, would suggest that more authority be given by the Institute to the Chairmen of bureaus, or to the Committee of Publication, in the matter of publishing the reports and papers of the bureaus; preferably to the Chairmen of bureaus.

The Complete Code of Medical Ethics has been printed as an Appendix to the present volume, in accordance with the order of the Institute.

All of which is respectfully submitted :


General Secretary.



Proceedings and Miscellaneous Papers.


1061 29

Report of the Committee of Publication,

1061 29

Report of the Treasurer submitted,

1062 30

Statement from the Board of Censors in regard to Applications for


1062 30

Report of the Necrologist submitted,

1063 31

Remarks on the death of JACOB JEANES, M.D., of Philadelphia, 1063 31

Bureau of Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Provings, .

1065 33

Report of the Committee on the President's Address,

1067 35

Resolutions on Chairmen of Bureaus and Selection of Place of


1067 35

American Homeopathic Ophthalmological and Otological Associ-


1067 35

Bureau of Sanitary Science, Climatology and Hygiene,


Discussion on the length of Papers read,

1068 36

Bureau of Clinical Medicine,

1072 40

Committee on Medical Literature,

1073 41

Committee on Foreign Correspondence,

1073 41

Committee on a Homeopathic Dispensary,

1073 41

Bureau of Clinical Medicine resumed,

1074 42

Bureau of Surgery,

1075 43

Report of the Committee on the Roll of Senior Members,

1077 45

Bureau of Obstetrics,

1078 46

Bureau of Gynæcology,

1080 48

Resolution on the use of the Clinical Thermometer,

1081 49

Bureau of Pædology, .

1082 50

Appointment of a Committee to revise By-Laws, etc.,

1083 51

Report of the Auditing Committee,

1084 52

Bureau of Organization, Registration and Statistics,

1086 54

Report on behalf of the “ Veteran's Association,”

1086 54

Communication from the Women's National Christian Temperance


1086 54

Bureau of Pædology continued,

1088 56

Committee on Legislation,

1088 56

Bureau of Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryngology,

1095 63

Election of Officers, :

1097 65

Bureau of Psychological Medicine,

1098 66

* The first column of figures refers to the top and the second to the bottom of the page.

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