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The Gospel.

in all virtuous and godly live These things I. S. John 15. ing, that we may come

to those unspeakable joys, ver. 15. to the end.

which thou hast prepared All Saints Day. for them that unfeignedly The Colle&t.

love thee, thro' Jesus Chrift O Almighty God, who our Lord. Amen. balt knit together thine

For the Epiftle. elect in une communion and And I saw another. Rev. 7. fellowship, in the mystical ver. 2. to v. 13. Body of thy Son, Christ our

The Gospel. Lord ; Grant us grace so Jesus seeing the. S. Mat. 5. to follow thy blessed Saints ver. 1. to v. 13:

The Order for the Administration of the

Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion.

The Altar at the Communion-time having a fair

white linen Cloth upon it, mall fand in the body of the Church, or in the Chancel, where Morning and Evening-Prayer are appointed to be said. And the Priest standing humbly before the Fame, Mall say the ColleEt following, the People also standing.

Note, That no part of this Holy Spirit, that we may

Service is ever to be used, perfe&tly love thee, and but when there is a Com- worthy magnify thy holy munion.

Name, through Christ our The Collect.

Lord. Amen. Lmighty God, unto Then mall follow one of these whom all hearts be two Colleets for the King, open,

all desires all flanding as before, and known and from whom saying, no secrets are hid ; Cleanse

Let us pray. the thoughts of our hearts Almighty God, whose by the inspiration of thy kingdom is everlasting,

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and power infinite ; Have Then shall be said the Collect mercy upon the whole

of the day. And immeChurch ; and fo rule the

diately after the Collect, heart of thy chosen fervant the Epistle shall be read, George, our King and Go the Reader saying, The vernor, that he (knowing Epittle [or, The Portiwhofe Minister he is may

of Scripture apabove all things seek thy pointed for the Epistle] honour and glory; and that is written in the we and all his subjects, (du Chapter of — beginning ly considering whole autho at the

verse. And rity he hath,) may faith the Epistle ended, he that fully serve, honour, and readeth pall say, Here humbly obey him, in thee, endeth the Epiftle. There and for thee, according to Mall a Presbyter or a Deathy blessed word and ordi con read the Gospel, saynance, thro' Jesus Christ ing, The holy Gospel is our Lord. Amen.

written in the ChapOr this.

ter of

beginning at Almighty and everlasting the verse. And the

God, we are taught Gospel ended, shall be reby thy holy Word, that the peated the Creed following, hearts of Kings, and Princes, all ftanding. are under thy rule and Believe in one God the vernance, and that thou dost Father Almighty, Madispose and turn them as it ker of heaven and earth. seemeth best to thy divine And of all things visible and wisdom; We humbly be. invisible : feech thee fo to dispose and And in one Lord Jesus govern the heart of George Chrift, the only begotten thy servant, our King and Son of God, begotten of Governor, that in all his his Father before all worlds, thoughts, words, and works, by whom all things lie nay ever seek thy ho were made: Who for us, nour and glory ; and study and for our salvation, came to preserve thy people come down from heaven, And mitted to his charge, in

his charge, in was incarnate by the Holy wealth, peace and godli. Ghoft, of the Virgin Mary, nels. Grant this O mer. And was inade man, And ciful Facher, for thy dear was crucified also for us Son's fake Jesus Chrift our under Pontius Pilate. He Lord. Amen.


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suffered and was buried; LEt your light so shine ben
And the third day he rose fore men, that they may
again, according to the see your good works, and
Scriptures, and ascended in- glorify your Father which
to heaven, and fitteth on is in heaven. S. Matth. 5.
the right hand of the Fa. 16.
ther. And he shall come a Lay not up for your
gain with glory to judge both felves treasure upon earth,
che quick and the dead : where the sust and moth
Whole kingdom thall have doth corrupt, and where
no end.

thieves break through and And I b-lieve in the fteal ; but lay up for your Holy Ghost, The Com- felves treasures in heaven, forter, who proceedeth from where neither ruft nor moth the Father by the Son, doth corrupt, and where Who after the Father and thieves do not break thro'

the Son is * and steal. S. Matth. 6. 19. * Or bonoured.

worshipp'dand 20.
glorified; Who fpake by the Whatsoever


would prophets. And I believe one that men should do unto Catholick and Apoftolick you, even lo do unto them; Church. I acknowledge one for this is the law and Baptism for the remission of the prophets. S. Matth. fins, And I look for the re. 7. 12. surrection of the dead, And Not every one that faith the life of the world to come. unto me, Lord, Lord, Ihall Amen.

enter into the kingdom of Then mall follow one or more heaven, but he that doch serious Exhortations or Ser. the will of my Father which mons; the Bishop, if pre- is in heaven. S. Matth. fent, concluding with one 7. 21, of his own And Note, Zaccheus ftood forth, That the Bishop may give and said unto the Lord, leave to one of the Lai. Behold, Lord, the half of ty to preach, if he knows my goods I give to the him well qualified for the poor; and if I have done fame.

any wrong to any man, I Then shall the Priest return restore fourfold. S. Luke

to the Lord's Table, and 19. 18.
begin the Offertory, saying He that foweth little,
one or more of these Sen- shall reap little, and he that
tences following, as be soweth plenteoully, shall
thinketh most convenient in reap plenteoully. Let eve-
his discretion.


ry man do according as he him, how dwelleth the love
is disposed in his heart, not of God in him? 1 S. John
grudgingly, or of necessity; 3. 17.
for God loveth a chearful

Give alms of thy goods, giver, 2 Cor. 9. 6, 7. and never turn thy face from

While we have time, let any poor man, and then the us do good unto' all men, face of the Lord shall not and specially unto them that be turned away from thee. are of the houshold of faith. Tob. 4. 7. Gel. 6. 10.

Be merciful after thy Godliness is great riches, power. If thou hast much, if a man be content with give plenteoully. If thou that he hath: for we brought hast little, do thy diigence nothing into the world, nei- gladly to give of that lite ther may we carry any tle: for so gathereft thou thing out, i Tim. 6, 6, 7. thy self a good reward in

Charge them who are the day of necessity. Tob. rich in this world, that 4. 8, 9. they be ready to give, and

He chat bath pity upon glad to distribute, laying the poor, lendeth unto the up in store for themselves Lord : and look what he a good foundation awainit layeth our it shall be paid the time to coine,

that him again. Prov. 19. 17. attain eternal life. Bleiled is the man that 1 Tim. 6. 17, 18, 19. provideth for the ick and

God is not unrighteous, needy : the Lord Ihall delithat he will forget your

ver him in the time of trouwork, and labour that pro- ble. Psalin 41. 1. ceedeth of love ; which Whilst these Sentences are love ye have shewed for in reading, a Deacon, or his Names fake, who have other fit perfon, foal 7 ministred unto the Saints, ceive the Bread, with the and yet do minister. Heb.

Wine, and Water, for

the Communion ; as also To do good, and to di the alms for the poor, and ftribute, forget not ; for other devotions of the Peowith such facrifices God ple, and reverently bring is well pleased. Heb. 13. them to the Priet; who 16.

mall humbly present them, Whoso hath this world's and place them upon the good, and feeth his Bro. boly Table. ther have nseo, and shut- The Priest shall then mix the e: up his compation from Wine with theWater, in a


they may

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due proportion, in the fa- your fins past'; have a liver cred Vessels

. After which ly and stedfast faith in done, he hall say ;

Christ our Saviour; amend DEarly beloved in the your lives, and be in per

Lord, ye that mind to fect charity with all men : come to the holy Commu- lo shall ye be meet parnion of the body and blood takers of these holy myiteof our Saviour Christ, must ries. And above all things consider how Saint Paul ex- ye must give moft humble horteth the Corinthians di- and hearty thanks to God ligently to try and examine the Father, and to the Son, themselves, before they pre- for the redemption of the fume to eat of that bread, world, by the death and and drink of that cup. For paffion of our Saviour Chrift; as the benefit is great, if who did humble himself with a true penitent heart even to the death upon the and lively faith, we receive Cross, for us miserable finthese holy mysteries; (for ners ; who lay in darkness, then we spiritually eat the and the shadow of death, flesh of Christ, and drink that he might make us the his blood ; then we dwell children of God, and exalc in Christ, and Christ in us; us to everlasting life. And we are one with Christ, to the end that we should and Christ with us :) fo is alway remember the exthe danger great if we re- ceeding great love of our ceive the fame unworthily. Master, and only Saviour JeI exhort you therefore Re- fus Christ, thus dying for us; ligiously and Devoutly to and the innumerable benefits dispose your selves for this which by his precious bloodparticipation of the most shedding he hath obtained to comfortable Memorial of us; he hath instituted and the Body and Blood of ordained holy mysteries, as Christ; to be by you re- pledgesof his love, and for ceived in remembrance of a continual remembrance of his meritorious Cross and his death, to

out great and Passion ; whereby we ob- endless comfort. To him tain remission of our Sins, therefore, with the Father,ia and are made heirs of the the Holy Ghost, let us give Kingdom of Heaven. Judge ( as we are most bounden) your felves, brethren, that continual thanks, fubmitting ye be not judged of the our felves wholly to his NoLord; repent you truly for ly will and pleasure, and


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