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SHE following Sermons, T W were first Framed, and A then Preached, with a

fincere Design of fixing in your Minds such Notions of Religion,

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be read, either in the Family, or the Closet, within the compass of half an hour. And because they will most probably, as they are defigned, be read, every one, fingly in it's Order; I have therefore endeavoured rather to make, than to avoid, the Repetition of such things, as either are of so great importance, as to be equally necessary on several Occasions ; or serve to make every Discourse, by it self, the more complete and useful.

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I am very sensible of the Obligations I lie under, to contribute my utmost towards your right Understanding, and conscientious Praètice, of true Religion. It hath pleased God, by a particular Providence, to make my Power to serve you


much less than my Will: nor am

I insensible of my many Imperfections in the discharge of those parts of my Office which I am still able to perform. But of this you your selves are Witnesses ; (and

these Sermons will be fome Testiįmony of it to the World ;) that

the Points which I have chiefly, I may say constantly, inculcated upon you from the Pulpit, have been the great, undisputed, Duties of the Gospel, and the indispensable Necessity of an Holy Life. You see, I would willingly find out something that might atone a little for my Defects in other parts of my Office : and I can think of nothing better than this, that I have carefully endeavoured to point out to you the true way to Heaven. Nor can I


St. JAME S ii. 10. For whosoever fall keep the whole Law,

and yet offend in one Point, is guilty of all.

III. 135.

SERM. VIII. Objections against the Possibility of

the Pardon of some Sinners, answered.

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HEBREWS X. 26, 27. For if we fin wilfully, after that we have

received the Knowledge of the Truth, there remaineth no more Sacrifice for Sin: but a certain fearful looking for of Judgment, and fiery Indignation, which shall devour the Adversaries.


SERM. IX. The Mistake of relying upon Faith, considered.


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