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pare themselves with prayers and fasting for the receiving
of this holy Mystery; for which duties, the time before

Easter is particularly proper.
And if they shall be found fit, they shall be baptized after
this manner.
Early beloved ; Forafo mercifully look upon these

much as all men are thy fervants; wash them, and

finners, and they that fanctify them with the Holy are in the flesh cannot please Ghost, that they being deliGod, but commit many ac- vered from thy wrath, may tual transgreffions; and that be received into the ark of our Saviour Chriftfaith, None Christ's Church ; and being can enter into the kingdom stedfast in faith, joyful thro' of God, except he be rege. hope, and rooted in charity, nerate and born anew of


so pafs the waves of this water and of the Holy Ghost; troublesome world, that fiI beseech you to call upon nally they may come to the God the Father, through our land of everlasting life, there Lord Jesus Christ, that of his to reign with thee, world bounteous goodness he will without end, through Je. grant to these persons that sus Christ our Lord, Amen. which by nature they cannot Almighty and immortal have; that they may be bap- God, the aid of all that tized with water and the Ho- need, the helper of all that ly Ghost, and received into fee to thee for succour, We Christ's holy Church, and be call upon thee for these permade lively members of the fons; that they coming to thy same.

holy Baptifm, may receive Then all the Priest say, remission of their sins by spi

ritual regeneration. Receive (And here all the Congrega- them, O Lord, as thou haft

tion fall kneel.) promised by thy well-beloved A

L mighty and everlasting Son, saying, Alk,and ye shall

God, who of thy great receive ; seek, and ye shall mercy didft by thy Son our find; knock, and it shall be Saviour Christ appoint Bap- opened unto you: So give tism, as the laver of regene. now unto us that afk ; let us ration, and the means of ad- that seek, find ; open the miffion intothyholy Church, gate unto us that knock ; and as an ordinance for the that these persons may enjoy myfticalwashing awayof fin; the everlasting benediction We beseech thee for thine in- of thy heavenly washing, finite mercies, that thou wilt and may come to the eternal




Let us pray:

kingdom which thou hast one that is born of the Spipromised by Chrift our Lord. rit. Amen.

After which he fall use this Then shall the People stand

Exhortation following. up, and the Priest Mall fay; BEloved, ye hear in this Hear the words of the Gof- Gospel the express words pel written by the Apostle of our Saviour Christ, that John, in the third Chapter, except a man be born of wabeginning at the first verse. ter, and of the Spirit, he canHere was a man of the not enter into the kingdom

Pharisees, named Nico- of God. Whereby ye may demus, a ruler of the Jews. percieve the great neneffity of The fame came to Jesus by this holy ordinance where it night, and said unto him, may be had. Likewise immeRabbi, we know that thou diately before his Ascension art a teacher come from God; into heaven(as weread in the for no man can do those mi- last Chapter of Mark's Gore racles that thou doft, except pel)he gave command to his God be with him. Jesus an- disciples, saying, Go ye into swered and said unto him, all the world, and preach the Verily,verily I say unto thee, Gospel toevery creature. He Except a man be born again, that believeth and is baptized, he cannot see the kingdom of shall be saved; but he that God. Nicodemus faith unto believeth not, shall be conhim, How can a man be born . demned. Which alsofheweth when he is old? Can he en. unto us the

great ter the second time into his reapthereby.For which cause mother's womb, and be born? Peter the Apostle, when Jesus answered, Verily, veri- upon his first preaching of the ly I say unto thee, Excepta Gospel many were pricked at man be born of water and of the heart and said to him, and the Spirit, he cannot enter the rest of the Apostles, Men into the kingdom of God. and brethren, what shall we That which is born of the do? reply'd and said unto felh is fesh; and that which them, Repent, and be baptiis born of the Spirit, is Spirit. Zed every one of you for the Marvel not that I said unto remission of fins, and ye shall thee, Ye must be born again. receive the gift of the Holy The wind bloweth where it Ghost. For the promise isto listech, and thou hearest the you and to your children, and found thereof; but canst not to all that are afar off, even tell whence it cometh, and as many as the Lordour God whither it goeth: so is every shall call. And with many o


benefit we

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ther wordsexhorted he them, thee, now and for ever. A.
saying, Save yourselves from men.
this untoward generation. Then the Priest shall speak to
For(as the same Apostle testi- the persons to be baptized
fieth in another place) even on this wise.
Batpism doth also now save Well-beloved, who are
us, (not the putting away of come hither desiring
the filth of the flesh, but the to receive holy Baptism, ye
answer of a good conscience have heard how the Con-
towards God) by the Refur- gregation hath prayed that
rection of Jesus Christ. Doubt Almighty Godwould vouch-
ye not therefore, but earnest- safe to receive you, and

believe, that he will favou. bless you, to release you of sably recieve these present pere your fins, to give you the fons, if they truly repent and kingdom of heaven and evercome unto him by faith ; lasting life. Ye have heard that hewill grant them remis- also that he hath promised fion of their fins, and bestow by Jesus Christ, in his holy upon them the Holy Ghost; Word, that those things that that he will give them the we duly pray for shall be blessing of eternal life, and granted; which promise God make them partakers of his for his part will moft surely everlasting kingdom. keep and perform. Wherefore we being thus

Wherefore after this properswaded of the good-will mise made by Christ, ye muft of our heavenly Father to- also faithfully, for your part, wards these persons, declared promise in the presence of by his Son Jesus Christ; let this whole Congregation, us faithfully and devoutly that ye will renounce the degive thanks to him and say, vil and all his works, and Almighty and everlafting faithfully believe God's holy

God, heavenly Father, Word, and obediently keep we givethee humble thanks, his commandments. that thou hast vouchsafed to Then all the Priest demand call us to the knowledge of of each of the perfons to be thy grace, and faith in thee; baptized, severally, thefe Increase this knowledge and Questions following. confirin this faith in us ever

Questions. more: Give thy Holy Spirit Doft thou renounce the to these persons ; that they may

devil and all his works, be born again, and be made the vain pomp and glory of beirs of everlasting falvation, the world, with all covetous thro' our Lord Jesus Christ, desires of the fame, and the who liveth and reigneth with K 2


carnal desires of the flesh, fo in all the Saints from the that thou wilt not follow beginning of the world; and nor be led by them? was afterwards sent to the Answ. I renounce them all. Apostles, by the Father, acQuestion.

cording to the promise of our Dof thou believe in one Saviour and Lord Jesus

unbegotten Being, the Christ; and after the A. only true God, Almighty, postles to all believers in the Father of Chrift; the the holy CatholickChurch? Creator and Maker of all And dost thou believe the things; from whom are all Refurrection of the flesh; things?

and the remission of fins; And doft thou believe in and the kingdom of Heaven; (one] Lord Jesus Christ, his and the life of the world to only begotten Son, the first come? born of the whole creation, Answ. All this I stedfastwho was begotten by the ly believe. good pleasure of the Father Question. before the world began ; by WIlt thou be baptized whom all things were made, in this faith? both those in heaven, and Answ. That is my defire. those on earth, visible and

Question. invisible; who in the laft W Ilt thou then obedidays descended from hea- ently keep God's hoven, and took flesh, and was ly will and commandments, born of the holy Virgin Ma- and walk in the fame all the ry, and did converse holily, days of thy life? according to the laws of his Answ. I will endeavour so God and Father, and was to do, God being my helper. crucified under Pontius Pi. Then all the Priest say, late, and died for us, and Merciful God, grant rose again from the dead after his passion on the third day, these persons may be so buriand ascended into the hea- ed, that the new man may vens, and sitteth at the right- be raised up in them. Amen. hand of the Father, and a- Grant that all carnal afgain is to come at the end of fections may die in them, and the world to judge the quick that all things belonging to and the dead; of whole the Spirit may live and grow kingdom there shall be no in them. Amen. end?

Grant that they may have And doft thou believe in power and strength to have the Holy Ghost, that is the victory, and to triumph aComforter; who wrought


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gainst the devil,

the world, N. I baptize thee unto the

• Name of the Father,
Grant that they being here and of the Son, and of the
dedicated to thee by ourOf- Holy Ghoft. Amen.
fice and Ministry, may also Then fall the Priest go away
be endued with heavenly and the Persons Baptized
virtues, and everlastingly re- Mall be decently taken out
warded, through thy mercy, of the Water by one or
O blefied Lord God, who more Deacons or Deacon-
doft live and govern all nesses, and by their affift-
things, world without end. ance mall put on their

white Garments; and the
A Lmighty,

everliving Priest fall draw near God, whose most dearly and say to each of them. beloved Son Jesus Chrift

, for TAke this white garment the forgiveness of fins, did for a token of the innogive commandment to his cence which by God's grace disciples, that they hould is given unto thee in the hogo, teach all Nations, and ly mystery of Baptism; and baptize them unto the for a sign whereby thou art Name of the Father, the admonished, so long as thou Son, and the Holy Ghost; livest, to give thyself to inRegard, we beseech thee, Bocency of living ; that afthe supplications of this con. ter this tranfitory life thou gregation; fanctify this wa- mayst be partaker of the reter to the mystical washing wards of holiness and purity away

of sin: and grant that in the life everlasting. Amen.
the persons now to be bapti. Then shall every one of the
zed therein, may receive Persons Bapriz'd stand
the fulness of thy grace, and upright, and say the
ever remain in the number Lord's Prayer; and then
of thy faithful and elect that which here follows.
children, through Jesus O God Almighty, the Fa-
Christ our Lord. Amen. ther of thy Christ, thine
[Here fould follow the A- only begotten Son; Give me

nointing with the Holy a Body undefiled, an Heart
Jons that are to be bapti- the presence of the Holy without evrov,
zed, be decently put into Spirit, for the obtaining and
Water by one or more affured enjoying of the
Deacons, or Deaconnesses. truth ; throʻ thy Chrift; by
After which the Priest whom glory be to thee, in
small come and dip each the Holy Spirit, for ever.
Person in the Water Amen.
thrice, saying,


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