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"Russia and Liberalism" is an interesting presentation by Angelo S. Rappoport-also in the February "Review.” During her early history, the writer points out, Russia was democratic; Russian autocracy is not a development from within, but is an artificial growth resulting from Mongol, Byzantine, and lastly-Prussian influence. present European war will sweep away Russian absolutism, and "from the mist of carnage will arise a regenerated Russia, inspired, animated by the Slavonic spirit of democracy, of tolerance and freedom, a Russia who will be the true friend and ally of Constitutional England and of Republican France."

In an article entitled, "The European War and Geography" ("Educational Review," March), Robert M. Brown, of the Providence, Rhode Island, State Normal School, shows that though the present war is likely to change the map of Europe, there are, nevertheless, many geographical questions which may be studied at the present time with especial interest and profit. Among these are the following: The difference between physical and artificial boundary lines; the problem of distance as a barrier; the part played by man in overcoming natural barriers; international highways; climate; self-sustenance of nations; economic effects of the war upon neutral countries.

30 TO FEBRUARY 27, 1915

American History

Andrews, Charles M. Narratives of the insurrections, 1675-1690. N. Y.: Scribner. 414 pp. $3.00, net. Babcock, Kendric C. The Scandinavian element in the United States. Urbana, Ill.: Univ. of Ill. 223 pp. $1.15, net.

Ford, Henry J. The Scotch-Irish in America. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton Univ. Press. 607 pp. (34 pp. bibl.). $2.00, net.

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Hunter, Frederick W. Stiegel glass. Boston: Houghton,
Mifflin. 272 pp. $10.00, net.
Mass. Historical Society. The commerce of Rhode Island.
Vol. I. Boston: The Society. 525 pp. $3.00, net.
Studies in southern history and politics, inscribed to
William A. Dunning by his former pupils, the authors.
N. Y.: Lemcke and Buechner. 394 pp. $2.50, net.
Wellington, Raynor G. The political and sectional influ-
ence of the public lands, 1828-1842. Cambridge,
Mass.: Riverside Press. 131 pp. (7 pp. bibl). $1.15.

Ancient History

Angus, Samuel. The environment of early Christianity. N. Y.: Scribner. 240 pp. (81⁄2 pp. bibl). 75 cents, net. Cook, Arthur B. Zeus, a study in ancient religion. Vol. I, Zeus, god of the bright-sky. N. Y.: Putnam. 886 pp. $13.50, net. Hogarth, D. G. The ancient east [Western Asia, 1000 B. C. to Christian era]. N. Y.: Holt. 256 pp. 50 cents, net.

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Thallon, Ida C., editor. Readings in Greek history. Boston: Ginn & Co. 638 pp. (bibls.). $2.00.

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The same features will mark the Session which have in the twenty-three years of its existence proved acceptable to thousands of public school teachers; a complete university plant, with ample libraries, laboratories, shops, gardens and farms, set in the beautiful lake country of Western New York,-facilities for study employed by fifty departments, in two hundred and fifty courses of instruction, covering all subjects of school curricula. For example, twenty courses in Chemistry; twenty in foreign languages; fourteen in English, including oral English and voice training. New movements in education are provided for-agriculture, domestic science, industrial and commercial education, physical culture, public school music. General lectures, concerts, excursions. Full Announcement by Writing Registrar of Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.



Will open for the twenty-first session July 5. Six weeks' course. Delightful location. The 175 courses offered will include eight in history, three of which are credited towards the degree of M.A. or Ph.D. Professor Brown will give two courses in American History and one in English History; Professor Jones, three courses in European History; Professor Sihler, a course in the Decline and Disintegration of the Roman Republic, and Professor Waters, a course in Ancient History. Other strong courses in Political Science are offered. For bulletin address,

J. R. LOUGH, Director

New York University Washington Square, New York City

English History

Abell, Francis. Prisoners of war in Britain, 1756 to 1815. N. Y.: Oxford Univ. 464 pp. $5.00, net. Barbour, W. T., and Coopland, G. W. The history of contract in early English equity. N. Y.: Oxford Univ. 237166 pp. $4.15, net.

Bible. The later version of the Wycliffiite epistle to the Romans, compared with the Latin original. New Haven, Ct.: Yale Univ. 180 pp. $1.50, net. Birmingham, George A. The northern iron. [Story of the Protestant rising in Ireland in 1798.] Balto.: Norman, Remington Co. [308 N. Charles St.]. 320 pp. $1.20, net.

Chatterton, E. K. The old East Indiamen. Phila.: Lippincott. 343 pp. $3.00, net. Cresswell, C. M. Saxon and Norman and Dane. Milwaukee: Young Churchman Co. 121 pp. $1.00, net. Duckitt, M., and Wragg, H., compilers. Selected English letters, XV-XIX centuries. N. Y.: Oxford Univ. 589 pp. 85 cents, net.

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Putnam. 142 pp. $1.75, net.

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J. Lane. Out of print in U. S.
Williams, John F. Proportional representation and British
politics. N. Y.: Duffield. 50 cents, net.

European History

Abbot, Willis J., and others, editors. The nations at war; a current history. Issued in parts. N. Y.: Syndicate Pub. Co. [9 E. 37th St.]. Each, 12 cents. Anon. The German spy system from within, by ex-intelligence officer. N. Y.: Doran. 195 pp. $1.00, net. Begni, Ernesto, and others, editors. The Vatican; its history [etc.]. N. Y.: Letters and Arts Pub., 1 W. 34th St. 600 pp. $10.00.

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American (The) year book. A record of events and progress, 1914. N. Y.: Appleton. 862 pp. $3.00, net. Davis, Calvin O. A guide to methods and observation in

history. Chicago: Rand McNally. 44 pp. (6 pp.
bibl.). 50 cents, net.

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N. Y.: Scribner. $3.00, net.
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Frederick II, the Great, King of Prussia, and Treitschke,
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The Life of Frederick the Great by H. von Treitschke.
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Government and Politics

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Walsh, Correa M. The political science of John Adams. N. Y.: Putnam. 374 pp. $2.25, net.

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Current History and Outline Maps

Teachers of history and geography have at the present time the most remarkable opportunity ever presented to a pedagogue. The morning newspaper brings into prominence towns and localities almost unknown to American students, and geographical relationships of a new and amazing character become the subject of common conversation on the street corners. The history of nations and of races is reviewed by every weekly paper or monthly magazine. Analogies and comparisons between historical and present events are drawn by reporters and syndicate writers with a courage deserving of the Polish firing-line.

The problem for the teacher is not to awaken an interest in current events, but to control that interest which has already been called into life by head-lines, Sunday illustrated supplements, the "movies," and semi-scientific magazine articles. The accounts of events need to be read, digested, criticized, and made the student's own possession. There should be some come-back on the pupil's part-some thought and work which will put into word or color or arrangement the facts which pass so quickly before him.

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Many devices will accomplish this end, but when the purpose is to show geographical relationship of historical facts, nothing better can be used than the

McKinley Desk and Wall Outline Maps


The wall map of Central Europe and the desk map of the same region show excellently the area of the battle lines in the East and the West. Wall and desk outline maps of Europe may be used to show the alliances, and the situation in the Mediterranean. ENGLAND AND THE NORTH SEA

To show the British Isles in their relation to the North Sea, the coast of Europe and the Baltic region, use the desk maps of the Baltic lands and the wall map of Europe.


Use the wall and desk maps of France, of Central Europe, of the British Isles, and of England.


This can be shown on the wall and desk maps of Europe and of Central Europe; and on the desk maps of the Baltic lands, of Germany, and of Russia.


Use desk maps of Southeastern Europe, and of the Danube Valley; wall maps of Europe, of the Roman Empire, and of Alexander's Empire.


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Use the wall and desk maps, "Eastern World." For the situation in Palestine and Egypt, use the wall and desk maps of those countries.


The several states of the Empire and many other facts may be shown on desk maps of Germany, and wall and desk maps of Central Europe.

RECTIFYING THE ITALIAN BOUNDARY Use wall and desk outline maps of Italy which show the Trent region and the Istrian Peninsula; or use the wall and desk maps of Central Europe.

JAPANESE INTERVENTION IN CHINA Use the desk map of China and Japan, and the wall map of Asia.


Use desk maps of Mexico, of West Indies, and of Southwestern United States; and wall map of North America.


Many maps may be used to show the location of the canal and the lines of trade centering at the Isthmus. Use wall and desk maps of the World, of North America, of South America, and desk maps of the West Indies, and of Mexico.

WALL OUTLINE MAPS, 32x44 and 32 x 48 inches
Prices, 15 to 20 cents according to quantity

DESK OUTLINE, 10x15, 7%1⁄2 x 10 and 5x71⁄2 inches
Prices, 85 cents, 50 cents, 35 cents respectfully

Write at once for samples stating the purpose for which you need the maps

McKinley Publishing Company PHILADELPHIA



The Riverside History of the United States


In Four Volumes. Each volume, cloth, 12mo, $1.25

Edited by WILLIAM E. DODD, Professor of American History in the University of Chicago
This series presents to college students a brief account and interpretation of the development
of the United States from the beginning to the present time. The economic factors in the shaping
of party and national thinking are stressed, but not to the exclusion of the powerful personal
influences. Social life and group feelings and interests receive unusual consideration, as does also
the intellectual and religious life of the people. One large purpose of the series is to give to
the student perspective.

Beginnings of the American People

BY CARL LOTUS BECKER, Professor of European History, University of Kansas

II. Union and Democracy

BY ALLEN JOHNSON, Professor of American History, Yale University

III. Expansion and Conflict

BY WILLIAM E. DODD, (Editor of the Series)

IV. The New Nation

BY FREDERIC LOGAN PAXSON, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin




GEORGE E. HOWARD, Head Professor of Political Science and Sociology, University of Nebraska ; formerly Professor of History, Leland Stanford Junior University:

From every standpoint I regard WEBSTER'S ANCIENT HISTORY as a notable achievement. As a guide to the understanding of the real life of the ancient peoples its value is unique. It is a complete and efficient text for school use. The maps, the illustrations, the source citations, the up-to-date reference lists reveal the trained scholar and the experienced teacher. But the work is more than a text in the conventional sense. It is an independent and well-organized treatment of the period of history with which it deals. The style is attractive; the analysis scientific. In a word, it is an interesting study of the civilization of the oriental and classical peoples. Here, as never before in such a book, the vital questions, the things that are so much more important than battles and pageants, are placed in proper relief. The discussions of manners, customs, and other social institutions are such as only the trained student of primitive society could produce. In his Ancient History the author has rendered a distinct service to American education; and the well-chosen Readings will enable the competent teacher to make a right application of the source-method. CLOTH, 665 PAGES, 219 ILLUSTRATIONS, 53 MAPS, PRICE, $1.50

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Agrarian History of the United States as a Field for Research
by Prof. W. J. Trimble

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New York Constitutional Convention, by Prof. Edgar Dawson


Unity and Continuity in High School History Courses, by R. L. Ashley
College Entrance Examinations, by Prof. E. D. Fite



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Report of Committee on Training High School Teachers of History -
Gary Conference on History Teaching



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Published monthly, except July and August, by McKinley Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Copyright, 1915, McKinley Publishing Co. Entered as second-class matter, Oct. 26, 1909, at Post-office at Phila., Pa., under Act of March 3, 1879

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