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ERHAPS few Books, lately published, have been more

useful, to serious and pious Readers, than that intitled, The Golden Treasury. It will be easily observd, that This is wrote on the same Plan : Containing a short Exercise of Devotion, for every Day in the Year. The chief Difference between the one and the other, I apprehend, is this: The Reflections here are abundantly deeper: They not only contain the first Principles of Re


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ligion, Repentance towards God, and Faith in CHRIST, the Doctrine of Justification, and the New Birth, but likewise the whole Work of God in the Soul of Man, till being rooted and grounded in Love, be is able to comprehend with all Saints, what is the Breadth, and Length, and Depth, and Height: And to know the Love of Christ which palseth Knowledge, and to be filled with all the Fulness of GOD.

28 OC 62

Pembroke, July 30, 1764.

John Wesley

January 1.


Circumcifion. AND when eight Days were accomplished for the circumcifing of

the Child, his Name was called Jesus, which was so named of the Angel, before he was conceived in the Womb, Luke ii. 21.

Give me, Lord, the Grace, which thou hast hereby merited for me, to circumeise the Pride and Impurity of my Heart, and whatever remains in me of Adam's Corruption. By this first Effusion of his Blood, he exercises the Office of a Saviour, at the same Time that he takes the Name. How adorable are these first Fruits of his Pains ! Let this holy Name be ever my Refuge and Confidence, my Strength and Support, my Peace and Consolation: And let it be truly to me a Name of Salvation. Exert upon my Heart, O Jesus! the Right and sovereign Power which it gives thee to fave me. Salvation from our Sins we found, Jesus from (not in our Sins,

Thro' Jesus' Grace forgiven; Doth still his People fave: And Jesus' Grace doth more abound, Him our Advocate and Prince,

And makes us meet for Heaven: Our Priest and King we have : The hallowing Virtue of his Name Strength in him with Righteousness, Our spotless Souls shall prove,

With Pardon Purity we gain : And, to the utmost fav’d, proclaim Priests his praying Spirit poffefs, Our Lord's Almighty Love.

And Kings for ever reign.


ND Fesus füith unto him, I will come and heal him, Mat.

viii. 7.

The Word and Promise of Christ is the great Consolation of a Sinner.

• There is no Person in the World but what has Need that Jesus CHRIST should come and heal him, either of his mortal Wounds, or of his Weakness and Infirmities. From the Time he has made us sensible of our Diseases, and given us the Grace to lay them before him in Prayer, let us confidently believe, that he says to us, I will come and heal you: And let us faithfully and humbly say to him, without ceasing, Come, Lord Jesus!

Hear Jesus ! hear my broken Heart, My Lord ! my Saviour! hear my Cry;
Broken so long that every Part By these dear Feet by wbich I lie !
Hath got a'Tongue, that ne'er shall cease Pluck out the Dart, regard my Sighs,
'Till thou pronounce, Depart in Peace. Now heal my Soul, or now it dies.

O how gracious is my Lord,
Lift'ning for a Sigh or Word:
When he hears the Sinner's Cry,

how ready to reply!
Jesus come! thy servant heale
Jesus answers me, I will.

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