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veteran still lingering upon the field of their about persons with whom he had intimate common exploits.

connections, show that his cynical disregard The Diary in question was written by for delicacy and his strong sensual propenFrederick Gentz, a man endowed with rare sities were not unallied, at least originally, talents, both for statesmanship and letters, with nobler feelings, and that the seeming and who, by the sole force of his genius, voluptuary and busy man of the world could raised himself—which was then a most dif- be sensible, at all events in his earlier caficult feat in Germany, and especially in reer, of emotions worthy of his splendid Austria—from the ranks of that humble and intellect. But it is truly painful to watch respectable middle class in which he was the systematic and deliberate corruption born, to be the familiar companion, mixing with which, as he gets engulfed in the sea of with them on terms of strict equality, of the political success, Gentz strips off all generhighest born and most illustrious and pow- ous feeling, until at last there remains notherful ministers in Europe ; attending the ing but the bestial though vigorous strength councils of the Congress of Vienna as a of a malignant faun. Thus from these pages chief actor, regarded by Metternich as a there rises up the living image of a man most valued assistant, and treated by the truly singular, embodying in marvellous sovereigns and princes, statesmen and gen- proportions the highest and the coarsest erals of that stirring period with a deference qualities of human nature, and exhibiting a which is a signal tribute to the influence of combination of loftiness with dross, of walhis gifted intellect. For, beyond the fasci- lowing sensuality with piercing intellect, nation of these superior talents, Gentz had that constitutes a spectacle of a most sureverything against him. His origin was of prising and perplexing kind. The journal, that humble kind which the exclusive tem- which extends from 1800–1819, is of very per of Austrian society has ever regarded varied fulness ; in parts containing mere with religious horror. For such a man to notes to guide the memory, while in others, work his way into admission-on any foot- especially during the year 1809, comprising ing but that of a dependant—to daily, and day by day the eventful occurrences of that intimate intercourse with the aristocracy stirring year, it must add to our astonishand court of Vienna, was an unparalleled ment at the substance of these confessions achievement. Moreover, Gentz was a man to find that in their present startling shape beset with wild and boiling passions, unable they are the revised edition by Gentz himto keep himself under check, forever hurried self of his Diary. With all the tremendous along by his hot love of pleasure into ex- press of business and pleasure which seemed cesses as scandalous as they were public ;-to absorb every minute of his time, Gentz a Sybarite in his tastes, without the fortune appears never to have failed to note down to gratify them, yet quite incapable of put- the occurrences of each day-in itself not ting any restraint on his wishes, and there- the least singular contradiction in a life so fore a continual slave to the painful embar- full of contradiction. For as Varnhagen, rassment entailed by unrestrained indulgence who so long enjoyed intimate intercourse of all kinds. His Diary affords many shock- with him, testifies, it was one of the peculing proofs of the disorderly life he led, and iarities of Gentz's restless eagerness in the the unsoftened admissions made concerning pursuit of the business and pleasure of the himself are certainly the most painful por- moment, that he always showed the greatest tions of the book. Still, with all his defi- dislike to anything that forced on him a ciency of refined feeling, and his utter disre- sense of the passage of time, and especially gard of propriety in the pursuit of pleasure, to all allusion to the former events of his and his need of money for reckless and own life. In the year 1826, he looked shameless expenditure, Gentz was still not through the volumes of the Diary, thus without a soul that felt a noble ambition, thrown off in the feeling of the hour ; and and that could rise to a higher thought than it is a curious instance of his passionate that of personal interest. The entries in his nature that much of its matter had so toDiary during the eventful year 1809, and tally escaped his memory as to be no longer especially in reference to the minister Sta- intelligible to himself; the perusal induced dion, as well as many scattered remarks him to pick out portions for preservation,

and after making a summary of the remain-; The journal does not give any distinct der, to consign the original journal to the notice of the grounds which induced Gentz flames. The present volume is formed, to resolve upon leaving Berlin, and forsaktherefore, out of these two different com- ing the Prussian service. This portion of positions.

the Diary is not in its original fulness. But The opening entry in the Diary at once the entries are sufficiently numerous to give ushers us into the money embarrassments us a shrewd guess of the causes at work. which then beset Gentz, the fruit of his It is impossible to conceive a more disorspendthrift and roué propensities. On the derly and dissipated life than is unblushingly 14th April, 1800, he commemorates “the acknowledged in these brief notes, which lucky surprise ” of a present of fifty Prus- seem still panting with the heat of passion. sian dollars from a Jew elder for a petition Jews, bailiffs, debts, gaming mishaps, miswhich he had drawn up for him. At that tresses, and debaucheries of all kinds, are time Gentz, who was a Prussian by birth, the ever-recurring burdens of a career that held a subaltern appointment in the Foreign resulted in domestic troubles (for Gentz was Office in Berlin, the pay of whieh was per- married), shortly alluded to without any fectly inadequate to his extravagant wants. affectation of reserve. During a career of These he accordingly sought to provide for, headlong dissipation, a running entry of in some degree, by putting the powers of sums from foreign ministers, particularly his brilliant pen at the disposal of various from England,-on one occasion £1,000 in diplomatists with whom he was brought into a lump,-proves that, with all his devotion contact ; this intercourse was facilitated by to pleasure, Gentz still found time to cultigreat proficiency in languages, remarkable vate and increase his political connections. readiness in composition, and highly pleasing And it was probably quite as much to these manners. Thus he secured for himself confi- facts as to his desire to get away from social dential connections,-for a man in his official embarrassments, that his leaving Berlin was position, often of a doubtful nature,—which due. Gentz pursued politics with the same led to his being early employed in drawing passion that he brought into his other purup important State papers. Thus he estab- suits. The vacillating temper of the Pruslished for himself that reputation as a writer sian Cabinet in its policy towards France which induced the Austrian Cabinet to in- was particularly hateful to his soul, which trust him with the composition of the mas- had embraced with vehement passion the terly manifestoes hurled by it against Napo- gigantic plan of energetic resistance sketched leon. But a few months after he had thanked out by the English statesmen with whom he his stars for bringing him fifty dollars from had connected himself. Under the circumthe Jew elder, we find him joyously noting stances, it was natural that Gentz should down the receipt of £500 from Lord Gren- feel strongly disposed to seek a removal ville, with the remark that this was the first into the service of Austria, then battling remittance of the kind he ever received. boldly against the power of France ; which The sums which at a later period he ac- removal, by also relieving him from daily knowledges having received from various annoyances in the world of Berlin, would foreign courts are immense. At this time free him from much which must have been Gentz was but in the apprenticeship of his highly irritating to his epicurean disposistrange career, nor yet so thoroughly used tion. For some time a pretty actress apto the more startling elements of the con- pears to have suspended his choice between nections into which he allowed himself to be herself and his ambitious prospects in led as to be able to refrain from noticing the Vienna; but at last the resolution was same. Thus in February, 1801, he cannot taken, and on the 20th June he turned his help wondering at the highly extraordi- back on his wife and Berlin, never again to nary” coincidence that he should be in- see either. trusted by Lord Carysfort with turning into His reception at Vienna at first was not French the English notes against Prussia, such as to be very encouraging. A nominawhile the Prussian Minister, Count Haug- tion at Rath, with the slender salary of witz, made him translate into German his 4,000 depreciated florins, was all he got; own against England.

and he left for Dresden in the absence of

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