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Constitution and the amendments of that instrument exclude certain subjects from the competence of the Executive. Positive prohibitions upon Congress, certain guarantees in the amendments, powers reserved to the States, including police powers, are in their very nature effective barriers against the treaty-making power. Especially interesting is the chapter on the Japanese-California controversies in which the weight of evidence favors the State as against the Federal government. That the present limited powers of the Federal government in these matters are often embarrassing, as in the California case, is not denied, but the proper remedy lies not in the assumption of new and unwarranted powers by the Executive, but in an amendment to the Constitution. It is a scholarly and valuable work, especially instructive to the teacher of constitutional law. KARL F. GEISER.

Oberlin College.

LARSON, LAWRENCE M. A Short History of England and the British Empire. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1915. Pp. 661. $1.40.

This volume is one of a series edited by Professor Haskins, of Harvard. The author, Professor Larson, of the University of Illinois, has compressed into a small manual the story of the development of England, giving particular attention to those topics which bear upon "the development of American life and thought and civilization."

The work is so well done that one cannot but regret that Professor Larson was so restricted by the size of the volume. It is a serious question whether, in undertaking to put so much valuable merchandise in so small a parcel, he he has not attempted the impossible.

While it is true that a text-book may contain so much detail that the mind of the student is confused, it is also true that without considerable detail the text-book may lack that atmosphere, so indispensable to an appreciation of the subject. Professor Larson has avoided the first dan ger, but has not altogether escaped the second. He has made a wise selection of topics for discussion, and has discussed them in a clear and direct style. Several subjects, however, are inadequately treated, and several, which seem to an old teacher indispensable to a clear understanding of English history, are omitted altogether. The account of feudalism (page 56) gives no description of its military features. Insufficient emphasis is laid on the importance of the power of Parliament to impeach ministers of the crown, first exercised by the Good Parliament (page 173). The statement of the Test Act of 1673 is so incomplete as to be misleading, and the Parliamentary Test Act of 1678 is not mentioned. The important change made by the Act of Settlement of 1701 in the tenure of office of judges receives no attention. The discussion of the financial situation of Charles I is unfortunately brief. Nothing is said of the famous Confirmatio Cartarum of the time of Edward I.

However, no writer can be expected to cover the whole field of English history in one small volume, and do so to the entire satisfaction of all teachers. The present work has many excellent features and will make many friends. The illustrations are numerous, and for the most part are well chosen. There are some very interesting and unusual pictures made from photographs of historical places and buildings which greatly add to the usefulness of the book.

It may be questioned, however, whether some of the 73 portraits might not have been omitted, without serious loss, and the valuable space thus saved used to better purpose in the discussion of some of the omitted topics. Frequent references are given to source books and other text-books. The bibliography contains 70 titles, mostly of

text-books and short biographies. A few errors have been noted. Protestant dissenters were never excluded from Parliament as stated on page 537. Danby's attempt to exclude them was defeated by the efforts of Shaftsbury. The "Reformation Parliament" of the time of Henry VIII was not dissolved in "1534" (page 240), but in 1536. The Solemn League and Covenant was made in 1643, not 1644 (page 356). Grenville did not resign because of the Stamp Act (page 415). The number of Irish seats in the House of Commons by the Act of Union of 1801 was 100, not "101" (page 522). Colonel Nicolls, not 'Nicholls," conquered New Netherland in 1664 (page 380). Phillips Andover Academy. ARCHIBALD FREEMAN.

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ELLERY, ELOISE. Brissot de Warville. A Study in the History of the French Revolution. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1915. Pp. xix, 528. $1.75. Vassar Semi-Centennial Series.

The Vassar alumnæ are to be congratulated on the publication of Dr. Ellery's biography of Brissot. It is tangible evidence that Vassar has produced an historian, and is additional proof that women can do as scientific work as men. In recent years only a limited number of scholarly works has been published in English on the French Revolution, and it is noteworthy that the majority of these volumes have been written by women; Miss Ellery's book is one of the best of them. It rests upon patient research— see the bibliography of fifty pages-and is the fruit of long years of study. A careful and impartial account of the life of one of the important figures of the revolution, it is the first biography of Brissot in English and-strange to say the first full life of him that has ever been written. Although the book carries the sub-title, "A Study in the History of the French Revolution," it is almost exclusively a biography, but little attention being paid to background. That is not necessarily a criticism of the work, for if more space were given to background, it could be found only by crowding out bibliographical detail or by enlarging the volume. While this narrower biographical method is justifiable, it is clear we know more about a man when we are told what others thought of him and of what he said and did. However, for the period of Brissot's life before the revolution, his biographer can do little more than let Brissot tell his own story, supplementing it with a description of his writings. Apart from some letters connected with Brissot's visit to this country, letters found in Washington, New York and Worcester (Mass.), Dr. Ellery, in spite of her tireless investigations, was able to add but little to the list of manuscript sources already known to us.

The most important chapters of the volume are those dealing with Brissot as a journalist and a humanitarian, and his visit to the United States. Students of United States history may read with profit the account of his colonial policy and his attitude toward slavery. The University of Nebraska.


MOORE, NORMAN. The Physician in English History. Cambridge: The University Press, 1913. Pp. 57. 65 cents.

In this lecture before St. John's College, Cambridge, the author, a physician, appraises the services rendered by distinguished physicians of bygone times in other fields of activity than their profession. A few names that the layman recognizes, like Linacre and Arbuthnot, appear among his worthies, but the book is primarily for readers of the author's profession rather than for the general student of history.



27 TO DECEMBER 25, 1915.


American History.

Alexander, Mary M. T., and Dill, C. G., editors. Sketches of Rush Co., Indiana. Rushville, Ind.: Jacksonville Pub. Co. 97 +34 pp. $1.00. Arthur, John P. A history of Watauga Co., North Carolina. Richmond, Va.: E. Waddey Co. 364 pp. $1.50. Bartlett, Albert L. Some memories of Old Haverhill in Massachusetts. Haverhill, Mass.: The author. 105 pp. Privately printed.

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Ancient History.

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts. Greek gods and heroes, as represented by the classical collections in the museum; a handbook for high school students [etc.]. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 82 pp. 60 cents, net. Lewis, L. B. Oriental and Greek peoples, study outline [revised]. N. Y.: Am. Book Co. 144 pp. 25 cents, net.

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English History.

Law, Narendra N. Promotion of learning in India, by early European settlers to about 1800 A.D. N. Y.: Longmans. 159 pp. $1.50, net.

N. Y.:

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European History.

Analysis of diplomatic papers issued by Austro-Hungarian, Belgian, British, French, German, and Russian governments. N. Y.: Steckert. No paging. 25 cents.

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Newton, W. Douglas. . . . The work of the British expedi tionary force on the continent from Mons Ypres. N. Y.: Dutton. 383 pp. $1.35, net. Official documents bearing on the war, Series II. N. Y.: Ranke, Leopold von. History of the Latin and Teutonic Am. Assn. for Internat. Conciliation. 18 pp. Gratis. nations, 1494-1514. Rev. edition. N. Y.: Macmillan. 448 pp. $1.25, net.

Reynolds, F. J., and Taylor, C. W. Collier's photographic history of the European war. Sons. 144 pp. Subscription.

N. Y.: P. F. Collier's

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Louis: Herder. 264 pp. $1.00, net.
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Old Colony days; a dramatization of the Courtship of Miles Standish. 26 pp. 25 cents. Lebanon, Ohio: March Bros.

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in Clark, Floyd B. The constitutional doctrines of Justice
SLE Harlan. Balt.: Johns Hopkins Press. 207 pp. $1.00.
Cowley, Cornelius O. Guide for applicants for citizenship.
Brooklyn, N. Y.: The author. 80 pp.

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How diplomats make war, by a British statesman. N. Y.:
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of 1914. Wash., D. C.: Govt. Pr. Off.
114 pp.

The History Teacher's Magazine

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Teachers frequently desire to make a change in class methods at the beginning of the new term. Often such a change in methods brings new interest and enthusiasm. Students change their attitude toward the subject and toward the teacher when a different scheme of instruction is adopted.

McKinley's Illustrated Topics for
American and Ancient History

lend themselves excellently for use at any point in the school course. They may be used for one subject or can be made the basis of the entire year's work.


Any subscriber to THE HISTORY TEACHER'S MAGAZINE who desires to experiment with the topics, will be furnished free of charge with enough copies of any one topic to give a copy to each member of the class. Try out this new method at the publishers' expense. They have faith enough in the Topics to believe you will want to use more of them.

Write at once stating the period of American or Ancient History in which
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The Study of Recent American History, by Prof. F. L. Paxson


Recent American History Through the Actors' Eyes, by Prof. C. R. Lingley
Classroom Treatment of Recent Events in Europe and America, by Prof.
R. M. McElroy


Teaching Recent American History, by R. E. Phyfe

Journalism as an Aid to History Teaching, by Dr. E. E. Slosson

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