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fashioned like unto Christ's glorious body, ac, cording to the working whereby he is able to • subdue all things to himself ? Phil. iii 21. And who can tell, what the glory of the body will be, when it shall thus shake of all the dust and defilements of the grave, spring up into new life, and be built up after this amiable and per. fect model? It is Town in corruption, it is rai. • fed in incorruption : It is fown in dishonour, it • is raised in glory : It is sown in weakness, it is

raised in power : It is sown a natural, it is rai. sed a spiritual body.' And if the body shall then be so beauçiful and glorious, what shall be the beauty, glory, and happiness of the foul, when that full falvation which Christ hath purchased for it by the dear price of his blood, shall be immediately and eternally enjoyed ? This is that day of complete and perfect redemption, which the Christian is longing and waiting for ; and how can he sometimes lift up his head with joy, when he sees it drawing nigh? Of such importance is it to keep faith awake and lively in the death and righteoufness of Christ, in the near views of death, and judgment, and eternity

Thus should we learn to apply to this righteousness, and support our hopes on it in the great and most important articles and concernments of the Christian life. This is making a proper and practical ute of it, for the great purposes for which it was defigned. When the Christian lofts sight of this righteousness, how is his mind clouded, and his hope depres. sed, and what guilty fears are ready to spring up in his bofom But when he can by faith realize it, and apply unto it ; plead it with God, and live upon it; with what joy does it fill him, and with what growing hope does he press forwards for the better world? 'He finds that in it, which anfwers every distress, fupports his dearest claims, and gives him humble confidence in life, and in death. This leads me to add,


6. How great must be the happiness of the believer's state, and with what fatisfaction and comfort

may he reflect upon it! He has an intereft, in a glorious righteousness; what is of greatest value in itself, and shall be effectual for the obtaining every bleffing. He is of the happy number of those to whom God doth not impute sin, and imputeth righteousness without works. The righteousness, in which he claims, reverses the awful sentence of the law which lay against him, and brings him into a state of favour and acceptance with God; makes a blersed change in his state, and founds a sure title to all the blessings of grace, and to complete salvation. He that wrought it out was God as well as man; this gave his righteousness an unspeakable value, made it highly pleafing to God, and meritorious of every blessing. It is perfect and without spot; what neither Satan, nor the law of God can implead;. what carries in it a full answer to every charge of guilt ; in it conscience acquiesces, and when God graciously reckons it to the soul in believing, and justifies in and through it, who fall condemn ? Death, the last enemy, can make no impreffions upon the state and happiness of the soul, that is found


clothed upon with it ; it is superior to all its afsaults, and a lively faith in it will at last give the faint a joyful triumph over all his power. It is what supports the hopes of the dying saint, and under all the weakness of diffolving nature opens bis prospect into eternity. It is what will at last unteal the grave; fetch the sleeping dust out of the house of rottenness and corruption, and build up the whole man in immortality and glory. Under the protection and adornings of it, how will the believer be found at last of God in peace, without spot and blameless? whilst the exalted Saviour and Judge Thall present him faultless before the presence of his glory, with exceeding joy; and bid him welcome to that state of final and everlasting blessedness, which God hath prepared for him, saying, Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. And having brought safe to heaven, how will it maintain in the joyful poffeffion of all its happiness, thro’ the endless ages of eternity ? In one word, it is of infinite value, and always, and to eternity, the same: And whilst we receive and im. prove it by faith for the great and blessed purposes for which it was designed, how safe are our dearest interests, and what can undermine the foundation of our hopes ? Blessed state of the foul, that is interested in it! What in life or death can make that man miserable ? Death is unftung, and the grave vanquished; God reconciled, and every enemy subdued : All is safe for both worlds, and all shall end in the poffeffion of that happiness, which eye hath not X

feen seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entred into the beart of mar.

7thly, and lafily, Shall not unbelieving finner's stand convicted of their want of this righ. teousness, and certain misery without it? Oh that God would give them to see their want of it, and certain mifery without it, in such a clear and affecting light as may excite them humbly and earnestly to apply to it, and plead for an interest in it, e'er it be too late! If without a justifying righteousness, where fin. der wilst thou appear, when God shall come to make inquisition for fin, and raife his throne. for judgment? Thy state is fad now; thou art under the guilt of lin, and the wrath of God; and terrible and pointed in the threatning, that is levelled against thee: he that believed net, is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God and shall not see life; but the wrath of God a. bideth on him, John ii. 18, 36. What then wilst thou do, when that. Jesus, whose grace and righteousness thou now flightest and turnest thy back upon fhall appear in awful majefty, as the righteous and universal judge, and fummon thee to his bar Canst thou contend with him in judgment? or answer him one of a thousand ? Or, whilft by unbelief thou equally C'efpifeft his authority and his love, where canit thou hope to find that, which will skreen thee from the terrors of his irrath, and give thee confidence before him? As the Apostle puts the queftion and leaves it to the awakened confcience

to answer it, how fall we escape, if we neglect fo great salvation ; negleft so glorious a righ. teousness, and so great falvation provided thro' it ? Heb. ii. 3. If we neglect and despise the way of pardon and salvation by the death and righ: ousness of Christ, their remaineth no more sacrie fice for fins. Nor will the guilty despiser of gof. pel grace have any thing to plead in his own defence. The man without the wedding-garment was speechless ; and speechlefs will every finner be, who shall reject and refuse this only righte: ousness for justification, this only way of pardon and salvation which is provided in the gospel. It is the provision of infinite grace; and canst thou hope that grace will protect thee from the resentments of justice, whilst thou pourest contempt upon the only way of pardon and falvation, which this grace has appointed ? Will grace fave to the wrong of every other per. fection? or save in a contempt of the only way of salvation, which itself hath appointed ? Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and peris. It is an awful declaration of the Apostle, 1 John v.

He that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

Upon the whole, haft thou finner any fuffici. ent righteousness of thine own to trust in, and plead with God, that thou thus disdainest the righteousness of the Mediator, and all the overtures of mercy in and through him? Or if thou thinkest thou canst do well enough without a better righteousness than thine own now, what wilst thou do, when death fhail ftrip thee of all thy false coverings, and place thee naked at the


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