Shop Talk about Machine Tools and Their Uses

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Hill, Clarke & Company, 1901

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Page 7 - MASTER of human destinies am I! Fame, love, and fortune on my footsteps wait. Cities and fields I walk; I penetrate Deserts and seas remote, and passing by Hovel and mart and palace — soon or late I knock unbidden once at every gate! If sleeping, wake — if feasting, rise before I turn away. It is the hour of fate, . And...
Page 20 - ... the number of revolutions. Rule. — Multiply the diameter of the driver by its number of revolutions and divide the product by the number of required revolutions of the driven. The quotient will be its diameter. To ascertain the size of pulleys for given speeds.
Page 11 - ... peculiar use in the industrial departments of life, out of which come, directly or indirectly, all great fortunes. This is already coming into view as the characteristic change of the time in the making of the personality of the notable man of the time. To-day the educated men are taking their place in the world and their chances of success are, and have long been, vastly greater, in most directions, than those of the uneducated. The proportion of educated men taking their places in history is...
Page 11 - Tied?" tells you what to do and how to do it. Thousands have already doubled or largely increased their salaries by following our plan. Under our guidance you can do the same. Act today!
Page 20 - When this mixture has become cool, add one and three-eighths pints of water saturated with pulverized sal ammoniac, stirring constantly. Softening Cast Iron. To soften iron for drilling, heat to a cherry-red, having it lie level in the fire. Then with tongs, put on a piece of brimstone, a little less in size than the hole is to be. This softens the iron entirely through. Let it lie in the fire until cooled, when it is ready to drill. Suggestions how to Solder. Clean the parts thoroughly from all...
Page 3 - B is turned parallel and has a flat milled on it at an angle with the center line. This bush, which fits in a recess, as shown, is simply a wedge and is knocked in. There is a screw C to prevent it coming loose. A second screw D, the patent of Mr. WS Baskerville, is shown for adjusting the blades sideways.
Page 11 - While it is largely true, as has been asserted by more than one such man, like the fox in the fable seeking to justify his amputated tail, that the prizes of our time and our country are now being often grasped by the uncultivated and unlearned man, the fact is mainly due to the circumstances that these men of to-day are mainly uneducated through the misfortune that they were born too soon and before higher education had come to be general and suitable to the conditions of modern life. In another...
Page 21 - Tube and Rod Drawing Machinery. H = Hydraulic Machinery. L -- Spinning Lathes. Edging Lathes, etc. M = Open Back, Single Acting Power Presses. N = Pillar Single Acting Power Presses. P = Double Acting Power Presses. R = Rolling Mills.
Page 16 - This is one of the most complete of its kind in the United States. It is situated across the street from the Law Department and provides most amply for the needs of the law students.
Page 15 - St. Johns River Service between Jacksonville and Sanford, Fla., and Intermediate landings. The " Clyde Line" is the favorite route between NEW YORK, BOSTON, PHILADELPHIA and EASTERN POINTS, and CHARLESTON, SC, and JACKSONVILLE, FLA., making direct connection for all points South and Southwest.

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