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English History.

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N. Y.:

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Medieval History.

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the McDonnell, J. D. The life of H. M. Albert, King of the Belgians. N. Y.: Stokes. 189 pp. $1.00, net.

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Wash., $1.50. N. Y.:

and Lees, Beatrice A. Alfred, the Great, 848-899. N. Y.: Putnam. 493 pp. (3 pp. bibl.). $2.50, net. Barbour, Violet. Henry Bonnet, Earl of Arlington. D. C.: Am. Hist. Assn. 302 pp. (23 pp. bibl). Bradby, E. D. The life of Barnave. In 2 vols. Oxford Univ. 389, 410 pp. (7 pp. bibl.). $5.75, net. Godley, Eveline. The Great Condé. N. Y.: Scribner. 364 pp. $6.00, net.


The B

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75 cents, net.


[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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Provide a Set of Colored Wall Maps

for every Class in History or Geography by filling in the McKinley Wall Outline Maps and preserving them permanently on the

McKinley Holder for Wall Outline Maps


This simple mechanical device is used to store Wall Outline Maps until ready for use; to preserve colored and filled in maps for future sessions of the class; and to keep permanently before the class the maps needed for daily work.

The Holder is composed of a black varnished rod with chains and hooks for suspension from the wall. Patent rings are furnished with the Holder, and to these the maps are suspended by means of gummed cloth hangers, a supply of which is given with each Holder.

The Maps can be easily turned back over the rod and thus any desired map presented to view without trouble or delay.

Price, 75 cents net (carriage extra); weight packed for parcel post or express, two pounds.

List of McKinley Wall Outline Maps

The series of McKinley Wall Outline Maps now includes:

The World (Mercator's Projection). France and England.




North America.

South America.



British Isles.

Greece and gean Sea.

Central Europe.

Eastern World (Greece to India).

[blocks in formation]

Eastern United States.
New England.

Middle Atlantic States.
South Atlantic States.

Mississippi Valley, Northern Section.
Mississippi Valley, Southern Section.
Pacific Coast and Plateau States.
Eastern Virginia and Maryland (for
Civil War).

Price. Single copies, 20 cents each; ten or more copies, 17 cents each; twenty-five or more copies, 15 cents each. (Postage or expressage extra; postage on one map, 10 cents; on each additional map, 2 cents. The maps are shipped in stout mailing tubes.)


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