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within the Illinois Conference; thence east through Fayette and Effingham counties, to the north west corner of Jasper County, thence with the north line of Jasper and Crawford counties, to Wabash River and Indiana State line.

32. The MISSOURI CONFERENCE shall include the State of Missouri, except that part lying south of the Osage River, and west of Miller, Pulaski, and Ashley counties, and that part of the Nebraska territory, embracing the Indian Missions in said territory.

33. The ARKANSAS CONFERENCE shall include the States of Arkansas, Texas, and so much of New-Mexico as lies east of the Rocky Mountains, and that part of the Indian territory west of Arkansas, and so much of the State of Missouri as is not included in the Missouri Conference.

34. The BALTIMORE CONFERENCE shall include all that part of Virginia not embraced in the Western Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia Conferences, and which is bounded by a line commencing at the mouth of the Rappahannock River, running with said river to the head waters thereof, (including Fredericksburg,) thence by the Blue Ridge to New River, taking in Floyd Circuit, thence by New River, to the boundary of the Western Virginia Conference; and the western shore of Maryland, except a small portion included in the Western Virginia Conference, and that part of Pennsylvania lying east of the Alleghany Moun

tains and west of the Susquehanna River, including Huntington and Northumberland districts.

35. The PHILADELPHIA CONFERENCE shall include the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, the State of Delaware, and all that part of Pennsylvania lying between the Susquehanna and Delaware rivers, except so much as is included in Baltimore, Wyoming, and New-Jersey Conferences.

36. The NEW-JERSEY CONFERENCE shall include the whole State of New-Jersey, Staten Island, and so much of the States of New-York and Pennsylvania as is now inIcluded in the Newton and Paterson districts.

37. The OREGON CONFERENCE shall embrace the territory of Oregon.

38. The CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE shall embrace the State of California, the Territory of Utah, and so much of the Territory of New-Mexico as lies west of the Rocky Mountains.


39. The LIBERIA CONFERENCE. shall be an Annual Conference on the Western Coast of Africa, to be denominated the Liberia Mission Annual Conference, possessing all the rights, powers, and privileges of other Annual Conferences, except that of sending delegates to the General Conference, and of drawing its annual dividend from the avails of the Book Concern and of the Charter Fund.


1. The Pittsburgh, the North Ohio, and the Cincinnati Districts, with the exception of Lawrenceburg, are connected with the Cincinnati Conference.

2. The North Indiana District, as it now is, and the Indiana District, with the addition of Lawrenceburg, are connected with the South-Eastern Indiana Conference.

3. The St. Louis, Missouri, and the Quincy Districts, with the exception of Pekin and Peoria Missions, are connected with the Illinois Conference.

4. The Wisconsin and Iowa Districts, with the addition of Pekin and Peoria Missions, are connected with the Rock River Conference.

5. The German Missions in the east, remain in connexion with the New-York Conference.




Of building Churches, and the Order to be

observed therein.

Quest. 1. Is anything advisable in regard

to building churches?

Answ. 1. Let all our churches be built

plain and decent, and with free seats whereever practicable; but not more expensive than is absolutely unavoidable-otherwise the necessity of raising money will make rich men necessary to us. But if so, we must be dependent on them, yea, and governed by them. And then farewell to Methodist discipline, if not doctrine too.

2. In order more effectually to prevent our people from contracting debts which they are not able to discharge, it shall be the duty of the Quarterly Conference, of every circuit and station, where it is contemplated to build a house or houses of worship, to secure the ground or lot on which such house or houses are to be built, according to our deed of settlement, which deed must be legally executed; and also said Quarterly Conference shall appoint a judicious committee of at least three members of our Church, who shall form an estimate of the amount necessary to build; and three-fourths of the money, according to such estimate, shall be secured or subscribed before any such building shall be commenced.

In all cases where debts for building houses of worship have been, or may be, incurred contrary to, or in disregard of, the above recommendation, our members and friends are requested to discountenance, by declining pecuniary aid to all agents who shall travel abroad beyond their own circuits or districts for the collection of funds for the discharge of such debts: except in such peculiar cases as may be approved

by an Annual Conference, or such agents as may be appointed by their authority.

3. In future we will admit no charter, deed, or conveyance, for any house of worship to be used by us, unless it be provided in such charter, deed, or conveyance, that the trustees of said house shall at all times permit such ministers and preachers belonging to the Methodist Episcopal Church as shall from time to time be duly authorized by the General Conference of the ministers of our Church, or by the Annual Conferences, to preach and expound God's holy word, and to execute the discipline of the Church, and to administer the sacraments therein, according to the true meaning and purport of our deed of settlement.

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Of the Form of a Deed of Settlement.* Quest. What shall be done for the security of our preaching-houses, and the premises belonging thereto ?


Answ. Let the following plan of a deed of settlement be brought into effect in all possible cases, and as far as the laws of the States respectively will admit of it. each Annual Conference is authorized to make such modification in the deeds as they may find the different usages and customs of law require in the different States and Territories, so as to secure the premises firmly by deed, and permanently to the Methodist

For the old and full form of this deed, see page 210.

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