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1 Cor. 15.

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secret fins in the light of Glory be to the Father, thy countenance.

&c. For when thou art angry,

As it was in the, &c. all our days are gone : we Then fall follow the Lesjon, bring our years to an end, taken out of the fifteenth as it were a tale that is Chapter of the former Etold.

pifle of Saint Paul to the The days of our age are

Corinthians. threescore years and ten :

20. and tho' men be fo strong NOWis Chrift risen from that they come to fourscore the years, yet is their strength the first-fruits of them that then but labour and sorrow: flept. For fince by man so soon pafseth it away and came death, by man came we are gone.

also the resurrection of the But who regardeth the dead. For as in Adam all power of thy wrath ? For die, even so in Chrift shall even thereafter as a man all be made alive. But evefeareth, so is thy displea- ry man in his own order : sure.

Christ the first-fruits; afSo teach us to number terwards they that are our days that we may apply Christ's, at bis coming. Then our hearts unto wisdom. cometh the end, when he

'Turn thee again, OLord, shall have delivered up the at the last, and be gracious kingdom to God, even the unto thy servants.

Father ; when he shall have O satisfy us with thy put down all rule, and all mercy, and that soon : so authority and power. For shall we rejoice and be glad he must reign till he hath all the days of our life. put all enemies under his

Comfort us again now feet. The last enemy that after the time that thou haft fhall be destroyed is death. plagued us; and for the For he hath put all things years wherein we have fuf- under his feet, But when fered adversity.

he saith all things are put Shew thy servants thy under him, it is manifeft that work, and their children he is excepted which did put thy glory.

all things under him. And And the glorious Ma- when all things shall be subjesty of the Lord our God dued unto him, then shall be upon us : prosper thou the Son also himself be subthe work of our hands upon ject unto him that put all us, o prosper thou our things under him ; that God handy work.

be all in all. Elle what


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fhall they do which are bap- terreftial is another. There tized for the dead. If the is one glory of the sun, and dead rise not at all, why are another glory of the moon, they then baptized for the and another glory of the dead? And why ftand we stars ; for one ftar differeth in jeopardy every hour? I from another star in glory. protest by your rejoycing So also is the resurrection of which I have in Christ Jesus the dead : it is sown in corour Lord, I die daily.If after ruption; it is raised in incorthe manner of men I have ruption : it is sown in dilhofought with beasts at Ephe- nour; it is raised in glory : fus, what advantageth it me It is fown in weakness; it is if the dead rise not ? Let us raised in power : It is sown eat and drink, for tomorrow a natural body ; it is raised we die. Be not deceived a spiritual body. There is evil communications corrupt a natural body, and there is good manners. Awake to a spiritual

body And so it is righteousness, and fin not ; written, The first man Afor some have not the know. dam was made a living soul, ledge of God. I speak this the last Adam was made a to your shame. But some quickning spirit. Howbeit, man will say, How are the that was not first which isspidead raised up? And with ritual ; but that which is nawhat body do they come ? tural, and afterward that Thou fool, that which thou which is spiritual. The first sowest is not quickened, ex- man is of the earth, earthy : cept it die: and that which the second man is the Lord chou sowest, thou soweit not from heaven. As is the earthat body that shall be, but thy, such are they that are bare grain; it may chance of earthy : and as is the heawheat, or of some other venly, such are they also grain. But God giveth it a that are heavenly. And as body as it hath pleased him, we have born the image of and to every seed his own the earthy, we also shall bear body. All felh is not the the image of the heavenly. fame flesh : but there is one Now this I say, brethren, kind of Aesh of men, another that flesh and blood cannot flesh of beasts, another of inherit the kingdom of God, fishes, and another of birds. neither doth corruption inThere are also celestial bo- herit incorruption. Bebold, dies, and bodies terrestial; I shew you a mystery. We but the glory of the celestial shall not all sleep, but we is one, and the glory of the shall all be changed, in a mo


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ment, in the twinkling of In the midst of life we are
an eye, at the last trump; in death : of whom may we
(for the trumpet shall sound) seek for succour, but of
and the dead shall be raised thee, O Lord, who for our
incorruptible, and we shall Sins art juftly displeas'd ?
be changed. For this cor- Yet, O Lord God most
ruptible must put on incor- holy, O Lord most mighty,
ruption, and this mortal O holy and most merciful
must put on immortality. Creator, deliver us not into
So when this corruptible shall the bitter pains of eternal
have put on incorruption, death.
and this mortał shall have Thou knoweft, Lord, the
put on immortality, then secrets of our hearts ; shut
shall be brought to pass the not thy mérciful ears to our
saying that is written, Death prayers; but spare us, Lord,
is swallowed up in victory. most holy, O God, moft
O death, where is thy fting? mighty, O holy and merci-
O grave, where is thy victo- ful Father, thou moft wor-
ry ? The sting of death is thy Judge eternal, suffer us
fin, and the strength of fin not at our last hour for any
is the law. But thanks be to pains of death to fall from
God, which giveth us the our hope in thee.
victory, thro' our Lord Je. Then while the earth shall be
sus Christ. Therefore my caft upon the body by fome
beloved brethren, be ye standing by, the Priest
fted fast, unmoveable, always

ball fay.
abounding in the work of FOrasmuch as it hath
the Lord, forasmuch as ye pleased Almighty God
know that your labour is not of his great mercy to take
in vain in the Lord.

unto himself the soul of our When they come to the Grave, dear brother here departed, while the

Corps is made rea- we therefore commit his body to be laid into the earth, dy to the ground; earth to the Priest fall say, or the earth, ashes to ashes, duft to

Priest and People fall fing. duft; in sure and certain ex-
A N that is born of a pectation of a resurrection

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hath but a to another life, through our short time to live, and is full Lord Jesus Christ, who shall of misery. He cometh up, change the vile body of and is cut down like a the faithful, that it may be Aower ; he feeth as it were like unto his glorious boa shadow, and never con- dy, according to the mightinuech in one stay. ty working whereby he is




able to subdue all things to viness : and when the day himself.

of the general resurrection Then shall be said or fung.

shall come, make him and I

Heard a voice from hea- us to rise also with the just

ven, saying unto me, and righteous, and receive Write, From benceforth our bodies again to glory, blessed are the dead which then made pure and incordie in the Lord: even so ruptable. Set us then all on faith the Spirit; for they the right hand of thy Son rest from their labours. Rev. Jesus Chrift, among thy ho14. 13.

ly and elect; that then we OUR Father which art in may hear with them, those

Heaven ; Hallowed be moft sweet and comfortable thy Name. Thy Kingdom words : Come ye blessed of come. Thy will be done on my Father, receive the kingearth, as it is in Heaven. Give dom prepared for you from us this day our daily bread. the beginning of the world. And forgive usour

Note, That this laft Prayer

* Debts, as trespaises, as we

we forgive

is to be omitted if thePerforgive them that our Deb

fon was only a Catechumen. trespass against us.

Then shall be added. And lead us not into tempta- Wedo allohumbly refign rion ; But deliver us from up to thee our dear + evil. Amen. + The evil brother (or fifter] whom thou

haft been pleased to deliver Prieft.

out of the miseries of this A Lmighty God; with finfulworld ; beseeching

thee whom do live the fpi- that it may please thee of thy rits of them that depart gracious goodness, shortly to hence in the Lord, and with accomplish the number of whom the souls of the faith- thine elect, and to haften thy ful, after they are delivered kingdom : that we, with all from the burden of the flesh, those that are departed in the are in joy and felicity; grant true faith of thy holy Name, unto this this servant, that may have our perfect conthe fins which he committed summation and blifs, both in in this world, be not im- body and soul, in thy eternal puted unto him ; but that and everlasting glory, thro' he may ever dwell in the re- Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. gion of light, with Abra

The Collect. ham, Ifaac, and Jacob ; O Merciful God, the Fain the place where is no ther of our Lord Jesus weeping, forrow, nor hea



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Christ, who art the resur. everlasting life. Grant this,
rection and the life ; in we beseech thee, O merci-
whom whosoever believeth, ful Father, through Jesus
Thall live, tho' he die; and Christ our Mediator and Re-
whosoever liveth and believ- deemer. Amen.
eth in him, thall not die TH E grace of our Lord
eternally; who hath also Jesus
taught us (by his holy Apof- love of God, and the fellow-
tle Saint Paul) not to be sor- fhip of the Holy Ghost, te
sy as men without hope, for with you all evermore. Amen.
them that sleep in him; We
meekly beseech thee, O Fa- The Holy Communion, as well
ther, to raise us from the death as Baptism, and other facred
of fin, unto the life of righte- Offices of Religion, appear at
ousness ; that when we lball first to have been sometimes
depart this life, we may rest performed over the Graves of
in him; and that at the ge- the faithful departed, and
neral resurrection in the last of the Martyrs, in token of
day, we may be found ac-

the Chriftians full expecceptable in thy fight, and ob. tation of their resurrection taia a joyful resurrection to to Glory at the last day.

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The Penitential Office ; which may be added, in

Times of Distress, or of solemn Fasting, before the concluding Prayer, at Noon, on Wednesdays and Fridays, excepting the Fifty Days

between Easter and Pentecost. BEloved brethren, Seeing and seeking to bring forth

that all they are accursed fruits worthy of repentance. (as the prophet David bear- For the ax will be put unto eth witness)who do err and the root of the tree, so that go attray from the Com- every tree chat bringeth not mandments of God, let us forthgood fruit, will be hewn remember the dreadful judg- down, and cast into the fire. mentshangingover ourheads, It is a fearful thing to fall and always ready to fall up into the hands of the living on us, and let us return unto God: he shall pour down our Lord God with all con- sain upon the sinners, snares, trition and meekness of heart; fire and brimstone, storm and bewailing and lamenting our tempeft; this shall be their finful life, acknowledging portion to drink. For lo, the and confesling our offences, Lord will come out of his



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