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Is writing this book the author has tried to present the subject of Pathology in as practical a form as possible, and always from the point of view of the clinical pathologist. Considerable parts of the book were first prepared and used as the basis of demonstrations upon clinical pathology for students of medicine ; prominence is therefore given to pathologic physiology, and discursiveness and citation of authorities are avoided.

Except in a few instances, discussion of methods of examination has been omitted, because it seemed unwise to increase the size of the book with matter that is appropriately presented in special works on technique. For similar reasons the author has decided to exclude the pathology of the skin and of the organs of special sense.

Controversial matter has been avoided as much as possible, excepting in certain parts of the sections on General Bacteriology and on Neuropathology, in which it seemed proper to discuss conflicting theories.

Full use has been made of works on pathology and of special monographs in English as well as in French and German.

The author is greatly indebted to Dr. Samuel S. Kneass and Dr. Alonzo E. Taylor for assistance in the sections on General Bacteriology and the Degenerations in Part I., and especially to Dr. Joseph Sailer, who prepared almost wholly the sections on Neuropathology. Acknowledgment is also due Mr. Thos. F. Dagney, of Mr. Saunders' editorial office, for his uniform courtesy and assistance in many ways, and Mr. R. W. Greene for the preparation of the Index.

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