A Treatise on Pharmacy for Students and Pharmacists

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Lea, 1906 - 834 pages

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Page 68 - ... the ratio of the ovendry weight of a sample to the weight of a volume of water equal to the volume of the sample at some specific moisture content, as green, air-dry, or ovendry.
Page 133 - ... cylindrical or only slightly tapering percolator may be used for drugs which are not liable to swell, and when the menstruum is strongly alcoholic, or when ether or some other volatile liquid is used for extraction. The size of the percolator selected should be in proportion to the quantity of drug extracted. When properly packed in the percolator, the drug should not occupy more than two-thirds of its height. The percolator is best constructed of glass or stoneware, but, unless otherwise directed,...
Page 28 - The system is built on a foundation of seven basic units, and all other units are derived from them. (Use of metric weights and measures was legalized in the United States in 1866, and our customary units of weights and measures are defined in terms of the meter and kilogram.) Length. Meter.
Page 779 - Remove the stopper carefully, and, should any crystals adhere to it, brush them into the flask. Place in a small funnel two rapidly acting filters, of a diameter of 7 Cm., plainly folded, one within the other (the triple fold of the inner filter being laid against the single side of the outer filter), wet them well with ether, and decant the ethereal solution as completely as possible upon the inner filter. Add 10 Cc. of ether to the contents of the flask, rotate it, and again decant the ethereal...
Page 235 - An ordinary infusion, the strength of which is not directed by the physician nor specified by the Pharmacopoeia, shall be prepared by the following formula : Take of the substance, coarsely •comminuted, 50 Gm.
Page 439 - Glycerin, or if a miscible liquid, with a little Water, and add sufficient Glycerin to make the weight of the mixture one-half that of the finished mass. Then thoroughly incorporate it with an equal weight of melted Glycerinated Gelatin, and pour it at once into suitable moulds which have been greased with a small quantity of petrolatum.
Page 143 - Squibb, who. was the author of the process, defined it to be "the successive application of the same percolating menstruum to fresh portions of the substance to be percolated." His suggestion was based upon the observation that a weak solution of the constituents of a drug is a better solvent for the soluble active principles of that drug than fresh menstruum. The following example will serve to illustrate the process of repercolation : 1000 Gm.
Page 140 - ... throughout the text is understood to mean a rate of flow corresponding to this ; it is evident that the proper rate of flow should vary with the quantity and character of the drug employed and the density of the menstruum. Maceration. — Percolation is not suitable for exhausting some drugs, and the process of maceration is employed for some of the tinctures (Aloes, Asafetida, Sweet Orange Peel, Tolu, etc.).
Page 778 - ... minutes, and return the whole to the filter. When the liquid has drained off, wash the residue, as before, until the second filtrate measures 150 cc, and finally collect about 20 cc more of a third filtrate. Evaporate...
Page 686 - Pharmacopoeia to contain not less than 85 per cent, of benzaldehyde and not less than 2 per cent, nor more than 4 per cent, of hydrocyanic acid.

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