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Kelly, Thomas. The Big Tree Treaty; or the last council on the Genesee. Geneseo, N. Y.: Mt. Pleasant Farm. 407 pp. $1.00.

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15 cents.

Law, John, and Corbitt, W. Address on Old Vincennes (1839) by J. Law; French Arrogance (1798) by W. Corbitt. Tarrytown, N. Y.: W. Abbott; Mag. of Hist. Extra No. 44. $4.00.

Massachusetts [Colony], General Court, 1660. Governor
John Endicott's Humble petition [etc.]. N. Y.: C. F.
Heartman. 10 pp. $1.50.

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Colonies. N. Y.: Macmillan. 693 pp. $3.00, net.
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Dayton, Va.: Ruebush-Elkins Co. 510 pp. $4.00, net.
New York [City] Public Library. American History; a few
suggestions for reading. N. Y.: The Library. 8 pp.
O'Shaugnessy, Edith C. A diplomat's wife in Mexico.
N. Y.: Harper. 355 pp. $2.00, net.
Parker, Arthur C. The constitution of the Five Nations.
Albany, N. Y.: Univ. of the State of N. Y. 158 pp.
30 cents.
Parker, William T.

Annals of old Fort Cummings, New Mexico, 1867-8. Northampton, Mass.: The author. 56 pp. $1.50.

Ride (A) to Niagara in 1809 by T. C. Rochester, N. Y.: J. G. Humphrey. 49 pp. $1.50.

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cago: Atkinson, Mentzer & Co. 101 pp. 20 cents. Smith, Mary S. Union sentiment in North Carolina during the Civil War. Raleigh, N. C.: Meredith Coll. 21 pp. Stephens, Frank F. The Monroe Doctrine. Columbia, Mo.: Univ. of Mo. 26 pp.

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Ancient History.

Boyd, Clarence E.
ancient Rome.
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vols. Vol. 1, Greek and Roman, by W. S. Fox. Bos-
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bash Ave.]. 112 pp. 75 cents.

Public libraries and literary culture in
Chicago: Univ. of Chic. 77 pp. $1.00,

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English History.

Bose, Sudhindra. Some aspects of British rule in India. Iowa City, Ia.: Univ. of Ia. 149 pp. (61⁄2 pp. bibls.).

80 cents.

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N. Y.: Scribner.
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N. Y.: Dutton.
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N. Y.: Longmans. 184 pp. $1.25, net.
Turner, Cuthbert H. Early Worcester Mss. N. Y.: Ox.
ford Univ. 71 + 32 pp. $11.75, net

A short history of English rural life.
183 pp. $1.25, net.

Place names of England and Wales. 532 pp. $5.00, net.

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201 pp. $5.50, net.

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N. Y.: Macmillan. 400 pp. $1.50, net.
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Kan.: Army Service School. 150 pp. 25 cents.
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$1.25, net.

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cents, net.


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The War.

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[blocks in formation]

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Medieval History.

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230 PP.

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armies of France, Germany, Austria, Russia, England,
Italy, Mexico and Japan. (Showing conditions in July,
1914.) Wash., D. C.: Govt. Pr. Off.
82 pp.

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Government and Politics.

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belongs to the Dutch to take part in the East Indian
trade. N. Y.: Oxford Univ. Press. 83 pp. $1.00, net.
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Macmillan. 276 pp. (bibls.). $1.50, net.
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50 cents, net.

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United States. N. Y.: P. Morse & Co. 85 pp. 75

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ness. St. Louis: Nat. Rip-Saw Pub. Co. 32 pp. 10

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N. Y.: Dutton. 407 pp. $6.00, net.

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Macmillan. 202 pp. $1.25, net.

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N. Y.: Lemcke & Beuchner. 165 pp. $1.50, net.
Taft, William H. The presidency; its duties, its powers,
its opportunities and its limitations. N. Y.: Scribner.
145 pp. $1.00, net.

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pp. $1.00.

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for the United States; issued Nov., 1915. Wash., D. C.:
Govt. Pr. Off.

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Doran. 264 pp. $1.00, net.
Wright, Philip I. The enforcement of international law
through municipal law in the United States. Urbana,
Ill.: Univ. of Ill. 264 pp. (81⁄2 pp. bibls.). $1.25.

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REDUCED RATE of one dollar a year is granted to members of the American Historical Association, and to members of local and regional associations of history teachers. Such subscriptions must be sent direct to the publishers or through the secretaries of associations (but not through subscription agencies).

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The McKinley Illustrated Topics for Ancient and American History

The sale of the McKinley Outline Maps, Notebooks and Topics is accomplished only by inspection of sample copies without the use of agents. The publishers feel so confident of the ultimate adoption of these aids that they are willing to send expensive sets of samples to teachers of history and geography.

To permit teachers to try in class the ILLUSTRATED TOPICS


is now made:

The publishers will furnish free of charge to any secondary school teacher of history enough copies of any one topic (selected from the twenty-eight Ancient Topics or the thirty-nine American Topics) to supply every student in any one class. Teachers in writing for these samples should state the school in which they are located, the grade of the class, the period of history studied, and the particular topic which they desire.


1619-1621 Ranstead Street

Philadelphia, Pa.



Volume VII.
Number 8.






Teaching War and Peace in American History, by Prof. A. C. McLaughlin

Two Views Regarding Historical Fiction:

(1) by Eldridge Colby

(2) by Kate M. Monro

Freshman History at the University of California, by E. S. Brown

History Teachers' Associations

Teaching the History of the New South, II., by Prof. St. G. L. Sioussat

The History Notebook in Secondary Schools, by R. D. Armstrong

Reports from the Historical Field

Periodical Literature, by Dr. G. B. Richards

Book Reviews, edited by Prof. W. J. Chase

Recent Historical Publications, listed by Dr. C. A. Coulomb

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