Communications Act Amendments: Hearings Before a Subcommittee ... Eighty-sixth Congess, Second Session, on Conditional Grants, Pregrant Procedure, Local Notice, Local Hearings, Payoffs, Suspension of Licences, and Deceptive Practices in Broadcasting. April 12 and 13, 1960

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Page 65 - The Bureau of the Budget has advised that it has no objection to the submission of this report. Sincerely yours, Ross RIZLEY, Chairman.
Page 13 - The petition shall contain specific allegations of fact sufficient to show that the petitioner is a party in interest and that a grant of the application would be prima facie inconsistent with 21.26 (a) . Such allegations of fact shall, except for those of which official notice may be taken, be supported by affidavit of a person or persons with personal knowledge thereof.
Page 105 - All editorial or other reading matter published in any such newspaper, magazine, or periodical for the publication of which money or other valuable consideration is paid, accepted, or promised shall be plainly marked "advertisement." Any editor or publisher printing editorial or other reading matter for which compensation is paid, accepted, or promised without so marking the same, shall upon conviction in any court having jurisdiction, be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50) nor more than five...
Page 54 - ... any kind are furnished, either directly or indirectly, to a station as an inducement to the broadcasting .of such program, an announcement shall be made both at the beginning and conclusion of such program on which such material or services are used that such records, transcriptions, talent, scripts, or other material or services have been furnished to such station in connection with the broadcasting of such program: Provided, however, That only one such announcement need be made in the case...
Page 57 - When a standard broadcast station transmits any matter for which money, services, or other valuable consideration is either directly or indirectly paid or promised to, or charged or received by...
Page 100 - Any person who willfully and knowingly violates any rule, regulation, restriction, or condition made or imposed by the Commission under authority of this Act, or any rule, regulation, restriction, or condition made or imposed by any international radio or wire communications treaty or convention, or regulations annexed thereto, to which the United States is or may hereafter become a party, shall, in addition to any other penalties...
Page 8 - Upon the expiration of any license, upon application therefor, a renewal of such license may be granted from time to time for a term of not to exceed three years in the case of broadcasting licenses and not to exceed five years in the case of other licenses.
Page 65 - Commission which would warrant it in refusing to grant a license or permit on an original application; (3) for willful or repeated failure to operate substantially as set forth in the license; (4) for willful or repeated violation of, or willful or repeated failure to observe any provision of this Act or any rule or regulation of the Commission authorized by this Act...
Page 65 - Upon proper showing a temporary injunction or restraining order shall be granted without bond. Any such suit shall be brought in the district in which such person, partnership, or corporation resides or transacts business.
Page 14 - No such application shall excuse any carrier from complying with or obeying any decision, order, or requirement of the Commission, or operate in any manner to stay or postpone the enforcement thereof, without the special order of the Commission.

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