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The Editor desires to express his thanks and obligations to Surg.Gen. George M. Sternberg, of the U. S. Army; Deputy Surg.-Gen. D. L. Huntington, M. D., U. S. Army ; Capt. Pilcher, U. S. Army; Surg.-Gen. J. R. Tryon, M. D., U. S. Navy; Ex-Surg.-Gen. A. L. Gihon, U. S. Navy ; Chief. Surg. W. B. Outten, Mo. Pac. Ry. ; Chief Surg. Prof. R. Harvey Reed, Editor American Academy of Railway Surgeons; Surg. R. J. Harnden, M. D., Ex.-Pres. Erie Railway Surgeons; Surg. Geo. Chaffee, M. D., Ex.-Pres. New York State Association of Railway Surgeons ; Capt. Zalinsky, U. S. Army; and Chief Surg. N. Senn, M. D., of Illinois, for their aid in the preparation of the chapter on “Medico-Legal Surgery ;" to Dr. J. N. Hall of Denver, Col., for valuable aid in the section on “Gunshot Wounds;" to Prof. M. C. White, of Yale University, for valuable aid on the Microscope and the Red Blood-Corpuscle, and to many friends of both professions for suggestions which will materially increase the usefulness of the book.

C. B.

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This edition is an entire revision of all prior American and London editions, and includes the admirable work with which Dr. STEVENSON has enriched the Twelfth English edition.

Much new matter has been added, many portions of the work have been amended, and some parts have been re-written. In making additions upon legal questions and the present state of the law bearing on Medico-legal matters the Editor has carefully cited nearly 700 cases and authorities to aid counsel in preparing briefs, and to extend the sources of information for Medico-Legal Jurists.

The Editor is under many obligations to Doctors John J. REESE and HENRY HARTSHORNE, and to Mr. C. B. PENROSE for their labors upon previous American editions, which have been utilized as far as practicable; and to many friends, members of both the Medical and the Legal Professions, for valuable suggestions and aid.

C. B.

New YORK, October, 1892.





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