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Dr. W. C. BUKEY, E. M. I., 1890, has a recorded mortgage on the business in and about Ashley, O He is to be congratulated on his success.

Dr. W. W. SHRINER, of Liberty, Ind., continues to do a big busi

He has a son in the E. M. I. now, who will soon be ready to assist him.

DR. JOHN J. OGLE formerly at Montpelier, Ind., is now at Fort Wayne, Ind. and is doing well, because he deserves to do well.

DR. C. H. Scott who attended E M. I. last year, and passed the Ohio State Board, is now located at Millgrove, O. and doing well.

Dr. Jos. MORROW, E. M. I, 1892, flourishes at Germantown, Neb. He is a professor in the Eclectic Medical College at Lincoln Cotner Univ. We congratulate him.

DR. A. P. HAUSS, E. M. I., 1880, is on the 'crest of the wave" at New Albany, Ind. He has quite a reputation as a surgeon.

DR. SARAH J. Ives continues to do exceedingly well at Decatur, Mich. The GLEANER assists her, and wishes her continued prosperity.

DR. J. S CANTRELL, of Noble, Ozark Co., Mo., writes the GLEANER pleasantly. Come again, Doctor.

DR. J. W. MOORE, formerly at Wilburn, Tex., is now at Voca, Tex. Success to him.

At the recent meeting of the National Druggists' Association, at Philadelphia, Pa., Mr. Ashley Lloyd, the genial buyer and seller of Lloyd Bros., was honored by a Vice Presidency. We congratulate him. Honors cannot fall upon a worthier) man.

Dr. W. H. HAIFLEY, E. M. I., 1891-our prosector-is doing nicely at Amboy, Ind. He is respected by the physicians of the county re gardless of school.

The annual meeting of the Eclectic Medical Society of Central New York, was held at Syracuse, October 14th. Dr. D. E. Ensign, E M I., 1888, was President. We have had no report of the meeting. No doubt it was a good one.

PLEASING requests are in hand from Dr. J. H. Spicer, of Archbold, Ohio Come at us again, doctor.

DR. E. M. McPHERON, E. M. I., 1888, Professor of Anatomy in the Ohio Normal University, at Ada, Ohio, has removed to Sutherland Block. Janesville, Wis.

DR. W. G. MCKINNEY, E. M. I., 1887, formerly at Holmes, Tenn., is now happily w nooping 'em up at Milan, Tenn., a bigger and better place. Success to him.

DR. M. L FIELDER, E. M. I., 1858, is so thoroughly imbued with the eclective idea that he has succeeded in establishing a town in Alabima and having it called Eclectic. He and his son have a drug store and a good business at Eclectic.

Dr. F. J. EVANS, Amer. Health Coll., 1894, of Iowa Falls, Iowa, holds fast to the GLEANER and a good business. He is the inventor of the celebrated F. J. Evans Repeating Rifle-a dead shot - a good thing-in its place--you bet.

DR. J. T. TAYLOR, Amer. Health Coll., 1889 writes us pleasingly from 113 S. 7th East st., Salt Lake City, Utah. We congratulate him on his choice of a city for a home. Salt Lake City is a beauty.

Dr. W. H. HAWLEY, our old friend from Penn Yan, N. Y., writes: "The GLEANER always finds a welcome place in my offic and gives sat. isfaction.” We thank him for the compliment. He has a student at the E. M. I. now.

Dr. W. F. McCRAY, formerly, of Ohio, is holding fast to a good thing-a paying business at Clark's Hill, Indiana.

DR S. MADDOX, E. M. I., 1896, has preempted a good business at Ely, Mo. There is no doubt of his success. We guarantee it.

DR. E. W. MAGARN, formerly at Tickfaw, La., is now pleasingly located at Hammond, La., a much better place. The doctor will do well anywhere.

Dr. T. J HARCOURT, the enterprising, hustling, competent dentist oi Sixth st. near Race, in this city, still finds food for reflection in the GLEANER. We thank him for continued good will.

DR. H G. BRADSHAW, E. M. I., 1896, has located at Bluffton, Ohio. He succeeded an old physician in business and not only maintained the practice, but increased it. Success is his captive.

DR. G M. SWEPTSON, E. M. I., 1890, is doing nicely at McArthur, O. His success is very gratifying. He joined the State Association in August

Dr. Geo. M. BURROUGHS, formerly of Bridgeport, after taking a P. G. course in New York, has removed to Madison, Conn., where the o:itlook is very promising. He conducts a pharmacy in connection with his business.

DR. HENRIETTA C. LINKENBACH, E. M. I., 1891, has an excellent business at San Bernardino, Cal. Business matters necessitate a removal and she would be glad to place an eclectic woman graduate in her place. The business is well established, and worth from $2,oco to $3.cco a year cash. She will introduce a successor, and turn over business, bock accounts, all for $300, cash. This is the best opportunity for a live woman we have known for a long, long time. Write Dr. L.

DR. C. W. PAGEL, Amer. Med. Coll., 1896, has located in Hebron, Ind.-a good place and a good man in it. Success will certainly be his b:dfellow.

DR. EDWARD WILLIAM GRIGSBY, E. M. I., 1895, is doing a very flittering business at Orient, Ia. He has had excellent succees and is on the highway to fame. We congratulate him.

That royal good fellow, and excellent physician Dr. A. S. Dibble, of Center Village, Broome Co., N. Y., never forgets the GLEANER. It thanks him for continued good will.

PLEASING requests are in hand from Dr. C. A. Johnson, Box 103 Rusk, Texas. Come again, Doctor.

DR. F. H. KING, formerly at Kimball, S. Da., after attending a P. G. course at Chicago, has located at Chamberlain, S. Da, where he is doing nicely.

A SHORT time since we received a very pleasant letter from that valiant and aggressive eclectic, Dr. Russell Truitt, E. M. I., 1877. He is happily located at Cottonwood, Idaho.

Doctor, if you want to place a patient in a private hospital with every convenience, and the best of care, at a moderate price, write Miss Anna Kypke, The Losanti, 208 W. 12th St., Cincinnati, O.

DR. E. B. LOURY, of Roane, Tex., has joined the GLEANER grand army. And with us he is marching to victory. The spoils of war belong to GLEANER hosts.

DR. J. H. Cox, E. M. I., 1889, is hurrahing for McKinley and attending to a big business at Sedan, O. His head is level, and no obnoxious weeds (ideas) in his "roof-garden."

We are pleased to hear again from our old friend, Dr. J. Longfield, of Turney, Mo. He is a hustling M. D.

The West Chicago Cost-graduate school and Polyclinic opened its annual session, Oct. 8th. It has ample facilities and a good faculty. Dr. T. A. Davis is secretary.

DR. B. F. SEVERNS, E. M. I., 1896, of York, Ohio, is thinking of a larger place. Consequently he can locate a good eclectic or two. Write him.

Dr. Huchins, (Cal. Med. Coll., 1896,) and Noble, are doing nicely together at Danville, California. The GLEANER is glad to make their acquaintance.

Dr. L. J. Poe, E. M. I., 1876, is reaping rich rewards at Butler, Ky. He is a member of the U. S. Pension Examining Board. We congratulate him.

Mess. HOLMES and Reever, merchants of Ravanna, Mo., write that their little city is badly in need of an eclectic physician. Write them, and they will gladly particularize.

The Tri-State Medical Society, of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, held its eighth annual meeting in Nashville, Oct. 14 and 15th. Dr. Frank. Trester Smith, of Chattanooga, was secretary, and Dr. J. B. Murfree, of Murfreesboro, was president.

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. H. H. Blaukmeyer, E. M. I., 1888 in the city a few days ago. He is pleasantly located at Portsmouth, O. He is doing his share of the work every day.

The Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in nedicine has greatly increased its facilities by the addition of new laboratories and increasing the number of teachers in its faculty. It is fully equipped and nearly 16,000 patients were treated last year; 500 capital operations were performed. Max J. Stern. M. D. is secretary.

CINCINNATI eclectics recently enjoyed a call from Dr. L. E. Cook, E. M. I, 1882, who does well at Forest, O. We were glad to see him and we will be disappointed if we don't see him frequently. (And there are others.)

THE GLEANER is still in touch with Dr. M. D. Smith whose energy and business surprises the inhabitants in and around Middleburg, Vt.

Dr. Frank Owry, E. M. I., 1896, has enough to do to scare any wolf from the door." Indeed he is living on the fat of the land at New Paris, O. He is doing well.

DR. JAMES A. Pryor, E. M. I., 1890, is patriotically practicing at Patriot, Ind., and he is doing well. On Nov. 30th last there was born to them a very fine baby girl. She, like his business grows daily. Shake Doctor, shake in congratulations.

Dr. H. W. CONRAD, the colored member of the 1890 class, E. M. I., is doing a fine business in Paris, Ky. He uses specific medicines, specific medication and gets there daily.

IF an eclectic surgeon in search of a place where there are no surgeons, we would advise him to write to Dr. H. M. Hamblin, of Newkirk, Ok., Ter. A place as big as the state of Connecticut, without a surgeon! What do you think of it? And the country is prosperouseven booming. An immense wheat crop is moving out of Newkirk at the rates of 6,000 to 10,000 bushels daily. If you have a small sum to invest in such a location, write to Dr. Hamblin.

The name of Dr. Bailie Brown, Amer. Ec. Med. Coll., 1896, of Sioux, Falls, S. D , has been added to the GLEANER list.

DR. A. H. YOUNG, Ia. Ec. Med. Coll., 1888, is happy in his success at Swan, Iowa. May it never grow less.

Mrs. Dr. J. D. QUINN, E. M. I., 1895, is doing nicely at Newport, Ky. She has a large obstetric business, and treats many women and children.

DR. C. E. Louth, who is doing well at 170 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio, recently made the GLEANER a pleasant call.

Dr. C. B. DEAN, E. M. I., 1893. formerly at Norborue, Mo., has removed to Triplett, in the same state, a much better place. Success to you always, doctor.

PLEASING inquiries are in hand from Dr. J. M. Bowman, of Min hattan, Riley, Co., Kas. Come at us again, Doctor!

DR. SARAH M. SIEWERS, E. M. I., 1891, is doing a very satisfactory practice at 747 W. 6th St., Cincinnati, O. She enjoys the work.

DR. CONRAD HEUSER, formerly at Oldenburg, Ind., is now located at Millhausen, Ind.

Dr. F. C. Humphrey, of 52 Hazard St., Cleveland, O., is steadfast in the faith and he has reason for the faith within him. He succeeds.

DR. PAUL HUSTON, the energetic eclectic of Paris, I11., "holds the fort," to his own satisfaction, as usual. Glad of it, doctor.

Dr. L. C. Cox, of Gadsden, Tenn., does not forsake the GLEANER. He is doing nicely-has an excellent business.

DR. W. L. Helsel. E. M. I., 1895, is happily chirruping over a good start in business at Scalp Level, Pa. He is certain to do well.

DR. CHAS. E. HOWLAND, E. M. I., 1890, still does well at Sedan, Kas. Surgery and diseases of the eye and ear receive his special attention.

We are under obligations to Dr. M. E. Howard, the successful eclectic of Perryville, Ark. He has the good of "the cause" at heart. He does well.

DR. ELIJAH EVINS, who attended the E. M. I. a few years ago, is doing nicely at Coal Run, Ky. His mind often reverts to times passed in Cincinnati.

A PLEASANT letter from the Halberts - father and son W. H., E. M. I., 1888 and T. E., E. M. I., 1894, of Nashville, Tenn., says "Practice splendid.” They are truly "gold bug' eclectics. They have two students in the E. M. I. now.

We consider it one of the indispensables in our practice," what Dr. H. W. and Mrs. R. B. Gates, of Bosqueville, Tex., say of the GLEANER They have an excellent business.

We are recently in receipt of a pleasing letter and some pointed practical therapeutic pointers from Dr. Lyman Pike, of Terra Haute, Ind. He is one of the oldest eclectics in the state. He rejoices in the advancement of our cause and endeavors to keep in hot touch with the times.

DR. W. L. WILSON, of Milpitas, Cal., will gladly direct a good electic to an excellent location. Write to him for particulars.

DR. HARLEY BALDWIN, of Terre Haute, Ind., wto attended E. M. I. last year, returned this fall. Before he could matriculate he was stricken with typhoid fever. He returned home and bas since died. His friends have the GLEANER's sympathy.

TEXAS ITEMS.- The T. E. M. A. in its thirteenth annual meeting is a thing of history.

Never were the electics of Texas on a more direct road to unbounded prosperity than now. To not give the electics of the other States a resume of our Texas transactions through the GLEANER would certainly be a breach of fraternal reciprocity and we would feel recreant in the extreme.

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