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And when it remains that first purge hisGround of the
the Catechumen is to be bap- Thorns which are grown
tized, let him learn what up therein, and does then
concerns the Renunciationof low his Wheat, so ought you
the Devil, and the joining also to take away all Impie-
himself to Chrift: For 'tis ty from them, and then to
fit that he should first abstain fow the seeds of Piety in
from things contrary, and them, and vouchsafe them
then be admitted to the My- Baptism: For even our Lord
steries; he must before-hand did in this manner exhort
purify his heart from all us, faying, first make Disci-
Wickedness of Disposition, ples of all Nations, and then
from all Spot and Wrinkle, he adds this, And Baptize
and then partake of the ho- them unto the

Name of the Fa-
ly things : For as the skil- ther, and of the Son, and of
fullest Husbandman does the Holy Ghost.
Note, These Heads of Catechetick Instructions are

largely explained in the Apostolical Constitutions, Liba
VIII. whence the Catechumens may be more fully instructa
ed in them.


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Note, That Matrimony seems to be a thing of a civil Na

ture, and not directly belonging to religious Worship. Yet

does the holy Bishop Ignatius assure us, That it becomes Epift. ad Polycarp. ' those that Marry, whether Men or Wo

men, to be joined together with the Approbation of the Bishop ; that so their Marriage may according to the Lord; and not out of Lust' Which direction therefore it will be fit for every Christian to follow. Nor will the ordinary Form be wholly improper, when corrected, while that matter is intrusted with the Clergy, as it is at present.

The Order for the Visitation of the SICK.
When any Person is fick notice shall be given thereof to the

Bishop or some one of the Presbyters; who coming into the
fick Persons house shall say,
pEace be to this house, and REmember not, Lord, our
to all

iniquities, nor the ini.
When he cometh into the fick quities of our fore-fathers.

man's presence, he shall Spare us, good Lord, spare
fay, kneeling down,


L 2

with us

for ever.

thy people, whom thou haft doft correct thofe whom redeemedwith thy Son's moft thou doft love, and chastise precious blood, and be not every one whom thou doft angry

receive; We beseech thee to Answ. Spare us, good Lord. have mercy upon this thy Here may the Lord's Prayer servant visited with thine be used ; and after it these hand, and to grant that he Colleets.

may take his fickness patiO Lord, look down from ently, and recover his bodily

heaven, behold, visit and health(if it be thy gracious relieve this thy servant. will;) and that whensoever Look upon him with the eyes his soul shall depart from the of thy mercy, give him com- body, it may be without spot fort and fure confidence in presented unto thee, through thee, defend him from the Jesus Christ our Lord. Adanger of the enemy, and men. keep him in perpetual peace Note, One or more of these and safety, through Jesus Colleets may be used in the Chriff our Lord, Amen. daily service, before the

Prayer for all States and most merciful God and Conditions of Men, when Saviour ; extend thy accu- any that are fick desire to stomed goodness to this thy be prayed for. fervant, who is grieved with Then mall the. Bishop or a fickness. Sanctify, we beseech Presbyter exhort the fick thee, this thy fatherly correc- person after this form, or tion to him; that the sense of other like, his weakness

DEarly beloved, know strength to bis faith, and fe- this, that Almighty riousness to his repentance. God is the Lord of life and That if it shall be thy good death, and of all things to pleasure to restore him to his them pertaining, as youth, former health(whichwe ear- strength, health, age, weaknestly beg of thy divine ma- ness, and fickness. Wherefore jesty)he may lead the residue whatsoever your fickness is, of his life in thy fear, and to know you certainly, that it is thy glory: or else give him God's visitation. And for grace so to take thy visitatie what cause foever this fickon, that after this painful life nefs is sent unto you, whether ended, he may dwell with it be to try your patience for thee in life everlasting ; thro' the example of others, and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. that your faith may be found A Lmightyeverlasting God in the day of the Lord, laudmaker of mankind, who


may add

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able, glorious and honoura- verily for a few days chastble, to the increase of glory ned us after their own pleaandendless felicity ; or else it sure, but he for our profit, be sent unto you to correct that we might be partakers and amend in you whatsoe- of his holiness. These words, ver doth offend the eyes of good brother, arewriten in hoyour heavenly Father; know ly Scripture for our comfort you certainly, that if you and instruction, that we truly repent you of your fins, should patiently, and with and bear your fickness pa- thanksgiving bear our heatiently, trusting in God's venly Father's correction, mercy, for his dear Son Je. whenfoever by any manner fus Christ's fake, and render of adversity it shall please his unto him humble thanks for gracious goodness to visit us. his fatherly visitation, fub- And there should be no mitting yourself wholly unto greater comfort to christian his will, it shall turn to your persons then to be made like profit, and help you forward unto Christ, by suffering in the right way that leadeth patiently adversities, trouunto' everlasting life. bles, and sicknesses. For he

himself went not up to joy, TAKE *AKE therefore in good but first he suffered pain ;

part the chaftisement he entred not into his glory of the Lord': for (as the before he was crucified. So Apostle faith in the twelfth truly our way to cternal joy Chapter to the Hebrews) is to suffer here with Chrift; whom the Lord loveth he and our door to enter into chaftneth,and scourgeth eve- eternal life is gladly to die ry Son whom he receiveth. with Christ ; that we may If ye endure chastning, God rise again from death, and dealeth with you as with dwellwith him in everlasting sons; for what son is he life. Now therefore taking whom the father chastneth your fickness, which is thus not? But if ye be without profitable for you, patiently chastisement, whereof all are I exhort


in the name of partakers, then are ye bastards God, to remember the

proand not fons, Furthermore, feffion which you made unto we have had fathers of our God in your Baptism. And Aeth which corrected us, and forasmuch as after this life we gave them reverence : there is an account to be givshall we not much rather be en unto the righteous Judge, in subjection unto the Father by whom all must be judged of spirits, and live ? for they without respect of persons ;

I Let us pray.

I require you to examine And then the Bishop or a Pref your self and your estate, byter mall say the Collect both toward God and Man; following. so that accufing and condemning yourself for your O Most merciful God, own faults, you may find who according to the mercy at our heavenly Fa- multitude of thy mercies ther's hand for Christ's fake, dost so put away the fins of and not be accused and con- those who truly repent, that demned in that fearful judg. thou remembrest them no ment.

more ; Open thine eye of Thenmay the Bishop or a Pref- mercy upon this thy servant, byter examine whether he who most earnestly desireth repent him truly of his fins, pardon and forgiveness. Reand be in charity with all new in him (most loving the world; exhorting him to Father) whatsoever hath forgive from the bottom of been decayed by the fraud his heart, all persons that and malice of the devil, or have offended him, and if by his own carnal will and he hatb offended any other, frailness ;' increase his conto ask them forgiveness; and trition and repentance, as. where he hath done injury or swage his pains as fhall seem wrong to any man, that be to thee most expedient for make amends to the uttermost him. And impute not unto of his power. And if he hath him his former fins ; but not before disposed of his strengthen him with thy Goods, let him then be ad- blessed Spirit ; and when monished to make his Will, thou art pleased to take him and to declare his Debts, hence, take him unto thy what be oweth, and what favour, thro' the merits of is owing unto him, for the thy most dearly betoved Son better discharging of his con- Jesus Christ our Lord. Ascience, and the quietness of men. his Executors. But men Then this Psalm may be reJould often be put in remem

peated. brance to take order for the settling of their temporale IN thee, O Lord, have 1 tates, whilft they are in put my trust, let me never bealıb.

be put to confusion : but rid The Bishop or Priest should not me, and deliver me in thy omit earnestly to move such righteousness; incline thine fick Persons as are of abili- ear unto me, and save me. ty, to be liberal to the poor.


Psalm 71.

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Be thou my strong hold, I will go forth in the whereuoto I may alway re- ftrength of the Lord God fort: thou haft promised to and will make mention of help me, for thou art my thy righteousness only. house of defence, and my Thou, O God, haft taught castle.

me from my youth up until For thou, O Lord God, now : therefore will I tell of art the thing that I long for: thy wondrous works, thou art my hope, even from

Forsake me not, O God, my youth.

in mine elder age, or when I Throthee have I been am grey headed : until I have holden up ever fince I was thewed thy strength unto born: Thou art he that took this generation, and thy me out of my mother's power to them that are yet womb; my praise Thall al- for to come. way be of thee.

O spare me a little, that I I am under thy severe may recover my strength, hand of correction : but my before I go hence and be no sure trust is in thee.

more seen! O let my mouth be filled Adding this. with thy praise: that I may O Great Creator and Gosing of thy glory and ho- vernor of the world, nour all the day long. who by thy Son's Cross and

Cast me not away in the precious Blood haft redeemtime of sickness : forsake ed us, save us, and help us, me not when my strength we humbly beseech thee, faileth me.

Go not far from me, O Then mall the Bishop or a
God: my God, hafte thee Presbyter say to the fick
to help me,

Let those wicked Spirits THEAlmighty Lord, who
be confounded and perish,

is a most strong tower that are against my soul : let to all them that put their them be covered with shame trust in him, to whom all and dishonour, that seek to things in heaven, on earth, do me evil.

and under the earth do bow As for me, I will pati- and obey, be now and everently abide alway: and will more thy defence, and make praise thee more and more. thee know and feel, that

My mouth shall daily there is none other Name speak of thy righteousness under heaven given to man, and salvation : for I know in whom and thro' whom no end thereof,

thou mayit receive health



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