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and falvation, but only the A Swith this visible Oilthy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

nointed, so our heavenly Fa. And after that he shall say, of his infinite goodness that

ther, Almighty God, grant UNTO God's gracious thy Soul inwardly may be mercy and protection

anointed with the Holy

. bless thec and keep thee. Ghost, who is the Spirit of The Lord make his face to and gladness. And vouch

all strength, comfort, relief, thine upon thee, and be gra- safe for his great mercy,

if cious unto thee. The Lord

it be his blessed will, to relift up his countenance upon store unto thee thy bodily thee, and give thee peace, health and strength to serve both now and evermore.

him ; and send thee release Amen.

of all thy pains, troubles and Note, That S. James gives diseases, both in body and this direction concerning mind; and howsoever his visiting the sick :*IsoC.v.14, goodness, (by his divine any fick among you ? 15, 16. and unfearchable providence) Let him call for the Presby. hall dispose of thee, we his ters of the Church; and let unworthy Ministersand serthem pray over 'him ; e- vants humbly beseech the nointing him with Oil, in eternal Majesty to do with the name of the Lord. And thee according to the multithe Prayer of faith

shall save tude of his innumerable merthe Sick; and the Lord cies, and to pardon thee all Jhall raise him up ; and thy Sins and Offences comif he have committed fins, mitted in all thy bodily fenthey fall be forgiven him.' ses, paffions, and carnal affecConfess your faults one to tions ; who also vouchsafe another, and pray one for a. mercifully to grant unto thee nother, that ye may be heale ghostly strength, by his holy ed; the effettual fervent Spirit, to withstand and oPrayer of a righteous man vercome all temptations and availeth much.

affaults of thine adversary ; If therefore the Sick Person de- that in no wise he prevail afire to be anointed, then shall gainft thee; but that thou one of the Priests anoint him mayest have perfect victory with the holy Oil upon his and triumph againft the Deforehead, making the sign of vil, fin, and death; through the Cross, and saying thus, Christ our Lord; who by

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his death hath overcome the only help in time of need.; Prince of death, and with We fly unto thee for sucthe Father evermore liveth cour in behalf of this thy and reigneth, world with- servant, here lying under thy out end. Amen.

hand in great weakness of A Prayer for a fick Child. body. Look graciously upon O Almighty God and him, O Lord ; and the more

merciful Father, to the outward man decayeth, whom alone belong the if- ftrengthen him, we beseech sues of life and death ; Look thee, so much the more down from heaven, we continually with thy grace humbly beseech thee, with and Holy Spirit in the inner the eyes of thy mercy upon man. Give him unfeigned this child, now lying upon repentance for all the fins the bed of sickness : Visit and errors of his life past, bim, O Lord, with thy fal- and stedfast faith in thy Son vation ; deliver him in thy Jesus : that his fins may be good appointed time from done away by thy mercy, bis bodily pain, and save his and his pardon sealed in heasoul for thy mercies fake. ven, before he go hence, That if it Thall be thy plea- and be no more seen. We sure to prolong his days here know, O Lord, that there on earth, (which we earnest- is nothing impossible with ly beg of thy divine Ma- thee ; and that if thou wilt, jefty,) he may live to thee, thou canst even yet raise and be an instrument of thy him up, and grant him a glory, by serving thee faith- longer continuance amongst fully, and doing good in his us ; (which grant if it be generation; or else merci- thy blessed will.) Yet forfully receive his soul into asmuch as in all appearance thine hands, whereinto we the time of his diffolution commit it, as into the hands draweth near, fo fit and of a faithful Creator. Grant prepare him, we beseech this, O Lord, for thy mer- thee, againft the hour of cies sake, in the same thy death, that after his deparSon our Lord Jesus Christ, ture hence in peace, and in who liveth and reigneth thy favour, his soul may

be with thee, world without received into the bosom of end. Amen.

Abraham ; thro' the merits A Prayer for a sick Person, and mediation of Jesus

when there appeareth small Christ, thine only Son, our hope of recovery.

Lord and Saviour, A-

Father of mercies, and
God of all comfort, our M



A commendatory Prayer for APrayer for Persons troubled

a fick Person at or after in Mind and Conscience. the point of departure. Blessed Lord, the Father Almighty God, with

of mercies, and the God whom do live the spi- of all comfort, we beseech sits of juft men made per- thee look down in pity and fect, after they are delivered compassion upon this thy affrom their earthly prisons ; ficted servant. Thou wriWe humbly commend the test bitter things against him, soul of this thy servant, our and makest him to possess dear brother, into thy hands, his for mer iniquities ; thy as into the hands of a faith- wrath lieth hard upon him, ful Creator, and most mer- and his soul is full of trouble : ciful Saviour; most humbly But, O merciful God, who beseeching thee that it may haft written thy holy Word be precious in thy fight. for our learning, that we Wash it, we pray thee, in thro' patience and comfort the blood of that immaca- of thy holy Scriptures might late Lamb that was fain to have hope ; give him a right take away the sins of the understanding of himself, World ; that whatsoever de- and of thy threats and profilements it

may have con- mises ; that he may neither tracted in this miserable and cast away his confidence in naughty world, through the thee, nor place it any where lufts of the flesh, or the wiles but in thee. Give him of Satan, being purged and strength against all his tempdone away, it may be pre- tations, and heal all bis difsented pure and without spot tempers.

Break not the before thee. And teach us, bruised reed, nor quench the who survive, in this and o- smoaking fax. Shut not up ther like daily spectacles of thy tender mercies in displeamortality, to see howfrailand sure, but make him to hear uncertain our own condition of joy and gladness, that is, and so to number our the bones which thou haft days, that we may seriously broken may rejoice. Deapply our hearts to that holy liver him from fear of the and heavenly wisdom, whilst enemy, and lift up the light we live here, which may

in of thy countenance upon the end bring us to life ever- him, and give him peace, lasting, thro' the merits of through the merits and me

Jesus Christ thine only Son diation of Jesus Christ our our Lord. Amen.

Lord. Amen.


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Note, That part of the remaining confecrated Elements at

the Lord's Supper, are to be carried from the publick Congregation to the Sick by a Priest, or sent by a Deacon, for

their private and devout participation at home. Note also, That the Priest may add any other proper Colle Ets,

Exhortations, or Prayers, as he judges beft, according to the various circumstances of the fick Perfon.

The Order for the Burial of the DEAD.

Here is to be noted, That the Office ensuing is not to be used

for any that are openly wicked, or excommunicated, or

have laid violent hands upon themselves. The Priests and People meeting the Corps at the entrance of

the Church-yard, and going before it, either into the

Church, or towards the Grave, mall say or sing.

Am the resurrection and and the Lord hath taken a

the life, faith the Lord : way; blessed be the Name he that believeth in me, of the Lord. 2 Tim. 6. 7. though he were dead, yet Job 1. 21. shall he live. And whoso. After they are come into the ever liveth and believeth in

Church, pull be read one me, shall never die. S. John or both of these Psalms folII. 25, 26.

lowing. I know that


Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon I Said, I will take heed to the earth. And tho' after

my ways that I offend

not with my tongue. my skin, worms destroy this

I will keep my mouth as body ; yet out of my fefh

it were with thall I see God: whom I shall while the ungodly is in my

a bridle, fee for myself, and mine eyes fight. shall behold, and not ano

I held my tongue and ther. Job 19.25, 26, 27.

spake nothing : I kept fiWE brought nothing in- lence

, yea, even from good to this world, and it words; but it was pain and is certain we can carry no- grief to me, thing out. The Lord gave,


Psalm 39.



My heart was hot within my calling: hold not thy me, and while I was thus peace at my tears. musing, the fire kindled ; For I am a stranger with and at the last I spake with thee, and a sojourner, as all my tongue.


fathers were. Lord, let me know my O spare me a little, that end, and the number of my I

may recover my strength, days : that I may be certi- before I go hence and be no fied how long I have to more seen. live.

Glory be to the Father, Behold, thou haft made &c. my days as it were a span As it was in the, &c. long: and mine age is even

Psalm 90. as nothing in respect of thee; LORD, thou haft been and verily every man living our refuge from one geis altogether vanity.

neration to another. For man walketh in a Before the mountains were vain shadow, and disquieteth brought forth, or ever the himself in vain : he heapeth earth and the world were up riches, and cannot tell made, thou art God from who shall gather them. everlasting, and world with

And now, Lord, what is out end. my hope : truly my hope is Thou turneft man to deeven in thee.

struction : again thou sayft, Deliver me from all mine Come again, ye children of offences, and make me not men. a rebuke unto the foolish. For a thousand years in

I became dumb, and o- thy fight are but as yefterpened not my mouth, for it day : seeing that is paft as a was thy doing.

watch in the night. Take thy plague away As soon as thou scattereft from me: I am even con- them, they are even as a sumed by means of thy hea- fleep, and fade away sud

denly like the grass. When thou with rebukes In the morning it is green doft chaften man for fin, and groweth up : but in the thou makeft his beauty to evening it is cut down, driconsume away, like as it ed up, and withered. were a moth fretting a gar- For we consume away in ment: every man therefore thy displeasure, and are afraid is but vanity.

at thy wrathful indignation. Hear my prayer, O Lord, Thou hast set our mis. and with thine ears consider deeds before thee, and our


vy hand.

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