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The Gospel.

The Epiftle. thy children by adoption and Leta man fo account. I Cor. grace, may daily be renewed 4. ver. I. to v, 6. by thy Holy Spirit, through The Gospel.

the same our Lord Jesus Now when John had. s. Christ, who liveth and reignMat. II. ver. 2. to v. II.

eth with thee, world with

out end. Amen.
The fourth Sunday in Advent,
The Colleet.

The Epiftle.

God, who at sundry.Heb. . O Lord raise up (we pray thee) thy power, and

ver. I. to v. 13. come among us, and with great might luccourus; In thebeginning was. S. 7. that whereas through our 1. ver. I. to V, 15. fins and wickedness we are

St. Stephen's day. fore let and hindered in runa

The ColleET. ning the race that is set before us, thy bountiful grace Grant, O Lord, that in and mercy may speedily

all our sufferings here help and deliver us, through upon earth, for the testimony the propitiation of thy son of thy truth, we may ftedour Lord; to whom with fastly look up to heaven, and thee, in the Holy Ghost, be by faith behold the glory honour and glory, world that shall be revealed ; and without end. Amen. being filled with the Holy

Ghoft, may learn to love

and bless our Perfecutors, by Rejoice in the Lord. Phil

. 4. the example of thy first ver. 4. to v. 8.

Martyr Saint Stephen, who The Gospel.

prayed for his murderers to This is the record. St. John thee, O blessed Jesus, who I. ver. 19. to v. 29.

ftandeth at the right-hand of

God, to succour all those that
The Nativity of our Lord, or fuffer for thee, our only Me-
the Birth-day of CHRIST. diator and Advocate.
The Colle

Almighty God, who haft Then fall follow the Collector

given us thy only be- the Nativity, which mail de
gotten Son to take our na- Jaid continually unto the
ture upon him, and for feast of the Circumcision.
our fakes to be born of a The Epistle.
pure Virgin ; Grant that we Stephen being full of. Afts 7.
being regenerate, and made

ver. 55. to the end.


The Epiflle.


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The Gospel.

The Gospel. * Behold, I send unto. S. Mat. The Angel of the. S. Matt.2. 23. ver. 34. to the end.

Ver. 13. to v. 19.
Juhn the Evangelist's day. The Sunday after Christmas
The Colleet.


The Collect.
MErciful Lord, we be-

feech thee to cast thy Almighty God, who bright beams of light upon

haft given us thy onIn thy Church, that it being eno ly begotten Son to take

lightned by the doctrine of our nature upon him, and

thy blessed Apostle and for our fakes to be born * Evangelift John, may so of a pure Virgin ; Grant

walk in the light of thy that we being regenerate, truth, that it may at length and made thy Children attain to everlasting life, by adoption and grace, may thro' Jesus Christ our Lord, da ily be renewed by thy Amen,

Holy Spirit, through the The Epiftle. fame our Lord Jesus Chrift. That which was. 1 S.70.1. who liveth andreigneth with ver i. to the end.

thee, world without end, The Gospel.

Jesus said unto Peter. S. Joh.
21. ver. 19. to the end.

Now I say that the. Gal. 4.
The Innocents day.

ver, 1. tov. 8. The Colleet.

The Gospel. 04

Almighty God, who out The birth of Jesus. S. Mat.

of the mouths of babes 1, ver, 18. to the end. and fucklings haft ordained The Circumcision of Chrift

. strength, and madest Infants

The Colleet.
to glorify thee by their
deaths; Mortify and kill

all Almighty God, who mavices inus; and so strengthen dest thy blessed Son to us by thy grace, that by the be circumcised and obedient innocency of our lives, and to the Law for man ;Grant constancy of our faith even us the true circumcision of unto death, we may glorify the Spirit; that our hearts, thy holy Name, through Je- and all our members being sus Christ our Lord. A- mortified from all worldly

and carnal lufts, we may in The Epiftle.

all things obey thy blessed I looked, and lo, Rev. 14. will, through the same thy ver I. to v. 6.


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The Epiftle.

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The Epiphany, or the Manis Almighty and everlasting

Son Jesus Christ our Lord. fully to fulfil the same, thro®

Jesus Christ our Lord. A-
The Epiftle.

men. Blessed is the man to. Rom.

The Epifle. 4. ver. 8. to v. 21. I beseech you there. Rom. 12. The Gospel.

ver. 1. to v. 6.

The Gospel.
And it came to pass. $. Lu. 2.

Now his parents, S. Luke 2, ver, 15. to v, 22.

ver. 41. to the end. The same Collect, Epifle and

The second.
Gospel, shall serve unto the The Collect.

God, who doft govern feftation of Christ to the all things in heaven and Gentiles.

earth; Mercifully hear the The Colleet. fupplications of thy people, O God, who by the lead- and grant us thy peace all

ing of a ftar didft ma- the days of our life, through nifeet thy only begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Ato the Gentiles; Mercifully men. grant, that we which know

The Epistle.
thee now by faith, may after Having then gifts. Rom. 12.
this life have the fruition of ver. 6. to v. 16.
thy glorious Majesty, thro'

The Gospel
Jesus Christ our Lord. A- And the third day.S. John2.

ver. I, to v. 12.
The Epistle.

The third.
For this cause, I Paul.Ephef.

The Collect.
3. ver. I. to v. 13. Almighty and everlaft-
The Gospel.

ing God, mercifully When Jesus was. S. Matt. 2. look upon our infirmities, ver. I. to V. 13.

and in all our dangers and The first Sunday after the E. necessities, stretch forth thy piphany.

right-hand to help and defend The Collect.

us, through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen.
O Lord, we beseech thee

The Epiftle.
mercifully to receive the

Benot wife in your. Rom. 12 prayers of thy people which

ver. 16. to the end,
call upon thee, and grant
that they may both perceive

The Gospel.

. and know what things they When hewas come. S. Matt. ought to do, and also may

8. ver. I, to v. 14. have



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grace and

power faith

The Gospel.

The Fourth.

the devil, and make us the The Colle&t.

fons of God, and heirs of OGod, who knowelt us to eternal life; Grant us, we

be set in the midst of fo beseech thee, that having many and great dangers, this hope, we may purify that by reason of the frailty Our selves, even as he is pure; of our nature we cannot al. that when he shall

appear ways stand upright ; Grant again with power and great to us füch strength and pro- glory, we may be made like tection, as may support us unto him in his eternal and in all dangers, and carry us glorious kingdom, through through all temptations, the same Jesus Christ our through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. Lord. Amen.

The Epiftle.
The Epiftle.

Beloved, what manner. I St. Let every soul be. Rom. 13. Joh. 3. ver. 1. to v. 9.

ver. I. to v. 8.
The Gospel.

Then if

any man. S. Matt. And when he was. S.Mat. 8.

24. ver. 23. to v. 32. ver, 23. to the end.

The Seventh.
The Fifth.

The Colle Et.
The Colleet.

O Lord, we beseech thee O Lord, we beseech thee favourably to hear the

to keep thy Church and prayers of thy people ; that houshold continually in thy we who are justly punilhed true religion, that they who for our offences, may be do lean only upon the hope mercifully delivered by thy of thy heavenly grace, may goodness, for the gloryof thy evermore be defended by Name, through Jesus Christ thy mighty power, through our Saviour, who liveth and Jesus Christ our Lord. Ao reigneth with thee, world

without end. Amen. The Epistle.

The Epistle. Put on therefore, as. Col. 3. Know ye not that. 1 Cor. 9. ver. 12. to v. 18.

ver. 24. to the end, The Gospel.

The Gospel. The kingdom of S. Mat.13. The kingdom of. St. Matt. ver. 24. to v. 31.

20. ver. 1. to v. 17. The Sixth.

The Eighth.
The Collect.

The Collect.
O ,
God, whose blessed Son


Lord God, who seest was manifested, that he that we put not our might destroy the works of

trust F


trust in any thing that we

The Epifite. do, Mercifully grant that Chrift being come an. Heb. by thy power we may be 9. vet. Il. to v. 16. defended against all adver

The Gospel. fity, through Jesus Christ Jesus said, Which of S. Joh. our Lord. Amen.

8. ver. 46. to the end.

The Eleventh.
The Epistle.

The Colleet.
Ye suffer fools gladly. 2 Cor.

O Lord, who for our fake 11. ver. 19. to v. 32. didit submit to hunger,

The Gospel. thirst and fasting ; Give us When much People. S.Luke

grace to use such abftinence, 8. ver. 4. to v. 16.

that our flesh being subdued The Ninth.

to the Spirit, we may ever The Colleet. obey thy godly motions in O Lord, who has taught righteousness and true holi

us, that all our doings nels, to thy honour and glory without Charity are nothing who livest and reignest with worth; Send thy Holy Ghost the Father, world without and pour into our hearts end. Amen. that must excellent gift of

The Epistle.
Charity, the very bond of We then as workers. 2 Cor.
peace, and of all virtues, with- 6. ver. 1. to ver. II.
put which whosoever liveth

Tke Gospel.
is counted dead before thee. Then was Jesus led. S. Mat.
Grant this for thine only Son 4. Ver 1. to v. 12.
Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

The Twelfth.
The Epifle.

The Colleet. Though I speak with. I Cor. Almighty God, who feeft 13. ver. 1. to the end.

that we have no power Then Jesus tookuntos. Luk. of ourselves to help ourselves; 18. ver. 31. to the end. Keep us both outwardly in The Tenth,

our bodies, and inwardly in The Collect.

our souls; that we may be

defended from all adverfi. WE

E beseech thee, Al. ties which may happen to

mighty God, merci. the body, and from all evil fully to look upon thy peo- thoughts which may assault ple; that by thy great good- and hurt the Soul, through ness they may be governed Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. and preserved evermore both in body and Soul, through We beseech you. 1 Thef. 4 Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. ver. I, to v. 9.


The Epiftie.

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