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JUN 20 1917





Whose researches have opened up the great field of subatomic energy.

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THE past eight years have been -a radiation which was like light in that

marked, by a number of epoch it produced an effect upon a sensitized making

discoveries in physics. photographic plate, but was wholly Most of these recent additions unlike light, first, in that it was invisible, to the range of scientific knowledge have and second, in that it was able to pass been grouped about the general subject easily through many substances opaque of radiation, discoveries of new forms of to ordinary light, such, for example, as radial energy having followed one cardboard, wood, leather, and notably the another in such rapid succession that it flesh of the human hand. This discovery is difficult even for a physicist to keep would probably have attracted little posted on them all. As a result of these attention outside of academic circles had achievements, important progress has it not been for this last-mentioned been made toward the solution of one of remarkable property; but the idea of the most fundamental questions that can obtaining photographs of the skeleton of be asked in science—the question as to a living being was so startling, so the nature and constitution of matter. uncanny at that time, to the average

mind, that the discovery at once took hold The Discovery of X-Rays

of the popular imagination and for a The discovery of X-rays is to be time monopolized the attention even of regarded as the starting-point of this the scientific world. Scores of scientists epoch of investigation in the field of in all countries dropped at once their radio-activity. It was in the Christmas pending researches, and began to experiseason of 1895-96 that Professor Röntgen ment upon these strange new rays, which of the University of Würzburg, Bavaria, Röntgen had provisionally named X-rays exhibited to the Physical Society of because their nature was still problemBerlin his first X-ray photographs and atical. A surprisingly small amount of announced to the public the discovery new knowledge concerning the mysterithat has made his name a household term ous nature of the X-rays themselves the world over. These photographs resulted from all this research, and even showed that some sort of radiation was today they are almost as much an emitted from a vacuum bulb through unknown quantity as when Röntgen which an electrical discharge was passing made his first announcement. HARYAMU CULLEAL LD


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