Cases Decided in the House of Lords, on Appeal from the Courts of Scotland, 1825[-1834].

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Page 579 - It is ordered and adjudged by the lords spiritual and temporal in parliament assembled, that the said petition and appeal be, and is hereby, dismissed this House ; and that the said interlocutor therein complained of be, and the same is hereby, affirmed.
Page 518 - That the said interlocutors complained of in the said appeal be and the same are hereby reversed : And it is further ordered, That the cause be remitted back to the Court of Session in Scotland...
Page 633 - or persons shall find himself, herself, or themselves aggrieved
Page 90 - ... the institutions for charitable and benevolent purposes established or to be established in the city of Glasgow or neighbourhood thereof...
Page 352 - Lords, and the pursuer reponed and restored thereagainst in integrum ; and the defender Ought and Should be Decerned and Ordained, by decree foresaid, to make payment to the pursuer of the sum of...
Page 298 - STBEET is the mansion, finished in 1850, of Henry Thomas Hope, Esq., and erected under the joint superintendence of M. Dusillion a French architect, and Professor Donaldson. It has a frontage of 70 feet in Piccadilly, and 64 feet in Down Street. The total height from the level of the street to the top of the balustrade is 63 feet.
Page 535 - HIS MAJESTY having taken into consideration the said Report, and the Draft Charter accompanying it, was pleased, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, to approve thereof, and to order, as it is hereby ordered, that the...
Page 633 - ... or shall be removed by certiorari, suspension, advocation, or reduction, or by any other writ or process, into any superior or other court or jurisdiction ; any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.
Page 457 - House was without prejudice to any question ' i jet wen the parties in any other action touching any property comprised ' in the deeds of tailzie therein mentioned, the intent and meaning of the ' whole of such judgment being to leave all questions respecting the right ' to the said leases, as well as to the rest of the property comprised in the ' Jeeds of tailzie therein mentioned, open to be discussed in such manner ' as the same might be properly discussed in any future proceeding pro...
Page 166 - October 1808, sought to be reduced, being ' in law probative instruments, were not, or either of them, was ' not the deeds or deed of the Earl of Fife...

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