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DRILLS Sow every known seed—none too large, none too small. Handles all brands of commercial fertilizers, no matter how hard to sow. Accurate, durable, simple, works in any kind of soil. Large variety of styles and sizes. Most Liberal Guarantee. Insist on seeing the Farmers' Favorite. THE AMERICAN SEEDING-MACHINE CO., Incorporated,



" Hernia Trusses Scientifically fitted to suit each par

ticular case. SCHNOTER'S ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS or JOCK-STRAPS are universally used by Professional and Athletic people in general. For Horsemen, Racquet and Tennis Players, Golfers, etc. Ask your dealer for the genuine "SCHNOTER'S” and only those bearing our trade-markJ.O.S.-or we will send direct on receipt of price. Cotton Mesh, 50c.; Linen Mesh, 750 ; Silk, 90c. J. C. SCANOTER CO., Makers,

523 Sixth Avenue, Near 31st St., NEW YORK, N.Y., U.S.A.

Tel. 2699 Mad.





Elastic Hosiery




Trusses, Surgical Appliances


We maintain an advisory and Surgical Fitting Department, conducted by Specialists, for the benefit of physicians and surgeons and for the general public. The services

of this thoroughly practical and experienced department are absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Correspondence with those who cannot visit our establishment is given the same careful attention,

A. J. DITMAN, 2 Barclay Street, New York

“EASY WALKER" "Easy Walker”

Rubber Heel

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WALK EASY. Stop that jar

on your spine. Prolong your life by wearing "EASY WALKER" rubber heels, Attached permanently to shoes in five minutes. Made of longwearing resilient rubber. Get the genuine. Name "EASY WALKER" moulded on the face of every heel. Look for the steel holding plate. See how the gum is anchored on the hollow side of the heel. Sold by findings dealers and shoemakers everywhere. If unable to get them from your shoe dealer, send us size of shoe

you wear and thirty-five cents in coin or postage, and tell us whether you want full or half heels. We will send you a pair postpaid. Mention WORLD ALMANAC.

The Springfield Elastic Tread Company
14-18 N. Lowry Avenue

Springfield, Ohio, U. S. A.
So-called RUPTURE CURES and ill-fitting Trusses cause aggravated Hernia. After

your experiments, without any good results, then come and try
my method of HONEST TRUSS-FITTING. My long experience
in this line enables me to adjust the proper Truss to retain the
Hernia in most cases, thereby giving those so amicted positive

VARICOCELE is the forerunner of RUPTURE. If most men.
in time, would wear a well-fitting SUSPENSORY there would be
less use for Trusses. I am a SPECIALIST in TRUSSES. SUS
PENSORIES, etc. Those that so desire can see their physician

before coming to me. The same careful attention given to either ADULT or CHILD. Trusses from $3. Suspensorses from 50c. Mail orders executed. Competent female attendant in Ladies' Department.

Hours—9 to 5.
Dept. T. s.

(Expert in Trusses, Suspensories. Etc.)
See pages 771-780 523 Sixth Avenue, at 31st St., N. Y., U. S. A.



No Attention. No Expense.



Large Plants for Towns, Institutions, Railroad Tanks. Water
Pumped by Water Power for IRRIGATION. No Wearing Parts.
Runs Continuously. Automatic.

Operates with 19 inches fall. Elevates water 30 feet
for each foot fall. 80 per cent. efficiency developed.

Our specialty is equipping country places with com-
plete system water work, extending to Stable, Green-
houses, Lawns, Fountains and Formal Gardens.

Catalogue and Estimates Free.
RIFE AUTOMATIC RAM CO., 2183 Trinity Bldg., New York

2 Gallons $5.00 Straight Kentucky Whiskey


SAMPLE 4 Quarts $3.00

or 3 Gallons $7.00 One Trial Gallon for $3.00 Your Credit Is Good

For 30 Days Just enclose with your order reference from your banker or any responsible firm you do business with and goods will be shipped promptly

express prepaid. RED CLOVERS



Red Clover




ply with the National Pure D.HRUSSELL DISTILLING.CO.

Food Law.

Write to-day for our builetin
quoting unusual prices on

very best liquors of all kinds. D. H. RUSSELL DISTILLING CO. 745-747-749 West Main St. Louisville, Ky.

In the Heart of the Whiskey Belt NOTE-Orders from Ariz., Calif., Colo., Idaho, Mont., Nev., N. Mex., Oreg., Utah, Wash.. Wvo.. must be on the basis of 4 quarts for $4,00, express paid, or 2 quarts for $14.00 by freight, prepaid.

FITS New Remedy for


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Right Remedy Is
Found at Last At Last a Reliable Treatment is

Found for These Unsightly Tumors.

You May Test It Free. 2.50 WORTH FREE

If you suffer from Fits or Falling and Nervous Spells of any kind let us send you a good LIBERAL trial treatment of our wonderful Brain and Nerve Restoratives.

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Don't be disfigured by an ugly Goitre on the neck. It can be cured. Let me send you a good liberal sample of my great remedy for a test. The sample will quickly relieve the choking and other distressing symptoms, and it often reduces the goitre from one to two inches. Do not hesitate because of former disappointments, for this test treatment alone will convince you that a true remedy has been found.

Read what John Holmes of McBrayer, Ky., says.

This is only one of the scores of such letters received every mouth. He writes: "I was

for nine years troublierl with goitre. During that time I was under the care of several good phy. sicians, and received no help. I was unable to lie down at night or rest comfortably

through the day. I was advised by one Hundreds received marked permanent of your cured patients to use your treatrelief from this FREE TRIAL TREAT. ment and after using your remedies five

was completely cured. MENT alone, and we want to prove its This was eleven months ago and I have wonderful efficiency to every sufferer. I would advise all who suffer from goitre No matter how serious your case, or to use this remedy without fail.". who has failed to cure you, there is

The treatment is curing hundreds after hope for you in this treatment. Write and no one should despair of a cure untu

other known remedy bad failed. to-day for the FREE TRIAL TREAT- it has been tried. Write for the free MENT and let the Remedies speak for test treatment, and let it speak for itself. themselves. Address Dr. Peebles Insti- Address Dr. W. T. Bobo, 300 Minty tute, Battle Creek, Mich., 300 Madison St. 'Block, Battle Creek, Mich.

of Consumption FOR RUPTURE


Remarkable Rescue of Prominent New Scientific Appliance, Always a Perfect Indiana Man A Matter of Life

Fit-Adjustable to Any Size Personand-Death Interest

to All Throat and Lung Sufferers.

Easy, Comfortable, Never Slips-Costs

Less than Many Common Trusses-Made For Benefit of World Almanac for Men, Women and Children, Readers, He Tells How He Cured Himself at Home-Costs Nothing to Try.

I Send It On Approval—You Wear It-If

You Are Not Satisfied I Refund Your "I think I owe it to all sufferers of lung and throat trouble and consumption to tell

Money. them some mighty good news, a sure way

I have invented a rupture appliance that I to cure themselves right at home with little trouble.” said E. S. Stroh. of Angola, Ind., rupture business, is the only one that will ab.

can safely say, by 30 yeans' experience in the yesterday, as he passed through.

Coming from me, probably, some people solutely hold the rupture and never slip and might doubt this, but let me tell you," he yet is cool, comfortable, conforms to every said, as his 66-year-old face flushed with a resurrected, youthful smile, "over two years movement of the body without chafing or ago I was a weazened-up wreck, con- hurting and costs less than many ordinary sumptive at 63. Three lung specialists passed me up. Every day I would cough up about a pint. I had chills and fever every afternoon. I could hardly eat, even the plainest food, coughed nearly all night, and was down to 137 pounds when I hit on the cure. Well, you see me now. I weigh 166 pounds, frisky as a boy at 66, can do a big day's work, and eat like a prince.

"Now I am not trying to boost anybody, but I must give credit where credit is due. Dr. J. Lawrence Hill, 592 Hill Building, Jackson, Mich., the well known lung specialist of America and probably so far the only successful one, cured me. That was two years ago. I have just had my lungs examined again and there is no trace of consumption nor danger of its returning. Dr. Hill makes a specialty of treating throat and lung sufferers at a distance who have not the means of visiting his office personally. That's the way he cured me, and I know of many others who had one foot in the grave almost, brought back to life by what he calls his Rational Treatment. It certainly is a wonder.

"I wish every reader of your book who has weak lungs, catarrh of the bronchial

C. E. BROOKS, the Inventor. tubes or catarrh in any form, chronic bron trusses. I have put the price so low that any chitis, asthma, chronic hacking cough, loss of flesh, night sweats, hemorrhages, soreness person, rich or poor, can buy, and I absolutely or pain in the chest or under the shoulder guarantee it. I make it to your order-send blades or any other deadly symptom of consumption, to send to Dr. Hlll for his trial it to you—you wear it, and if it doesn't package. This treatment checks at once satisfy you send it back to me and I will refurther progress of the disease, develops fund your money. That is the fairest proposiatrophied cell tissues and brings on new resisting.. power, appetite, flesh and good

tion ever made by a rupture specialist. The Fill out the coupon below and mail banks or any responsible citizen in Marshall to-day.

will tell you that is the way I do businessalways absolutely on the square.

If you have tried most everything else, Dr. J. Lawrence Hill,

come to me. Where others fail is where I 592 Hill Bldg. Jackson, Mich. have my greatest success. I am suffering from throat and lung

Write me to-day and I will send you my trouble, 60 please send me your large trial package in plain, sealed wrapper,

book on Rupture and Its Cures, showing my that I may try it and see for myself if it appliance and giving you prices and names of will do what you claim it will. I en- people who have tried it and have been cured. close 20c. to help pay for packing, etc., and as an evidence that I am not sending

It is instant rellef when all others fail. Refor the trial package out of idle curiosity. member I use no salves, no harness, no lles.

Just a straight business deal at a reasonable NAME.

price. ADDRESS..

C. E. Brooks, 315 Brooks Bldg.,

Marshall, Michigan.



Trial Treatment. Package Coupon

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