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5. They shall not do away the privileges of our ministers or preachers of trial by a committee, and of an appeal: neither shall they do away the privileges of our members of trial before the society, or by a committee, and of an appeal.

6. They shall not appropriate the produce of the Book Concern, nor of the Charter Fund, to any purpose other than for the benefit of the travelling, supernumerary, superannuated and worn-out preachers, their wives, widows, and children. Provided, nevertheless, that upon the concur rent recommendation of three-fourths of all the members of the several Annual Conferences, who shall be present and vote on such recommendation, then a majority of two-thirds of the General Conference succeeding shall suffice to alter any of the above restrictions, excepting the first article and also, whenever such alteration or alterations shall have been first recommended by two-thirds of the General Conference, so soon as three-fourths of the members of all the Annual Conferences shall have concurred as aforesaid, such alteration or alterations shall take effect.


Of the Annual Conferences.

Quest. 1. Who shall attend the Annual Conferences?

Answ. All the travelling preachers-both

those who are in full connexion, and those who are on trial.

Quest. 2. Who shall appoint the times of holding the Annual Conferences?

Answ. The Bishops: but they shall allow the Annual Conferences to sit a week at least.

Quest. 3. Who shall appoint the places of holding the Annual Conferences?

Answ. Each Annual Conference shall appoint the place of its own sitting.

Quest. 4. Who shall preside at the Annual Conferences?

Answ. The Bishop. In case no Bishop be present, a Presiding Elder, appointed by a Bishop, by letter or otherwise, shall preside. But if no appointment be made, or if the Presiding Elder appointed do not attend, the Conference shall in either of these cases elect the President by ballot, without a debate, from among the Presiding Elders.

Quest. 5. What is the method wherein we usually proceed in the Annual Conferences? Answ. We inquire,

1. What preachers are admitted on trial? 2. Who remain on trial?

3. Who are admitted into full connexion? 4. Who are the Deacons ?

5. Who have been elected and ordained Elders this year?

6. Who have located this year?

7. Who are the supernumeraries? 8. Who are the superannuated or worn-out preachers?

9. Who have been expelled from the connexion this year?

10. Who have withdrawn from the connexion this year?

11. Are all the preachers blameless in life

and conversation?

12. Who have died this year?

13. What is the number of members, and what of probationers, in society?

14. What amounts are necessary for the superannuated preachers, and the widows and orphans of preachers, and to make up the deficiencies of those who have not obtained their regular allowance on the circuits?

15. What has been collected on the foregoing accounts, and how has it been applied?

16. What has been contributed for the support of Missions, what for the SundaySchool Union, what for the publication and circulation of tracts, and what to aid the American Bible Society?

17. Where are the preachers stationed this year?

18. Where and when shall our next Conference be held?

Quest. 6. Is there any other business to be done in the Annual Conferences?

Answ. 1. The electing and ordaining of Deacons and Elders.

2. It shall be the duty of each Annual Conference to examine strictly into the state of the domestic missions within its bounds, and to allow none to remain on the list of

its missions which, in the judgment of the Conference, is able to support itself.

Quest. 7. Are there any other directions to be given concerning the Annual Conferences?

Answ. There shall be thirty-nine Conferences in the year. (See part iii, ch. 1, page 158.)

A record of the proceedings of each Annual Conference shall be kept by a Secretary, chosen for that purpose, and shall be signed by the President and Secretary; and let a copy of the said record be sent to the General Conference.

For other special duties of the Annual Conference, with reference to Missions, Sunday schools, and Tracts, see pages 190, 85, and 87.


Of the Quarterly Conferences.

Quest. 1. Of whom shall the Quarterly Conferences be composed?

Answ. Of all the travelling and local preachers, exhorters, stewards, and classleaders of the circuit or station, and none else. But the male superintendents of Sunday schools, being members of our Church, shall, by virtue of their office, have a seat in the Quarterly Conference having supervision of their schools, with the right to speak and vote on questions relating to Sunday schools, and on such questions only; and the Mis

sionary Committee (part iii, ch. iv, page 191) shall have the right to a seat during the action of the Conference on the subject of Missions, but at no other time.

Quest. 2. Who shall preside in the Quarterly Conferences ?

Answ. The Presiding Elder, and in his absence the preacher in charge.

Quest. 3. How shall the minutes of the Quarterly Conference be kept?

Answ. The Quarterly Conference shall appoint a Secretary to take down the proceedings thereof, in a book kept by one of the Stewards of the circuit for that purpose. Quest. 4. What shall be the regular business of the Quarterly Conference?

Answ. 1. To hear complaints, and to receive and try appeals.

2. To appoint a committee to make an estimate of the amount necessary to furnish fuel and table expenses for the family or families of the preacher or preachers of the circuit or station, which estimate shall be subject to the action of the Quarterly Conference. (See part iii, ch. iii, § 2, art. 6, page 180.)

3. To take cognizance of all the local preachers in the circuit or station, and to inquire into the gifts, labours, and usefulness, of each preacher by name; to license proper persons to preach, and renew their license annually, when in the judgment of said Conference their gifts, grace, and usefulness, will warrant such renewal; to recommend to the Annual Conference suitable candi

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