Would the Real Church Please Stand Up!

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 128 pages
This book is a necessity for all ministers, counselors, and Christians. It is an informative resource that will help you to identify abuse in a Christian home. You will be challenged to Be the Real Church and Stand Up as you read this up close and personal account of living in an abusive environment. We can never know exactly what goes on behind the closed doors of other people's homes, but after reading Would the Real Church PLEASE Stand Up!, you will be more equipped to minister to victims of domestic violence. Maybe the victim is a neighbor, a co-worker, or a bank teller. Maybe the victim is your minister's wife. If you are in an abusive relationship, you will be encouraged and enlightened. Susan Greenfield is currently a divorced mother of two children. She works a secular job but is most passionate about ministering to battered women and educating people within the church about domestic violence.

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First let me start off by writing all abused women should seek help from their family structures or support from friends. Now let me get into the meat and potatoes of what I just read. I believe that this book was given off that it was a real life acount, when in more likelyhood it was an extremely exagerated fiction that sounded more like an after school special than a reality. It showed no perspective other than that of the author. More so I should think that the author may be dealing with more childhood and personal issues than that of abuse from a spouse. (RAD)-Reactive Attatchment Disorder, formed in earlier childhood does not let people form healthy relationships in mid to early adulthood. So when they do find someone who will provide and love them they find reasons to destroy this relationship, even at the cost of detriment to their own physical and emotional lives. It would be interesting to read a psychological evaluation of the author, only to find the validity of the book. I would recommend that if a woman in a relationship is experiencing abuse the best way is not to read this book, but to do the prudent thing and visit their local emergency room where the correct people who are actually trained to counsel women in need can respond. 


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