Pacific Medico-dental Gazette, Volume 6

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Pacific Medico-Dental Gazette Company, 1898

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Page 70 - SEC. 2. — It is not to be expected that the patient will possess a very extended or a very accurate knowledge of professional matters. The dentist should make due allowance for this, patiently explaining many things which may seem quite clear to himself, thus endeavoring to educate the public mind so that it will properly appreciate the beneficent efforts of our profession. He should encourage no false hopes by promising success when, in the nature of the case, there is uncertainty.
Page 120 - The pain subsided temporarily whenever the teeth were pressed firmly together or upon any substance held between them, but only to return when the pressure was withdrawn. The presence of anything cold in the mouth immediately produced the most exquisite pain; moderate heat produced a soothing effect. After two months the pain became continuous, and four molars were extracted without in any way relieving it. On the contrary, the pain increased in severity until October, when it ceased entirely for...
Page 71 - The dentist is professionally limited to diseases of the dental organs and the mouth. With these he should be more familiar than the general practitioner is expected to be ; and while he recognizes the superiority of the physician in regard to diseases of the general system, the latter is under equal obligations to respect his high attainments in his specialty.
Page 71 - When consulted by the patient (if another practitioner the dentist should guard against inquiries or hints disparaging to the family dentist or calculated to weaken the patient's confidence in him; and if the interests of the patient will not be endangered thereby, the case should be temporarily treated, and referred back to the family dentist. SEC.
Page 119 - Case V.— The patient, aet. 50, white, female. Family history: Has one sister who suffered from emotional insanity, otherwise the family history is good. Previous health excellent. The present trouble began with a severe neuralgic toothache, localized in the right lower molars. Paroxysms of pain were of daily occurrence, and most severe in the mornings about breakfast time. The pain subsided temporarily whenever the teeth were pressed firmly together, or upon any substance held between them; but...
Page 320 - The right of trial by jury shall be secured to all, and remain inviolate ; but in civil actions three-fourths of the jury may render a verdict.
Page 322 - GoD bless the man who first invented sleep!" So Sancho Panza said, and so say I: And bless him, also, that he didn't keep His great discovery to himself; nor try To make it — as the lucky fellow might — A close monopoly by patent right! Yes — bless the man who first invented sleep...
Page 72 - OF THE PROFESSION AND THE PUBLIC. Dentists are frequent witnesses, and, at the same time, the best judges of the impositions perpetrated by quacks, and it is their duty to enlighten and warn the public in regard to them. For this and many other benefits conferred by the competent and honorable dentist, the profession is entitled to the confidence and respect of the public, who should always discriminate in favor of the true man of science and integrity against the empiric and impostor.
Page 438 - Never allow rubber plaster to come in contact with a surface uncovered by normal skin. Since it cannot be sterilized by heat it must be considered as being dirty. Before operating, always find out whether the patient has any malarial history. The discovery of this fact will save you many a bad scare when temperature rises suddenly after operation.
Page 215 - Section i. Each state society may send one for every ten of its active members as delegates to this association for one year, upon complying with the requirements of its constitution; but no society shall be entitled to representation that does not adopt or substantially recognize the Code of Ethics of this association. The fact that the American Dental Association received delegates from both local and state societies renders it necessary to call attention to the fact that delegates to the National...

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