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Why was scream and bear it common in surgery? Did Hunter attend medical school with Erasmus and Darwin? John Hunter says our first parents had skin the color of coffee?
Year is 1785 and one of
the first patients to see Mr. Hunter had a tumor the size of a bowling ball on the side of his head. Fortunately, it was benign. The tumor was so large no other surgeon would operate except John Hunter. Thus 25 minutes later patient Burley left with a little scar sans 9 lb. useless appendage that Hunter had expertly evacuated.
“Not for the prudish” truly a visceral portrait into surgery, suffering and sickness witnessed through the eyes, hands and senses of a brilliant surgeon, John Hunter.”
---India M. Clamp
Surgeon John Hunter was the youngest of ten children. Hunter used the scientific method in his practices and thus demonstrated the interconnectedness of all life. Many accolades including his marriage to a poet, patient King George III and the Copley medal win.
In the 1700’s the medical community had no idea of germs and hand washing (pre/post-surgery). Surgical instruments were encrusted with pus and remnants from the previous surgery. Blood loss and infection was the causality for death. Surgery in the late 1700’s was for the brave and was not illuminated as we find most surgical theatres now. Book is not for the prudish. Superb! Buy, learn and discuss.

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