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seventh century, however, the whole of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy badj received the Christian religion as it was taught by the priests of Rome. But ‘Monkish Christianity,' remarks the elegant historian of the Anglo-Saxons, was not Apostolic • Christianity. The system which the Papal hierarchy esta• lished in England and in Europe, was an attempt to transfer the

government of the world into the hands of ecclesiastics, under • the name of Christianity, but by a complete departure from its • spirit and precepts.' Ages of Gothic darkness ensued; the Churches of Cambria at length bowed to the yoke of Papal bundage, and the ecclesiastical history of the country from that time to the appearance of Wicklif, is but the history of Popery

The biographical sketches which occupy the greater part of Mr. Richards's volume, commence with the seventeenth century, They supply some interesting illustrations of the history of the Welsh Baptists, who, Mr. Richards complains, have been by no means fairly dealed with by Neale and Calamy. Vavasor Powell, in particular, is stigmatised in Palmer's Nonconformist's Memorial, as a fifth monarchy man, apparently without any jastice. The materials collected by Mr. Richards, form an acceptable supplement to the history of the English Dissenters, and will be of service to future compilers. Mr. Richards has displayed much candour and some industry in these sketches, in which he is more at home than in disquisitions on Druidical antiquities. . The true Cambro-Briton is discernible throughout, in the Author's zeal for religious liberty, and his sensitive jealousy of every thing bordering on ecclesiastical encroach ment. We question whether he would have given Augustine the monk, a second meeting.

Should this volume reach a second edition, we would suggest to the Editor, the expediency of reducing its bulk, and thereby its price, by omitting the disquisition, pp. 11-19., and the whole of the appendix, and curtailing the prefatory matter. The only part of the appendix that is at all worthy of preservation, should bave found a place in the memoirs of the Author.

Art. XIII. The True Age of Reason ; or a fair Challenge to Deists.

A candid Examination of the Claims of Modern Deism, contain. ing a Demonstration of the Insufficiency of unassisted Reason to lead Mankind to Virtue, to Happiness, and to God. By George

Redford, A. M. 12mo. pp. 44. Price Is. London. 1821. THE Author of this Tract avows his conviction of the im

policy and inconsistency of all attempts to suppress Infidelity by criininal prosecutions; and he is on this account anx. ious to shew, that persons holding this sentiment are not indif


ferent to the success of Divine truth, or unmindful of the infuriated attacks which it has recently sustained.

• If all Christians who possess the ability and the opportunity, would resist infidelity by sound argument, and prove themselves faithful to their own profession, the occasion for legal prosecutions—those libels upon the best of causes, which are infinitely more pernicious than all the open attacks of unbelievers,—would speedily be taken away by the decline of the evil against which they are professedly employed.'

Mr. Redford has confined bimself to the examination of what he regards as the essential principle of Deism,- the sufficiency • of unassisted reason.' Going back to that period in the history of human nature, ' in which the mind of man seems to have ar' rived at the very zenith of its self-sustained glory,' he shews how utterly inadequate, in that 'true age of reason, the combined genius, and learning, and wisdom of the most admired sages were to discover the simplest principles of true religion. This he shews in detail in reference to, 1. the Divine Unity; 2. the worship of a Supreme Being ; 3. the standard of morals; 4. the moral government of the world ; 5. the Divine Placability; 6. the immortality of the soul.' Mr. P. acknowledges bis obligations for some of his statemeuts to Dr. Dwight's “ Na“ ture and Danger of the Lufidel Philosophy.” He would have done bis readers a service by referring them also to Bishop Berkeley's Minute Philosopher; a work bighly deserving of being reprinted. We cordially recommend the present Tract as a concise and well written exposition of the argument selected for illustration. The classical references should have been more specific, in order to be of any use to the studious inquirer.

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** Gentlenien and Publishers who have works in the Press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.


Io the press, a new edition of Neal's German of Goethe, will be speedily pubHistory of the Purilans, by Toulmin, lished, with a portrait of the author, in in 5 vols. Svo. Carefully revisel, cor- 8vo. and in 4to. with twenty-seven outrected, and enlarged, by W. Jones, au- lines to illustrate the above mentioned thor of the “ History of the Christian Tragedy. Engraved by Mr. Moses, after Church,”

Retsch's designs. Mrs. Schimmelpenninck, author of a A Series of twelve Illustrations for Tour to Alet, Narrative of the Demo- Crabbe's Poems, and another Series of lition of Port Royal, &c. has in the six for Moore's Lalla Rookh, will be pubpress, a work entitled “ Biblical Prag, Jished in a few days. They are from de ments."

The object of Mrs. S. is to en- signs by Corbould, and were originally courage amongst her own sex a taste for engraved for a periodical work. Only a Scriptural reading, and for bestowing a few proof impressions on French paper portion of that time, and that exercise were taken off for sale as distinct Illusand culture of the mind on the infallible trations of the Poems to which they reWord of God, which, in this age of in- fer. creased intellectual female cultivation, Mr. W. M. Craig is printing a Course is so often lavished upon vain accom- of Lectures on Drawing, Painting, and plishments. It will be comprised in one Engraving, delivered at the Royal Instismall volume, 8vo.

tution, in an octavo volume, with woodIn the press, a new edition, corrected cuts and plates. and improved, of Dr. Dick's Lectures Mr. J. I. Wilson is preparing a Hison the Acts of the Apostles.

tory of Christ's Hospital, from its founIn the press, and speedily will be pub. dation to the present tine, with memoirs lished, an Abridgement of a Voyage to of eininent men educated there. Madagascar, by the Abbé Rochon, con-' Mr. Wm. Hutton, an officer in the taioing a description of that Island ; an African Company's service, bas in the account of the religion, customs, and press, Voyages and Travels in Africa, in manners of the inhabitants. To which an octavo volune, with maps and plates. is prefixed, a highly finished portrait of The Pirate, by the author of WaverPrince Rataffe. By 'Thomas Towne. ley, is printing in two small octavo

In the press, the 8th and concluding volumes. volume of the Works of the Rev. John Dr. John Fleming has in the press, a Howe.

View of the Structure, Functions, and Preparing for publication, the Mis- Classification of Animals, in two octavo cellaneous Works of the late Robert Wil- volumes, with plates and illustrations. lan, M.D. F.R.S. F.A.S. Comprising, Mr. Edward Baldwin, authur'of“ Faan Inquiry into the Antiquity of the bles Ancient and Modern, the Pantheon," Small pox, Measles, and Scarlet Fever, &c. &c. bas in the press, a compendious (now first published,) Reports on the History of Greece, from the earliest reDiseases in London, &c. &c. In 1 vol. cords of that country to the period in 8vo. Edited by Ashley Smith, M.D. wbich it was reduced into a Roman pro

We understand that Mr. Parkes is pre- vince; to be adorned with maps and auparing for immediate publication, an thentic portraits of the most eminent Answer to the Accusations contained in Greeks, which he conceives to be well a Letter addressed to him by Mr. Ri- adapted to gratify general curiosity, at a chard Phillips, and published in No. time when recent transactions have parXXII. of the Journal of Science, Lile- ticularly drawn the curiosity of the pubrature, and the Arts.

lic to that part of the world. A New Translation of Faustus, from the Mr. I. H. Glover is preparing a Bio


graphical Dictionary of Literature, from with a memoir of his life, written by the year 1700 to the end of 1820, con- himself, is printing in two octavo totaining the title, &c. of every principal lumes. work which has appeared during that A Selection from the Papers of the late period.

J. M. Johóson, Esq. consul a Genoa, Mr. W. T. Ward will soon publish, in which relate to the war in Italy, and the octavo, Practical Observations on Para- occupation of Sicily by the Britislı, is lylic Affections, St. Vitus' Dance, &c. preparing for publication. with cases.

Cof. David Stewart has in the press, Sir S. E. Brydges, bart, will soon pub- Historical Sketches of the Highlands of Jish in three volumes, the Hall of Hel- Scotland, with military annals of the lingsley, a tale.

Highland regiment, in two octavo roMrs. Taylor, of Ongar, has in the lumes, press, Retrospection, a tale.

Mr. Richard Ryan will soon publish in Prudence and Principle, a tale, by the two octavo volumes, Eight Ballads on the author of Rachel, will soon appear. Fictions of the ancient Irish, aod serera!

Mr. D. Boileau has in the press, a Dic- miscellaneous poems. He is also pre. tionary of French Homonymes, or a new paring for publication, a Catalogue of guide to the peculiarities of the Prencb Works, in various languages, relative to language, particularly designed for those the history, antiquities, and language of who are desirous of acquiring the lan- the Irish ; with remarks, critical and bioguage of social intercourse.

graphical. The Rev. J. Bosworth will soon pub- Reflections on the Public Ministry of Jish, the Elements of Anglo-Saxon Gram- Christ, deduced from the records of the mar; with copious philological votes, il- four Evangelists, by the late Mrs. Caplustrating the formation and structure of per, will soon appear. the English as well as the Anglo-Saxon Nearly ready for publication, in an language.

octavo volume, the Conveyancer's Guide, The Rev. G. Croly is printing, in an a burlesque poem, the second edition octavo volume, the Providence of God considerably enlarged, with numerous in the Latter Days, being a new inter- notes adapted for the young student in pretation of the Apocalypse.

law. By a Conveyancer of Gray's Inn. Mr. Win. Tennant, author of Anster The Rev. H. Cotes, Vicar of BedlingFair, is preparing for the press, lbe ton, is about to publish, the ResurrecThane of Fife, a poem.

tion of Lazarus, in a course of sermons Dr. Francis Hamilton has in the press, on the eleventh chapter of St. John's an account of the Fishes found in the

Gospel, from the French of Beausobre Ganges, and its branches, in a quarto Mr. Mill's Elements of the Science of volume, with a royal quarto volume of Political Economy will be published early plates.

in November. A new volume of Sermons, selected The Synopsis of British Mollusca, by from the manuscripts of the late D:. William Elford Leach, M.D. will be James Lindsay, is preparing for the ready for publication on the 10th of press by his suu-in-law, the Rev. Dr. November. Barclay.

Speedily will be published, the The Philosophical History of the Orie Glories of Messiah, a poem in four gin and Progress of the European Lan- cantos. By the Rev. Robert Moffat. guages, by the late Dr. Alex. Murray,


BIOGRAPHY. The History of George Desinond : founded on facts that occurred in the East Indies, and now published as a useful Caution to young men going out to that country. Post 8vo. 7s.

EDUCATION An Introduction to the Grammar of the Latin Tongne ; principally taken

from the Eton Latin Grammar, but having the Syntax and Prosody in Eng lisb. There are added throughoot, questions calculated to ensure the attention and proficiency of the learner. 2s. 6d. bound. The Accidence or first part may be had separately, price 1s.6d.

The Literary and Scientific Class Book; consisting of three hundred and sixty-five reading lessons; adapted to

the use of schools of both sexes, for from the fluctuations in the value of every day in tbe year, with a thousand currency. Proin 1800 to 182.1. By questions for examination. By the Robert Mushet, Esq. 8vo. 7s. boards. Rev. John Platts, Author of the Ele- The Universal Guager of Great Briments of feclesiastical History, &c, tajn and Ireland, and general Spirit 12mo. 5s, 6d. bound.

Calculator: being a practical System of The Young Reviewers ; or, the Poems Guaging by Pen, Sliding Rules, Tables, dissected. With three engravings. 18mo. Callipers, and Logarithms, according Is. 6d, half-bound.

to the measures hitherto legally adopted Familiar Dialogues on interesting Sub- in the British dominions : and also acjects, intended for the amusement and cording to the new imperial gallon, and instruction of young ladies in their hours containing upward of 40,000 original of leisure on Sundays. By a Lady, 18mo. calculations on guaging, spirits, &c. Se, half-bound.

By William Gutteridge. 8vo. 99. 60. The Reader's Guide ; being a collec- boards- 10s. 6d. half-bound. tion of pieces in prose apd verse, de A Plea for the Nazarenes, in a Letter signed to exemplify an entirely new to the British Reviewer. By Servetus. system of notation, in which an attempt 6s. is made to reduce the art of reading to Cottage Dialogues. By the Author of a simplicity hitherto unattained by any Michael Kemp. 12mo, 5s. former work upon the subject. With an Advice to the Young Mother in the appendix explanatory of the systein and Management of Herself and Infant. By comparing it with the various systeins a Member of the Royal College of Surof notation already before the public, geons. 12mo. 3s, 6d. By William Andrew, Teacher of Elocu.

XATURAL HISTORY tinn, Edinburgh. 12mo. Ss. 6d, boards, 46. bound.

The Natural History of British QuadPular Scenes ; exhibited in the Voy.

rupeils, with Figures, accompanied by ages of Heemskirk and Barenz to the

scientific and general descriptions of Northern Regions, and in the Adven

all the species that are known to intures of four Russian Sailors, at the

habit the British Isles; including as Island of Spitzbergen. Illustrated by

well those found in a wild as in the do36 copper-plate engravings. 12mo. 5s. mesticated state; and also such as are half-bound, plain, and 6s. 6d. coloured,

clearly authenticated to have been origiTheodo e, or the Crusaders, a Tale

nally indigenous, but are now extirpated for Youth. By Mrs. Holland, Author

or become extremely rare. The whole of the Sou of a Genius, &c. With 24 arranged in systematic order, after the copper plate engravings. 12mo. 5s. 64. manner of Linnæus. By E. Donovan, half-bound, plain, and 6s. 6d. coloured.

F.L.S. W.S. With coloured plates, 3 The India Cabinet opend ; in which

vols, royal 8vo. 51. 83. or in 12 parts, at many natural curiosities are rendered

9s. each. a source of amusement to young minds,

Illustrations of the Linnæan Genera by the explanations of a mother. 18mo,

of Insects. By W. Wood, F.R.S. P.L.S. 25. 6d, half-bound.

Author of Zoography, General Concho

logy, Index Testaceologicus, &c. &c. HISTORY

2 vols. royal 18mo, ll. 10s. With 86 An Essay on the Study of Modern coloured plates. History. By James Shergold Boone, Student of Christ Church, Oxford. Svo. Ss.

The Village Minstrel, and other poems. An Inquiry concerning the Primitive By John Clare, the Northamptonshire Inhabitants of Ireland; illastrated by peasant. 2 rols, foolscap 8vo. 12s. Ptolemy's Map of Erin, corrected by The Lyrics of Horace ; being the first the aid of Barbic history. By Thomas

four books of Odes. Translated by the Wood, M.D. Author of the Prize Essay, Rev, Francis Wrangham, M.A. F.R.S. published in the thirteenth volume of 8vo. 10s. 60. the transactions of the Royal Irish Aca

The Tour of the Dove, a poem; with demy, &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

occasional pieces. By Johu Edwards,

12mo. 7s.6d. MISCELLANEOUS. A Series of Tables, exhibiting the Gain An Exposition of the Relations of the and Loss to the Fundholder, arising British Government with the Sultaun



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