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The NAMES OF PLACES indicate where the subscriptions were taken, and do not necessarily imply residence.


Arinori Mori, Minister Plen. from Japan.

Catacazy, Count Constantine de, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Russia.

Cortez, Señor Don Enrique, Sec. Legation from U. S. Colombia.

Corti, Count Luigi, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Italy.

Delfosse, Maurice, Min. Res. from Belgium.

Freyre, Col. Don Manuel, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Peru.

Garcia, Señor Don Manuel R., En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Argentine Rep.

Gerolt, Baron, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Germany.

Haentjens, Señor Clement, Sec. Legation from Hayti.

Henderson, Hon. C. A., British Consulate.

Magalhaens, D. J. Gonsalves de, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Brazil.

Mariscal, Señor Don Ignacio, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Mexico.

Mazel, A., Minister Resident from the Netherlands.

Motley, J. Lothrop, U. S. Minister to Great Britain.

Murillo, Señor Don Manuel, Bogota, U. S. Colombia.

Perez, Señor Don Santiago, Min. Resident from U. S. Colombia.

Portugal, Señor Don Manuel C., Sec. Legation from Mexico.

Preston, Stephen, Minister Resident from Hayti.

Rangabe, Señor Cleon Rizo, Chargé d'affaires from Greece.

Roberts, Señor Don Mauricio Lopez, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Spain.

Thornton, Sir Edward, En. Ex. and Min. Plen. from Great Britain.

Villena, Señor Don Eduardo, Sec. Legation from Peru.

Washburn, Charles A., U. S. Minister to Paraguay.

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Stewart, William M.

Stone, Henry

Taylor, George

Warner, Willard West, J. R. Williams, J. M. S. Wilson, Henry

Wood, Fernando

Wolf, S.

Wright, George G.


Blanchard, S. S.
Blasland, E. B.
Bliss, James W.
Bogman, George E.
Bolles, Matthew
Bosson, George C.
Botume, Jr., John
Bouvé, George H.
Bowditch, J. Ingersoll
Bowdlear, W. H.
Bradlee, John T.
Bradshaw, Charles H.
Braman, Jarvis D.
Brewer, Gardner
Brigham, W. L.
Brimmer, Martin
Brooks, George M.
Brown, E. F.

Brown, Nehemiah
Browne, A. Parker

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Bryant, Gridley J. F.
Bryant, N. B.
Burdett, H. S.
Burr, Charles C.

Burt, William L.

Butler, Charles S.

Campbell, A. R.

Carpenter, Cyrus

Cartwright, Charles E.

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Farnsworth, Ezra
Fellows Athenæum
Fenno, Isaac
Ferguson, Robert G.
Fernald, Thomas
Fisher, Edwin S.
Fitch, Jonas

Fleetwood, Henry
Forbes, John M.
Foss, L. B.

Foster, Frederick A.
Foster, J. K.

Freeland, Charles W.

Freeland, James H.

Freeman, Knowles

Frost, Frank M.
Fulton, Justin D.

Gaffield, Thomas Gale, Cicero C. Gannett, Rev. George Gaston, William Gay, Phineas E. Gilmore, P. S.

Glidden, J. A.

Goldthwait, Francis I.

Goldthwait, Joel

Goodrich, E. D. Gordon, A. J. Goss, Allen C. Gould & Lincoln Guild, William A.

Hapgood, Lyman T. Harrington, L. B. Harris, Alphonso S. Haskins, Leander M. Hastings, Mrs. Julia Haven, Jr., Franklin Haven, Franklin Hayden, Isaac Haynes, John C. Henderson, C. A.

Hiler, T. G.

Hill, Noble

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McPhail, Jr., A. M.
McPherson, John P.
Manning, John B.
Manhinney, H. H.
Marsh, Charles
Marsh, W. S.
Marshall, J. F. B.
Mason, Henry
Mass. State Library
May, Frederick W. G.
May, John J.

Mayo, Henry
Merritt, Franklin S.
Miner, George A.
Milles, Lansing
Mitchell, Charles L.

Morris, Robert

Morse, Nathan

Morse, Robert M.

Morse, Sterne

Moulton, Joseph

Nash, Nathaniel C.

Newell, John
Norcross, Otis

Nowell, John A.

Park, George W.

Parlin, Albert N.
Paterson, E. D.
Percival, Q. T.
Perkins, Francis C.
Phelps, Charles A.
Phelps, W. S.
Phillips, Wendell
Philbrick, L. W.
Pierce, Edward L.
Pierce, Henry L.
Pickering, James F.
Piper, William H.
Plumer, Avery
Poor, Charles C.
Poor, Eben S.

Poor, Henry
Pope, Albert A.

Pope, B. M.

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