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SPANISH MS., EVANGELIARIUM AD USUM CISTERCIANIENSIS. ON VELLUM. (Miniature 12) A Street Preaching Scene; (Miniature 13) Dives and Lazarus.

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A Selection of

Choice and Valuable

Old Books

Part I.


P596 1924

Fifteenth Century Spanish Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum.

I EVANGELIARIUM AD USUM CISTERCIENSIS MONASTERII IN HISPANIA. MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, beautifully written in Latin by a Spanish Scribe in large Gothic Letters, red and black, 18 long lines to a page (13 by 9 in.), with numerous illuminated initials, ILLUSTRATED WITH FOURTEEN LARGE AND MAGNIFICENT FULL-PAGE MINIATURES, of a somewhat later date, by an artist of the Spanish School. Folio, oak boards covered with old velvet, with a small silver crucifix in centre of front cover.



List of miniatures:


Full-page border, with Miniatures of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the four Evangelists in the corners, angels singing at top, Arms below.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

3. The Holy Trinity, surrounded by a choir of angels. [SEE REPRODUCTION.]

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5. Jacob receiving the blessing from Isaac, Esau hunting in background.

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8. Moses with Aaron and Hur, with uplifted hands at Rephidim, battle in the foreground.

9. David and the Prophet Nathan, "Thou art the man."

10. Moses descending from Sinai, with the two tables of stone, on which are the

Ten Commandments.

11. The Last Judgment. [SEE REPRODUCTION.]


A Street Preaching Scene in the Middle Ages. [SEE REPRODUCTION.] 13. Dives and Lazarus. [SEE REPRODUCTIOŃ.]

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