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The Great Merits of this Line are

Buffet Smoking and Library Cars

Double Drawing Room Pullman Sleeping Cars Pullman Dining Cars, Meals a la Carte

Fast Time

Ordinary Sleeping Cars

Elegant Day Coaches

Union Depots

Pintsoh Light

Steam Heat, Etc.

For complete information relative to this line, time of trains, pamphlets descriptive of the country traversed, etc., etc., call on your nearest ticket agent, any agent of

this line shown on third page of cover, or address E. L. LOMAX, G. P. & T. A., OMAHA, NEB.





National Platforms


Republican, Democratic
Fusion Populist or Peoples
Mid-Road Populist or Peoples
and Prohibition Parties

And other valuable and statistical
information-compiled from official
publications. I


Copyrighted 1900

By E. L. LOMAX, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD,


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The Republicans of the United States, through their chosen representatives, met in national convention, looking back upon an unsurpassed record of achievement and looking forward into a great field of duty and opportunity; and, appealing to the judgment of their countrymen, make these declarations:


The expectation in which the American people, turning from the Democratic party, intrusted power four years ago to a Republican Chief Magistrate and a Republican Congress, has been met and satisfied. When the people then assembled at the polls, after a term of Democratic legislation and administration, business was dead, industry paralyzed, and the national credit disastrously impaired. The country's capital was hidden away and its labor distressed and unemployed. The Democrats had no other plan with which to improve the ruinous conditions, which they had themselves produced, than to coin silver at the ratio of 16 to 1.


The Republican party, denouncing this plan as sure to produce conditions even worse than those from which relief was sought, promised to restore prosperity by means of two legislative measures -a protective tariff and a law making gold the standard of value.

The people, by great majorities, issued to the Republican party a commission to enact these laws. This commission has been executed, and the Republican promise is redeemed.

Prosperity more general and more abundant than we have ever known has followed these enactments. There is no longer controversy as to the value of any government obligations. Every American dollar is a gold dollar or its assured equivalent, and American credit stands higher than that of any nation. Capital is fully employed and everywhere labor is profitably occupied. No single fact can more strikingly tell the story of what Republican government means to the country than this-that while during the whole period of 107 years, from 1790 to 1897, there was an excess of exports over imports of only $383,028,497, there has been in the short three years of the present Republican administration an excess of exports over imports in the enormous sum of $1,483,537,091.


And while the American people, sustained by this Republican legislation, have been achieving these splendid triumphs in their business and commerce, they have conducted and in victory concluded a war for liberty and human rights. No thought of national aggrandizement tarnished the high purpose with which American standards were unfurled.

It was a war unsought and patiently resisted, but when it came the American government was ready. Its fleets were cleared for action. Its armies were in the field, and the quick and signal triumph of its forces on land and sea bore equal tribute to the courage of American soldiers and sailors and to the skill and foresight of Republican statesmanship. To ten millions of the human race there was given "a new birth of freedom," and to the American people a new and noble responsibility.


We indorse the administration of William McKinley. Its acts have been established in wisdom and in patriotism, and at home and abroad it has distinctly elevated and extended the influence of the American nation.

Walking untried paths and facing unforeseen responsibilities. President McKinley has been in every situation the true American patriot and the upright statesman, clear in vision, strong in judgment, firm in action, always inspiring, and deserving the confidence of his countrymen.

In asking the American people to indorse this Republican record and to renew their commission to the Republican party, we remind them of the fact that the menace to their prosperity has always resided in Democratic principles and no less in the general incapacity of the Democratic party to conduct public affairs.

The prime essential of business prosperity is public confidence in the good sense of the government and in its ability to deal intelligently with each new problem of administration and legislation. That confidence the Democratic party has never earned. It is hopelessly inadequate, and the country's prosperity wheu Democratic success at the polls is announced halts and ceases in mere anticipation of Democratic blunders and failures.

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