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- ADJUTANT GENERAL's OFFICE, No. 134. \ Washington, November 15, 1900.

I--By direction of the Acting Secretary of War, the following is published for the information and guidance of all conCerned:

In order that soldiers on their reenlistment or reentry into the service may be correctly mustered for increase of pay for former service, hereafter upon the discharge of a soldier his commanding officer will place on his discharge certificate upon the line for “Previous Service,” and in lieu of dates of enlistinent and discharge therefrom, the following remark:

“Serving in the ---------------- year of continuous service

II--By direction of the Acting Secretary of War, paragraph 954 of the Regulations is amended to read as follows:

954. Every court-martial shall keep a complete and accurate record of its proceedings, which will be authenticated in each case by the signatures of the president and judge advocate. Whenever, by reason of the death or disability of the judge advocate occurring after the court has decided on the sentence, the record can not be authenticated by his signature it must show that it has been formally approved by the court and must be authenticated by the signature of the president. The judge advocate should affix his signature to each day's proceedings.

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No. 135.

Washington, November 23, 1900. By direction of the Acting Secretary of War, the troops to be relieved from duty in Porto Rico under provisions of General Orders, No. 133, November 9, 1900, from this office, will upon arrival in New York City proceed to stations as follows:

1. Eleventh U. S. Infantry: Colonel Isaac D. DeRussy, headquarters, staff, band, and Companies I and M to Washington Barracks, District of Columbia; Lieutenant Colonel Charles L. Davis to Fort Columbus, New York; Major James E. Macklin, the adjutant and sergeant major, 3d Battalion, and Companies K and L to Fort McPherson, Georgia.

2. Fifth U. S. Cavalry: The adjutant and sergeant major, 20 Squadron, and Troops E and G to Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont; Troops F and H to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.

3. Upon the arrival of the two troops of the 5th U. S. Cavalry at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, Company L, 1st U. S. Infantry, now stationed at that post, will return to station at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

4. The department commanders concerned will arrange the details of these movements and will report hours of departure and arrival and strength of commands by telegraph to the Adjutant General of the Army.

5. The Quartermaster's Department will furnish the necessary transportation, the Subsistence Department suitable travel rations, and the Medical Department proper medical attendance and supplies. The travel enjoined is necessary for the public service. BY COMMAND OF LIEUTENANT GENERAL MILES:



No. 136.

Washington, December 6, 1900. By direction of the Secretary of War, General Orders, No. 111, page 26, August 16, 1900, from this office, fixing the money allowance of clothing for privates of infantry "per day, first six months, first year," should read .302 instead of .312. BY COMMAND OF LIEUTENANT GENERAL MILES:


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